FIFA World Cup 2014: see tips to do well in the game

FIFA World Cup 2014 is slightly different from FIFA 14 in terms of gameplay . Faster, with accuracy level passes being even more important , and significant improvement in mating and release systems , the cheap fifa coins game can make players need an adjustment period . See a series of tips to do well in the game :

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Run – The game is much faster than Fifa 14 If the ” original” game hint was to use physical force , now the highlight is on account of the speed . . The sprinters teams with superstars , as in the case of Brazil , are the best choices . In addition, fast players are even more difficult to quit when advancing to the attack .

Train – In the longest game modes , as the Captain of the National Team , and the Road to World Cup , there are training exercises that you can do between games . Make everyone . So you enhance the attributes of your players and will cause your team to be even stronger .

Write dribbling – Just like the speed , the skill also makes a difference in the Fifa World Cup 2014 If you have a Neymar in the team, for example, besides running , dribbling enough. . Abuse and use the moves of effect . There are even some new flicks for you to test . The marking of quarterbacks is slower , so take advantage of it.

Position the body – The relationship between the athlete’s body and ball is even more true in the game of the World Cup . Forget releases with L1 and Triangle ( PS3 ) or LB and Y ( Xbox 360 ) from anywhere and with any player at any position. Forget super accurate passes in not so favorable conditions . Now you need to rank well for the player pass and kick .

Do not give lifeboats first – If dribbling is fundamental when it attacks , it is crucial to take it easy on defense. The positioning of the defenders is ” worse ” compared to Fifa 14 . When the player gives the wrong boat , the defender takes even longer to recover. So it is important to avoid ” pass right ” not to regret later.

Use the set pieces – Fifa World Cup 2014 has a system set pieces already available to the user , without having to configure as in Fifa 14 Just press the directional pad down on a corner to see what the options are . . Use these bids to surprise opponents in the corners .

Set tactics and mentality . – The use of tactics and mentality follows an important point in the 2014 FIFA World Cup , as it is in Fifa 14 These options are still displayed in directional . Put your team to defensive and counterattack to play with speed. Use full and offensive pressure to suffocate the opponent. Test !

Simulate minor fifa 14 coins online games – The game modes Road to the World Cup and the Team Captain has the option to simulate games . Use the option , but only if the games are of minor importance , as friendlies . Try to play all the matches of the World Cup qualifiers and then fail to repent of possible losses .

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team adds new Team of the Season cards

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team now includes a series of new Team of the Season boosted cards for aspiring collectors to hunt down. Get your gold Buy FIFA Ultimate Team Coins ready.

Eurogamer reports that a limited quantity of annual Team of the Season cards will appear within random packs that can be purchased using in-game coins or real money. They can also be bought off other players via the transfer market. It’s a similar process to EA’s Team of the Year card injection.

It’s not yet clear what Team of the Season squads EA will be featuring in Ultimate Team, but Eurogamer has spotted a ‘Most Consistent’ squad that covers gold, silver and bronze-level fifa 14 ut coins players. The gold squad reportedly includes a 92-rated Wayne Rooney, 86-rated Nemanja Matic, and 85-rated Thiago Motta.

FIFA 14 TOTW with Raheem Sterling predicted

It is an exciting time for FIFA 14 fans, as we are almost ready for another FIFA 14 Team of the Week (32). EA will release their selections later on Wednesday evening, but that hasn’t stopped FIFA Ultimate Team Coins fans making their early predictions on who they think will be chosen.

One candidate that is up for selection is Liverpool FC’s Raheem Sterling. The young winger has been in blistering form lately and once again proved his potential by scoring 2 goals in a 3-2 win over Norwich City during the last game.

At the moment, Raheem Sterling has a 77 rating in the game, or 79 if you have managed to pick up his previous In-Form card. Many fans believe his performance over the weekend has earned him a place on EA’s FIFA 14 Ultimate Team of the Week and this has been highlighted in our clip below.

Watch it and you’ll see that a mock 81 card for Sterling has been created. This includes a 92 for pace, 86 for dribbling and a 76 for shooting – which is a vast improvement on the official 67 rating that he has for shooting at the moment on his in-form card.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the prediction of Sterling is correct, but who else do you think will make the team? The FIFA 14 TOTW 32 release time is 6PM UK time, so we will update you shortly once EA has released the full squad.

Let us know your personal predictions and if you intend to open some FIFA 14 Gold packs to get the new players.

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UK Charts: Titanfall holds No.1 spot, 2014 FIFA World Cup debuts 2nd

It’s been a while since British soccer fans have seen their nations associated with the words “World Cup” and anything even remotely approaching second place fifa xbox 360 coins– that said, at least England can say it won the damn thing once.

