Path of Exile Delirium Beginner’s Leveling Tips and Tricks

Grinding Gear Games’ free-to-play RPG Path of Exile has garnered a hardcore fan base over the years. With the title having just recently been released on PS4, the game has garnered a brand new resurgence of players. This Path of Exile (PoE) 3.10 Path of Exile Delirium League Beginner’s Leveling Guide, Tips and Tricks will be both useful for new and existing players that are trying to speed up their leveling to reach the endgame maps as quick as possible.

Interface Settings

First off let’s start off with some Path of Exile Delirium friendly interface options. Landscape transparency is really good if you put the map transparency to the right and the landscape transparency to the left on your mini-map this will make your map a lot easier to read. By doing this you won’t see any of the fluff that you don’t need.

By pressing the plus or minus button you can also zoom in and out if you want to see your map better. There’s a few other useful settings, I always show new sockets, life and mana numbers and life bars on allies and enemies. Advanced Mode description will show you the item prefixes and suffixes if you hold the alt button, this is REALLY important because each item has up to six affixes.

Next up is mouse button 1 to click move is important because it is very common to see a lot of new players have default attack on their mouse button 1 so they’ll accidentally talk to NPCs whilst trying to pass them which can result in a quick death.

Early Game Setup

You should look at the vendor early because there’s 3 important things to try and get in order to get a faster leveling experience in PoE Delirium: 3 link item (any), movement speed boots and make a mule if you need certain gems. Vendors can start selling movement speed boots as soon as you’re in town after killing Hillock and the items reset every few zones so keep checking for movement speed boots!

A mule character is very important because it allows you to get some of the early gems that you will definitely need once you start rushing in Path of Exile Delirium, for example a witch wouldn’t start with decoy totem (really useful at Brutus fight) so you can make a scion character and as soon as you get off the beach and kill hillock you’ll be able to get the gem by picking it up as a quest reward or buying it at the NPC.

Logging out is a good strategy for the Delirium league start (and any other league start) because it allows you to save up on portal scrolls which can be sometimes really rare once you are speed leveling and you’ll spend them very fast. An example of where logging out is a good strategy is: Quicksilver flask quest, Fairgraves quest, Crab quest, Spider in A2, Voll in A4 and any other similar areas where the zone entry is far from the boss.


The best time to get the Crab and Fairgraves skill points is when you’re close to being done with A2 because you’ll sometimes already have a second Quicksilver flask at this point and you will be moving a lot quicker due to having a movement skill and pair of movement speed boots (which is a must at this point, at least 10%).

A lot of PoE quests are skippable: Fetid Pool, Crypt, Library (although useful if you need gems), A Swig of hope…Many of these skippable quests only give minor rewards such as a rare item (which is in most cases trash) and respec points (which you shouldn’t need while leveling). These quests take a long time to finish so avoid them if you’re trying to get to maps as fast as possible.

Inventory Management

Remember that you can very easily make a +1 to gem level wand and the recipe for doing this is one alteration orb, one blue gem and a ring of your choice so for example a sapphire ring would make it a +1 cold gem wand.

One thing that’s done by a lot of players is that they pick up too much stuff early on which makes inventory management a living hell and it will drain up so much of their time. Try not to pick up everything, if you really have to then only pick up rare items (blue and white are useless, sometimes you should sell them early in the league if you’re low on wisdom scrolls).

Path of Exile starts getting bloated with useless white and blue items once you start reaching endgame maps. Get an item filter, I personally use the Semi-Strict Neversink’s loot filter and I find it great and it’s updated before every league start. You can use Poe Blade website to further edit the loot filter and even add custom sounds to it!

The fastest way to do you inventory management is to sort things while you’re walking, never go back to town unless you have to!


Alira is the best bandit for league starts (especially for beginners) because you’ll get a bonus percentage to all of your elemental resistances which is really important if you’re undergeared and trying to speed run. A good strategy for undergeared characters is to try and get to A4 and then run some Dried Lakes in order to catch up on levels and get good gear. If the Alira is not the preferred bandit for you build you can respec this later with twenty regret orbs and an onyx amulet.