Enough ancient history: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is the highest-placing new release in the UK this week, but unlike FIFA 14 it only reached second place; that top spot is still held by Titanfall. Maybe the most telling thing is FIFA 14 is only two places behind the World Cup game in 4th, some seven months after it was released.

It’s lower down the charts where things get a bit more interesting this week. The physical Deluxe copies of Trials Fusion, which contain the game’s season pass, did well enough to see the grueling bike-former debut in 7th place. Meanwhile, you have to go all the way down to 20th to find colorful MMO Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, which has just made its debut on PS4. On the other hand, Square Enix seemed pretty upbeat about the game reaching 2 million registrations last week, so make of that what you will.

Top 10 UK Software Sales (All Formats); week ending April 19:


2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Lego: The Hobbit


Call of Duty: Ghosts

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Trials Fusion

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

The Lego Movie Videogame

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

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2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is a fine shot

SINGAPORE — The 2014 FIFA World Cup is upon us, which can only mean one thing: The release of the latest version of EA Sports’ World Cup football ultimate team coins game, the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

It is the perfect way to get into the World Cup mood, even if you haven’t played a football game recently. Every qualifying team is there for you to lead in your bid for glory, all in the comfort of your living room.

What makes this great is the sense of atmosphere, from the Brazilian-themed menus and music, to when the game cuts away to live celebrations at the home city of your selected country when you score a goal. Pundits also discuss your results when you’re in the menus and it almost feels like you’re in the midst of a tournament.

Visuals are lush and vibrant, almost psychedelic, and it is a pity that the game is not available for next-gen consoles.

Gameplay-wise, not much has changed from FIFA 14, but it does feel more frenetic — for better or for worse — and is also simple enough for rookies to get into. This also means that the commentary and celebrations can get repetitive, but that’s par for the course for these games.

Those who need a challenge or feel strongly patriotic will also get to take Singapore (out of a total of 203 teams) all the way from the qualifiers to the World Cup — just don’t expect to play in our new National Stadium or even Jalan Besar, as only 21 stadiums are included.

Another mode I found fun was the Story Of Qualifying, which allows you to change history — such as helping Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Sweden get into the World Cup instead of Ronaldo’s Portugal.

The game is perfect to help stave off your football hunger just months ahead of the actual tournament. It doesn’t quite improve on FIFA 14, but with the graphics and atmosphere, it comes close to championship material.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is now available for FIFA Ultimate Team Coins the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at S$79.90.

FIFA 14 available to full tournaments – PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 –

FIFA 14 is the saga that includes more tournaments fifa coins online, once again proves to be one of the popular installment gives you the ability to have postponed simplicity personified . Many leagues , tournaments in many PC , PS3 , Xbox 360 and more.


You can choose between custom tournament or a real tournament. If you choose the latter hold the following tournaments option .

– Germany : German Cup , Bundesliga and 2 Bundesliga .

– Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Cup and Cup ALI

– Argentina (New) : Initial Tournament and Tournament .

– Australia : A- League.

– Austria: OFB – Samsung -Cup and Bundesliga .

– Belgium: Pro League and Coupe Belgique .

– Brazil : Copa do Brasil and Liga do Brasil.

-Chile (New) : Chile Chile opening and closing .

– Colombia (New) : Colombia Colombia opening and closing .

– South Korea : K LEAGUE.

– Denmark: Superliga and DBU Pokalen .

– USA : U.S. Open Cup and MLS Cup

-Scotland : Scottish Cup and Scottish Prem

– Spain : Spain Cup , La Liga and Liga Adelante .

– France: Coupe Nationale, Coupe de Ligue , Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 .

– Netherlands : Eredivisie and Dutch Cup .

– England : F. A. Cup , C. Capital One, J. Paint Trophy, Barclays PL, FL Championship , Football League 1 and League 2 Football .

– Italy: Coppa Italia, Serie A and Serie B.

– Mexico : Mexico Mexico closing and opening .

– Norway: Tippeligaen and NM Braathens Cup .

– Poland: Cup Poland Ekstraklasa .

– Portugal: Taça Portugal and Portuguese League .

– Ireland : EA Sports Cup and Airtricity League.

-Russia : Russian Cup and Russian Legue .

– Sweden : Swedish Cup and Allsvenskan .

– Switzerland: Swiss Cup and Raiffeisen SL.

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Brazilian official qualifying tournament ‘Fifa 14’ held in Rio

The Stadium of Orange in Rio de Janeiro will be the place where the best eight players of ” FIFA 14 ” of Brazil will meet on Thursday ( 24 ) for local qualifying tournament FIFA Interactive World Cup ( FIWC ) , Competition cheap fifa 14 coins game official Fifa .