Lab Trials and Ascension

Ascending as well can be pretty important, do the Normal Lab trials when you feel comfortable to do so and always have the best flasks for your current level. Some lab trials are really rippy so never try to rush it. After you’ve completed the lab trials you will be able to enter the respective lab (normal, cruel, merc, uber). Normal Lab trials and the lab itself usually take ~ 20 minutes which is not that bad because Normal Lab usually gives you a great boost for your character (be it offensive or defensive, it will let you progress faster and easier) but always make sure you’re overleveled for the Cruel, Merciless and Uber lab.

Maximizing Experience

How XP ranges work is an extremely important topic, the formula is base level +-3 meaning if you’re a level four you’re getting full XP in a level seven zone and full XP in a level one zone. New players very often fully clear a zone thinking it’s better – IT’S NOT. If you’re speed leveling the most IMPORTANT thing is to stay around 2 levels below the zone you’re in, this will maximize your experience gain making you fly through levels in no time. This formula increases plus one every 16 levels so once you are level 16 you get full XP at level 20 and at level 12 and then again at 32 it is 27-37.

Example for experience gain at level 10 character for zones level 1-22.

Blood Aquaducts are crucial at league starts because that zone is perfect for a good old grind. Blood Aquaducts is usually the best zone for both leveling and drops, highest experience per hour can be achieved in this zone with close to no effort because monsters are really easy (always skip the bird boss) and this zone drops the HUMILITY card. Combining a set of Humility cards will net you a Tabula Rasa – a 6 link body armor which can carry you to T10+ maps if your build is good.

Pick a build that you enjoy playing. I can’t stress this enough, most new players will google “top Delirium league starter build” and most often it’ll be a Totem build. Totems are VERY strong but they’re also extremely boring to play, which results in the player quitting before even reaching the fun part of the game which is after 60+ once things start to speed up and you start to one shot monsters.

If you follow this guide, you should be able to accrue currency and high-level loot at a rather swift and efficient pace. After all of that is said and done, you can take that currency to the player market within Path of Exile to score some high-quality gear. Here is a list of every unique item in the game, just in case any of them catch your fancy.

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Path Of Exile Shape Maps Beginner Guide

Path of exile shape maps can help to drop easy maps with more monsters, boss and make more currency. there are over 150 different maps in path of exile and it’s not easy for a beginner to select which maps to shape and how to shape the atlas, here will introduce the path of exile shape maps guide with shape items you need, maps recommended for each tier and the method to shape your atlas and farm poe currency fast on any builds.

what poe items you need to shape maps/atlas?poe maps shaping is to increase the map tiers. for example, the strand is a t6 level map, the shaped strand map is t11. shaper’s orb is a non-tradable consumable poe item, which can be used for upgrade the map tiers, makes the maps drops have the shaped prefix and upgraded tier. a shaper’s orb grants +5 to the tier of those maps.

which poe maps you should shape/lock?if you want to avoid dropping the maps you don’t want to play at all, you have to shape the map connects to it. an ordinary high-level map must be connected with similar high-level maps. most of these connected maps are the ones you don’t want to play, so no matter how you unlock them, maps you unlike will fall off. the solution to this problem is to select shaped maps. to get more poe weapons, orbs, unique items, and more as the bonus, we need to seal the maps that easy to complete (linear layout) and can get more beneficial divination card.

poe 3.5 shape maps recommended based on divination cardsmap tier 1: channel

map tier 2: pen

map tier 3: shipyard

map tier 4: crater

map tier 5: jungle valley

map tier 6: volcano

map tier 7: bazaar

map tier 8: laboratory

map tier 9: waterways

map tier 10: spider forest

poe betrayal shape maps recommended based on the linear layoutmap tier 1: atoll

map tier 2: armoury

map tier 3: peninsula

map tier 4: beach

map tier 5: alleyways

map tier 6: volcano

map tier 7: toxic sewer

map tier 8: promenade

map tier 9: temple

map tier 10: belfry

how to shape maps/atlas for poe beginner and farm currency fast in mapping?- open t1-t6 tier map, play until to the elder area, choose one of t7, t8, t9, t10 to get orbs.