The winner will represent Brazil in the world final of the competition held in Rio on 2 and 3 July . Still no location set for the final , according to the organizers . The participants of the Brazilian round were selected in six steps performed locally online .

The choice of location , home of Fluminense , according to FIFA , the stadium was named , in 1914 , received the first official match of the Brazilian national football team . In 1919 , the team secured his first title , the South American Championship .

The final of the FIFA Interactive World Cup will also have the top 20 players in ” FIFA 14 ” around the world . The winner will win $ 20,001 invitation to attend the official party of the year’s best Ballon d’Or , and bear the title of best player in the game world .

The champion of 2013 , Bruce Grannec , is automatically qualified for the final FIFA 14 Coins, while 18 vacancies shall be filled in the Online Qualifiers happening around the world . The rest will come from vague qualifiers Brasileiras . The full list will be announced in the coming days , according to FIFA.

Fifa 15 and Fifa 14 World Cup Brazil: news and new features present in both

FIFA 14 World Cup Brazil is the latest title from Electronic Arts , a product that FIFA Coins relies entirely on the real fun , leaving a bit ‘ stiff as those of the dynamic simulation. It anticipates the features of FIFA 15 .

On June 12 of this year is a date that all football fans are waiting , because it represents the beginning of the World Cup , which will be held in Brazil. In the meantime, the product that will help increase the passion for this sport is definitely 14 FIFA World Cup Brazil coming out on PS3 and Xbox 360, which will join a large group of video games come out earlier and which have now been able to capture the ‘ attention of the public entertainment.

The title in question , to be released on PS3 and Xbox 360, immediately appears as a title by the bright colors right from the game menu ; All accompanied by the rhythms of Brazilian music in style . A stark contrast to the previous titles , where they preferred to emphasize the content, with respect to the cheerful and colorful graphics that will accompany you in the management part of the game.

Speaking of gameplay, FIFA 14 World Cup Brazil gives users the opportunity to engage not only in the usual challenges in solitary , even those online , being able to create an atmosphere that well resembles that of the World Cup. During the games , in fact, it will not be strange to see the cut scenes in which players and spectators cheer or complain about any alleged or ” wrong” immediately . There will also be polygonal models of the coaches of each team, who will be interacting with their players, which is unusual in such games .

But the real difference from the past resides in all online games , in which Electronic Arts has added several new features : first, were made a little ‘ more accessible and stable compared to the previous title , with the ability to turn the tables in its favor , even when a FUT Coins game is lost , giving the opportunity to the player to replay the game went wrong.

In essence, we are faced with a title that relies entirely on the arcade fun , a bit away ‘ from a purely dynamic “realistic” , to give space to a product which is aligned in a ” colored ” and what is the dynamic atmosphere that only a world can bring . The only flaw , the absence from next January

There is legitimate to ask whether these innovations will be integrated also in FIFA 15 . Definitely yes , but in all probability the next edition of the FUT Coins series will also feature other new features that EA will unveil later this year.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil review – official souvenir

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil review – officialThe official video FIFA 14 Coins game of this year’s World Cup is only on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, so does that means it’s only an afterthought?

There’s probably no way to make a World Cup game and not have it seem like a cynical cash-in. Sports sims are one of the few types of games to come close to justifying yearly sequels, but if you’re going to have two of them in the one year then just how different can the World Cup one be? As ever the answer is not very, although this does make a reasonable effort nonetheless.

Perhaps the only surprising thing about 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is that it’s only being released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. There are no Xbox One or PlayStation 4 versions, with EA giving various unlikely-sounding excuses for the fact – such as that host nation Brazil has a very low adoption rate for the new consoles.

Given the game is clearly going to be top of the European charts for the whole of the summer we’re not sure what that’s got to do with anything, but much like Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel it shows a surprising reluctance for major publishers to bring proven big sellers onto the new consoles.

What you have here is basically FIFA 14 stripped of its club teams and modes and focusing purely on the World Cup. That means it’s basically the same game underneath, except now with all 12 official World Cup stadia, 203 national teams, and all the players, managers, official kits, official soundtrack, and official officials that you could wish for.

Despite FIFA 14 already having been the most successful in the series the World Cup game is clearly aimed at a more casual style of player, the sort who only occasionally plays video games when there’s a special reason to do so (and who will be unaware of the general reputation of these sorts of tie-ins).