– after obtaining tier 1-5 shaper’s orb, use the tier 2 shaper’s orb to shape t2 map that can get the chains that bind, shape t3 map for headhunter, and t5 map. the tier 1 and tier 4 shaper’s orb does not need to be shaped to avoid influence the drop rate of tier 2 and tier 3. you can use the upgraded map exchange for poe currency.

– play other dark gold maps as more as possible.

– after getting 5 tiers shaper’s orb, shape the t7-t10 map, the solution is to sell 3 master cartographer’s sextant and orb of scouring to the vendor for cartographer’s seal.

note:because the map level is not high, the requirement for builds intensity is low, you need to take a complete set of poe items for making currency especially in the case of insufficient funds in the early stage, make sure to take belts, boots and more, if the ventor’s gamble isn’t affordable to you, you can use thief’s torment instead of it.

That’s all in this guide. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section. And if you want to enhance your Path of Exile experience – You can come to the safe POE Currency Shop: to get more poe currency to enjoy the game

4 Types of Screen Printing Machine

Screen printing is a wet process where ink is squeezed through a fine mesh material onto the part to be decorated. Screen printing is becoming increasingly important. The designs are fairly simple to apply and the dimensions of the screens can easily be changed. The pressure which is exerted is also lower than with roller printing. Textured surfaces are not crushed and color development is also better. There 4 Types of Screen Printing Machine, including Flat Screen Printing Machine , Cylindrical Screen Printer, Oval Screen Printer and High Volume Automatic Screen Printer.

Flat Screen Printer

In the case of a flat part, such as a ruler or CD case, the part remains fixed as the ink is squeezed onto the surface. Mystic has several semi-automatic screen printing machines capable of printing items as long as 24 inches. By changing screens and re-registering the part, multi-color print applications can be achieved.

Cylindrical Screen Printer

Mystic has fifteen semi-automatic screen printing machines and two automatic machines capable of printing single and multi-color images on cylindrical parts. All our machines are equipped with inflation systems that allow us to inject air into the bottle while it is being printed. This enables us to print on soft sided bottles made of polypropylene or polyethylene. These machines are excellent for printing on items such as round cosmetic containers, syringe barrels or glass bottles.

Oval Screen Printer

All of our screen printers have been fitted with special tooling which allows us to print on oval applications. As in our cylindrical screen printing, we have inflation devices that allow us to print on soft sided bottles. We can print either single or multi-color applications depending on your requirements.

High Volume Automatic Screen Printer

For those large run jobs, Mystic has a three station, high speed machine capable of printing on ovals or rounds up to three colors at a rate of three thousand pieces per hour. This machine is also equipped with two pressure sensitive labeling heads which provides us with the flexibility of printing and labeling in the same application.

As a professional Flat Screen Printer Factory , Licheng provide strong sales and technical services through our extensive distribution network in many areas. Welcome your visit.

Tips on Choose Flat Screen Printing Machine

Flat Screen Printer equipment is widely used, and it can be said that it involves screen printing equipment in various industries. So how do we choose when we choose to buy screen printing equipment? How to choose not to suffer? The following all-pass screen printing will share the selection method of screen printing equipment for everyone. After seeing the selection method of this screen printing equipment, everyone should be very easy to choose how to choose screen printing equipment.

First, Information about Brand and Function of Flat Screen Printing Machine

As with the purchase of televisions, refrigerators and other home appliances, the purchase of screen printing equipment is also about the brand. The brand not only represents the corporate image, but also the symbol of product quality and the endorsement of the service. Good products must have a good brand, good reputation, and be recognized by the market. The choice of brand means the choice of the product and the choice of the corresponding market benefits.

In the market of screen printing equipment, the German SPS automatic production line is second to none. Its excellent color registration accuracy, UV light solidification and jet drying system combination have excellent performance in ceramic flower paper, membrane switch, packaging and printing and printing. But its high price is also discouraged by domestic customers. For fully automatic screen printing equipment, Shenzhen Quantong Screen Printing is an ideal choice for everyone. All-pass screen printing automatic screen printing equipment is accepted by customers with excellent overprinting precision and stable machine performance. All-pass screen printing equipment has occupied 65% of domestic automatic screen printing equipment with excellent performance. The market share is the best evaluation of all-pass screen printing.

Second, The Right Flat Screen Printing Machine Meet the Demand

Before purchasing a screen printing equipment, it is necessary to determine the price from the actual situation, and to determine the approximate price range. Generally speaking, high-tech enterprises have higher requirements on the quality of printed products, and the enterprises themselves are more tolerant. When purchasing equipment, they should be positioned at a higher level. Enterprises that are starting or developing should start from the reality and select economical and practical equipment on the basis of meeting the printing quality requirements, and use limited funds reasonably.

Thrid, Choose Good Service Flat Screen Printing Machine Manufacturer

In the field of silk screen printing, the materials involved are more complicated. Whether it can finally produce satisfactory products is affected by many factors. Some enterprises have not know much about this aspect, blindly purchased equipment, and finally the material supply is not available, resulting in a passive situation. Therefore, it is best to purchase equipment and equipment with complete equipment and equipment. There will be no mutual push between material suppliers and equipment suppliers, so that the problem can be solved smoothly.

Fourth, Afer-sales Service of Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory

After purchasing equipment, after-sales service is very important. How to judge whether a company can provide good after-sales service? Long-term partners, companies that can provide good service after other materials are sold, can be assured of buying from them. Companies that have not dealt with before, have to go and see for yourself. Understand the strength of the company, the mental outlook of the work atmosphere staff, the display of equipment, etc., generally can see eight or nine points. One thing worth reminding is: Don’t neglect after-sales service for a little price difference, it will cause many obstacles for normal production and use in the future.

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The Quality of Handmade Sink Related to Health

The Life and Quality of Stainless Handmade Sink Are Related to Our Health.

Stainless steel, the full name of stainless acid-resistant steel, is a general term for more than one hundred steel materials. Stainless steel does not rust, it only contains elements such as chrome and nickel, which are not so easy to rust. In fact, in the harsh environment for a long time, stainless steel will also rust, and the probability and speed of rust will increase. For example, the newly renovated house has many indoor dust impurities. In an environment that is too acidic or alkaline, Aggravate the oxidation of stainless steel. In the stainless steel of more than one hundred different materials, each stainless steel has different oxidation resistance. In daily life, the common stainless steel is 201, 304, 316. The stainless steel sink that people often use is made of 304 stainless steel.

There are two ways to make stainless steel sinks in the kitchen: welding method and one-piece molding method. Some brand-name kitchen stainless steel sinks have the same appearance size as ordinary ones, but the price difference is very large. Mainly because of material factors and craft costs. Of course, the one-piece kitchen stainless steel sink material is definitely better than the welding. For the double groove, the welding is tight, and the no-weld welding is the most important factor affecting the service life of the water tank. If the welding is good, it can prevent the artificial embroidery and the off-line.

The best steel plate for making the Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Drainboard is like the 304 steel plate. Our steel plate is the most suitable for kitchen use in terms of hardness and wear resistance. The surface of my electric sink is particularly smooth, not hanging oil, not hanging. Dirt, there is no need to clean the ball at all, just use a rag. Generally, the kitchen stainless steel sink needs to have an overflow device, and the surface looks fine.

Whether environmental sanitation is easy to clean and flat. How to determine the quality and grade The most intuitive standard is: gloss, oil and no stain after washing the basin. Material anti-fouling is a priority when purchasing the sink. In order to make the sink become clean, many people are used to brushing with a steel ball. The handmade sink is temporarily clean. The quality of the steel is not so good because of the easy-to-scale sink. It is easier to hang dirty things with a steel ball.