So there’s lots of Brazilian-themed CGI menus and selectable soundtracks but in terms of useful changes to FIFA 14 it’s almost a blank slate (although the new country-specific commentary is great). In terms of unuseful changes both dribbling and passing have been tweaked slightly, further decreasing the speed of the game in what is probably a purposeful side effect. The difference is minor though and will only be noticed by dedicated players, no matter what the back of the box implies.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (360) – only the last gen gets to play2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (360) – only the last gen gets to play

There are other similarly minor changes, including new set piece tactics options, over-the-back headers, and – appropriately enough for the English World Cup experience – a new penalty shoot-out system. The new method is actually more simplistic than the original, although having the option to try and put off the other player when you’re the goalie is good for a laugh.

But really, these are the sort of changes that most other games would add as a free patch – tweaking options and fixing bugs but never dreaming of charging anyone for it. And yet of course 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil costs £40.

And for that price you get a game that will have almost zero relevance as soon as the World Cup ends and the next season kicks in, with all the clever online tie-in content and tournaments suddenly screeching to a halt. Which is of course exactly as EA would have it since they want you to buy FIFA 15 as soon as you’re finished with this (look for it in stores this September!).

And even before you start there’s no Ultimate Team or Pro Club matches. Again it’s understandable given the circumstances but both the online World Cup and the new Road to Rio De Janeiro mode both come with their own in-built expiry dates.

There are some interesting offline modes though, including the Captain Your Country career option and the Story of Qualifying, which works like a challenge mode where you try and succeed in a series of real world scenarios playing as a wide variety of different countries. The traditional Road to the World Cup mode also returns, allowing you to work your way through the whole tournament as any country from the qualifiers to the final.

It still doesn’t amount to much though and at the end of the day this is a much better interactive souvenir than it is a value for money video game. Fans will ask why EA didn’t just release the game’s content as a downloadable expansion, as they now do for the European Championships (the Euro 2012 one cost £16), but the obvious answer to that is because people are willing to pay £40 for this instead.

But it’s not as if 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is a complete rip-off, it’s just a cut down version of a game that already exists with a few CGI samba dancers gyrating over the menu screen. It doesn’t even necessarily feel lazy, given the short amount of time the developers must have had to create it, but like the overly expensive key rings and T-shirts you’re also likely to be buying this summer it’s not something that’s built to last.

In Short: A promotional tie-in more than a fully-featured video game, but as long as you know what you’re getting into this at least conjurers an enjoyably colourful footballing atmosphere.

Pros: Excellent presentation, including all the official stadia, kit, and players, and some particularly good commentary. The basic FIFA 14 gameplay is still perfectly sound.

Cons: All the gameplay changes are extremely minor and offer little to no improvement. Smaller range of game modes and options than FIFA 14 and yet for almost the same price.

It’s time to crown the Goal of the Tournament

The goals have been scored, submitted and reviewed. It’s time to announce the finalists for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014 Goal Of The Tournament! Watch our finalists videos on the FIWC14 Goal of The Tournament page and submit your vote!

Congratulations to:

Player Country

Patricio Alarcon Testa                             Chile

Luis Miguel Ortega Reano                      Spain

Khasan Malikov                                      Uzbekistan

Hassan Nouman                                     Pakistan

Daniel Angeles Lujan                             Peru

Ahmed Asire                                          Saudi Arabia

These six EA SPORTS™ FIFA 14 gamers sent us the most sensational goals of Online Season 6 for the FIWC 2014. Over 8.7 million goals were scored in Season 6 but only one can be crowned Goal of The Tournament! Which goal deserves the honour of being named the best goal of FIWC 2014? Watch the six goals and submit your vote! You can only vote once, so make it count and help decide the winner of the FIWC 2014 Goal Of The Tournament!

FIWC heads to Brazil on 24 April

Want to experience more incredible FIFA skills and goals Fut 14 Coins? Join us on 24 April on Facebook and Twitter for live commentary of the FIWC 2014 Host Qualification Event. In Rio de Janeiro, eight of Brazil’s best FIFA 14 players will collide for a day of live qualification. One Brazilian will win the honour of representing the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ and Grand Final hosts at the FIWC 2014 Grand Final!

FIFA 14: Most liked squad for 4-2-3-1 and 3-5-2 formations

FIFA 14, developed by Electronic Arts was launched worldwide on 27 Sept 2013. The waiting days were over, fifa coins online and a new edition of this striking game was up for grab once again.

FIFA 14 gives you the freedom to play with a team that you always wanted. Experiments and watching several quality footballers play for same team is an exciting sight.

People generally prefer football players with good attributes assigned by the technical team of EA Sports.

We take a look at a few FIFA 14 most liked squad.

1 FIFA 14 most liked squad | Formation: 4-2-3-1




2 FIFA 14 most liked squad | Formation: 3-5-2