What are the maintenance methods for kitchen stainless steel sinks? No matter which material is afraid of high temperature erosion, you should pay attention to avoid the hot pot and hot water bottle directly in contact with the cabinet. It is best to put it on the pot rack. In operation, try to avoid hitting the table and door with sharp objects to avoid scratching. Traces. Cut vegetables and food on the cutting board. In addition to avoiding the marks, it is easier to clean. The countertops of general materials have bubbles and gaps. If colored liquid penetrates, it will stay. Stain or discoloration, so dyes or hair dyes should be avoided to be placed directly on the countertop; chemical substances have an erosive effect on the countertops of many materials, and artificial panel cabinets should avoid water stains staying on the countertop for a long time.

The cleaning and maintenance of the Stainless Steel Sink Colander is very important. Most of us choose the kitchen stainless steel sink when it comes to the characteristics of the sink. Therefore, we must pay special attention to these aspects when choosing the kitchen stainless steel sink. When cleaning, we must pay attention to all aspects of the factors, starting from all aspects, things are not durable, mainly to see how to maintain the use of people, therefore, the maintenance of the sink is very important.

Characteristics of Sytop Stellite Alloy Band Saw Blade

The tip of the Stellite Alloy 12 band saw blade has the advantages of high hardness, excellent wear resistance, high fatigue resistance of the saw band, high-speed sawing of various non-ferrous metals and super-hard and brittle metal materials. Particularly suitable for sawing: cast iron, ductile iron, superalloys, memory alloys, titanium alloys and wear-resistant tool steels.

In addition to the basic operating procedures of the bi-metal band saw blade, the use of the stellite alloy band saw blade requires attention to the choice of line speed. When the line speed is too fast, excessive heat is generated, which can make the saw teeth become dull or toothed.

The band saw blade is a general term for saw blades, including: metal band saw blades, tungsten steel band saw blades, stellite alloy band saw blades, woodworking band saw blades, mahogany band saw blades, and the like.

Woodworking band saw blades are just one of them, suitable for cutting different woods. Carbide band saw blades with alloy heads or ordinary woodworking band saw blades are used depending on the hardness of the wood.

The characteristics of the stellite alloy band saw blade are mainly the following:

1. New excellent Stellite Alloy 3 tip, wear and vibration resistance

2. Firm solder contact surface

3. Three hard alloy grinding surfaces

4. High quality toughness with back

5. High wear resistance

6. Improve tip fastness

7. The cutting surface is smooth and smooth

8. Fast cutting

9. long lasting

After using the stellite alloy saw blade grinding machine saw blade for a period of time, the serration will become dull. If it continues to be used, one cutting efficiency will become lower and the product quality will be worse. Second, the serration will be easily damaged, and the severely cracked belt will be damaged. Saw blade. Therefore, it is necessary to repair the saw teeth in time to ensure the cutting efficiency and the quality of the products.

Advantages of Xinyu Aluminum Enameled Wire

Talking about the strengths of Enameled aluminum wire and its application field. Aluminum enameled wire has the following advantages DC resistivity: The DC resistivity of the copper clad aluminum wire is about 1.45 times that of the pure copper wire; the resistance phase together, the copper clad aluminum wire component. Outstanding solderability: The copper clad aluminum wire has the same congruence as the pure copper wire because of its concentric coating of pure copper. Brazability, not special treatment like aluminum wire; together, copper clad aluminum wire has a thick copper layer to ensure that when painting. Light weight: The copper clad aluminum wire density is 1/2.5 of the pure copper wire of the same wire diameter, which is very useful for the component of the falling coil. Replacing copper wire with Shenzhou copper-clad aluminum wire can save at least 30% of the cost.

Copper clad aluminum enameled wire application field

200 Enameled Copper Wire

1. High frequency transformers and general transformers;

2, inductance, electromagnetic coil;

3. The motor includes motors with high environmental requirements such as household motors, various micro motors and compressors;

4. Special electromagnetic wires for audio coils and optical drives;

5. Electromagnetic wire for display deflection coil;

6. Electromagnetic wire for degaussing coil;

Notes on the use of aluminum enameled wire

aluminum enameled wire is a signal transmission, but it is now a power transmission. It is very simple to question, and the life of its goods will be greatly reduced. In fact, in the use of aluminum enameled wire, pay attention to the oxidation maintenance of the undercut wire to ensure the useful connection between copper and aluminum, can be used for a long time.

There are many areas in which copper-clad aluminum wire and copper-clad aluminum enamel bags cannot be used. However, in fact, many companies use transformers, which is very worrying. The worry of the use of copper clad aluminum wire is 2 points, the self-resistance is higher than that of the cross-section copper, and the temperature rise is doubtful; the easy oxidation of aluminum wire will further increase the wire resistance and avoid oxidation.

The most worrying is the copper and aluminum in the Copper Enameled Wire, the metallurgical connection often said in the industry, the reliability in the long-term application process, in the process of thermal expansion and contraction, copper and aluminum contact can Whether it can withstand testing, there is no real proof in the industry.

Where to Buy Enameled Copper Wire

Enameled wire or magnet wire is a copper wire(Copper Enameled Wire) or aluminium wire(aluminum enameled wire) coated with a very thin layer of insulation. Enameled wire is a main type of winding wire. It consists of two parts: the conductor and the insulating layer. The bare wire is annealed and softened, and then baked and baked. However, it is not easy to produce a product that meets both the standard requirements and the customer requirements. It is affected by factors such as raw material quality, process parameters, production equipment, and environment. Therefore, the quality characteristics of various enameled wires are different, but they all have Four properties of mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, and thermal properties.

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Xinyu-enameledwire specializes in manufacturing all kinds of enameled wire. Our main products include: enameled aluminum wire, enameled copper clad aluminum wire, enameled copper wire, enameled rectangular copper(aluminum) wire, transformer aluminum foil, transformer copper foil, etc

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We exported all kinds of enameled wire to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, etc.

Our team, young and industrious, is dedicated in advancing product itself and the production technique as well, maintaining the established user base, enlarging it through constantly providing high quality products and impeccable service, which are also the sound ground for our branding in this intensely competing international.

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Stronghold of Security, iOS Closed Beta Launch

This week’s update brings the results of the Stronghold of Security competition, launch of the iOS Closed Beta and changes to the Ghostly robes. We’re also running a master clue reward design competition.

Stronghold of Security Changes

As part of account security week, Player Support held a competition asking players to write updated questions for the Stronghold of Security. The best entries of the competition have been chosen and the Stronghold has been updated to include the new questions. This update should help new players secure their accounts and avoid notable current security risks.



A sign can be found on the final level of the Stronghold near the Cradle of life thanking the players whose questions were selected.

Ghostly Robes

You are now able to re-obtain all pieces of the Ghostly robe set from any of the ghosts after Curse of the Empty Lord is completed. As a result, any number of each piece can be reclaimed. Talking to any of the ghosts will bring up the interface below allowing you to choose how many of each piece you’d like to receive.

OSRS Mobile

iOS Closed Beta

The iOS closed beta test will go live later this after noon at approximately 2pm BST. For those that have been invited, you should have already received your message from us via email and the Message Center detailing your invitation (if you haven’t heard from us by now then unfortunately you haven’t been invited to this test). To mark the iOS closed beta test going live you will receive an email directly from Apple’s TestFlight service. This will be sent to the same email you provided when signing up for the beta. Currently, there is no planned end date for the iOS beta.

Thank you to everyone that has registered their interest and we look forward to hearing your feedback for those invited.

Optimisation Changes

The size of the sidestones has been increased slightly to match the size of the interface and improve accessibility.

Chat options have been optimised to be a more similar size, overall this has increased the size of most options.

Master Clue Scroll Reward Competition

As mentioned in last week’s Q&A stream, we’re hosting a reward design competition. The design is for a cosmetic item to be rewarded to players upon completion of 100 master level clue scrolls. This can be an item for any equipment slot or a whole outfit – whichever you prefer! Email your entries to our community mailbox; attached as a JPEG file, including your RuneScape display name (the name of your character in-game) and using the subject line Master Clue Reward Competition.

Be aware that if you include any icons or symbols in the design to keep them simple! Also bear in mind that items or outfits may appear darker in game. We’ll accept entries until September 10th and then choose three designs to be polled. The winning design will be chosen by the community based on which one receives the most votes. The winning entry will be put into game with further possible prizes to be confirmed. Make sure to read our competition terms and conditions before entering and good luck!

In Other News

  • The Scythe of Vitur can no longer be taken to Entrana.
  • The amulet of Avarice will no longer maintain the skull timer in Free to Play worlds as it is a members item
  • All fishing spots beside the Lumbridge fishing tutor can now be reached.
  • You can no longer attempt to ignite jogre bones on the ground on F2P worlds.
  • The clue requiring the lumberjack outfit is no longer available in Deadman Mode because the outfit is not obtainable.
  • Thammaron’s Sceptre has had its defend animation changed to make it interfere less with walking and other combat animations.
  • You will now need to have your PIN unlocked before you can withdraw cash from the servant’s money bag in your player-owned house.
  • Players will no longer be able to use their special attacks on their opponents whilst in single-way combat areas if their opponent has been hit by a special attack from a different player within the last 10.8 seconds as a way to prevent teams of players from dumping special attacks on a single player as this is unfair. This is equal to 18 game ticks – an increase from the original proposal which was not enough to function as intended.
  • An opinion poll on Holiday Events is currently live! – this is just to gain information and anything mentioned will not be changed unless it passes a further in game poll with the usual 75% pass rate.


Copper Enameled Wire ( Xinyu-enameledwire Manufacturer)

From its foundation, xinyu-enameledwire treasures all staff as its strong based energy. By everyone’s efforts, we can find a most efficient working style and manufacture perfect Enameled Copper Wire products to satisfy clients who always trust and stay with us.

Performance features of Xinyu Copper Enameled Wire 130 Class

› High conductivity

› Shock resistance

› Resistance to heat

› Excellent durability

› Superior strength

› Rust resistant

› Low maintenance

› Durable finish

› Corrosion resistant

› Reliability

Main application of Xinyu Copper Enameled Wire 130 Class

› Electrical appliances

› Electrical motors

› Transformers

› Pumps and fans

› Coils

› Switchgear

› Automobiles

› Solenoid valves

› Lighting fixtures

› Industrial electronics will devote to our customers at home and abroad by using state-of-the-art technology, first-class product and first-rate service. Welcome your visit.

Machinery and Machine Affects the Quality of Enameled Wire

Xinyu Enameled Wire is coated with the corresponding lacquer solution on the outside of the conductor, and then evaporated by the solvent and the film is cured and cooled. The enameled wire can be divided into polyester enameled wire, polyester imide enameled wire, polyamide imide enameled wire, polyimide enameled wire, oily lacquer, acetal lacquer, polyurethane enameled wire, etc. according to the insulating varnish used. Sometimes it is also classified according to its special use, such as self-adhesive enameled wire, cold-resistant lacquer coated wire, etc.
220 Enameled Copper Wire

The earliest enameled wire is an oily enameled wire made of tung oil. The paint film has poor abrasion resistance and cannot be used directly in the manufacture of electric motor coils and windings. When used, it is necessary to add cotton yarn to wrap the layers. Later, the polyacetal acetal lacquer envelope was introduced, and its mechanical properties were greatly improved. It can be used directly for motor winding, and it is called high-strength enameled wire.

The enameled wire consists of two parts: a conductor and an insulating layer. The bare wire is annealed and softened, and then baked and baked. It is affected by factors such as raw material quality, process parameters, production equipment, environment, etc. It is not easy to produce products that meet the requirements of the standard and meet customer requirements. Therefore, the quality characteristics of the enamelled aluminum wire are different from the enamelled copper wire.

The quality of xinyu Enameled Copper Wire, although it depends to a large extent on the quality of raw materials such as paint, wire and the objective conditions of machinery and equipment, but if you do not carefully deal with a series of problems such as baking, annealing, speed, etc. Relationship, do not grasp the operational skills, do not carefully do the tour operations and parking collection operations, do not do a good job of hygiene, even if the objective conditions are good, can not produce high-quality enameled wire. Therefore, the decisive factor for making the enameled wire is the person, who is responsible for the operation.