Upcoming games for Xbox One and Xbox 360


So here we are, September at last, which means the beginning of more FIFA 14 Coins game releases leading up to the Christmas season.

Bungie’s FPS MMO, Destiny, gets its release on 9th September worldwide – the game has gathered a huge amount of hype and following, and I got the chance to try out the beta last month, and it surprised me how much I enjoyed it. We’ll be bringing you a review of the game later in September too, so keep an eye out for that.

Other big titles coming next month include FIFA 15, Forza Horizon 2, and Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Disney Infinity 2.0 also drops in, complete with a roundup of Marvel super heroes.

Once again, same as last month, we’ve left Minecraft for Xbox One on here, as it was initially due in August, but delays with bugs and certifications have meant it’s more likely for a September release.

For once this year we can safely say, this month is looking rather exciting in terms of the sheer number and potential quality of game releases – bring it on.

Have a look at the list of games releases below, and let us know what you’re going to buy next month.

Xbox One

Dance Central Spotlight – 2nd September

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate – 2nd September US, 5th September UK

Warframe – 2nd September

Destiny – 9th September

NHL 15 – 9th September US, 12th September UK

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (Disney Infinity 2.0) – 19th September UK, 23rd September US

FIFA 15 – 23rd September US, 26th September UK

Forza Horizon 2 – 30th September

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor – 30th September

Defense Grid 2 – 23rd September

KIller Instinct: Combo Breaker Pack – 23rd September

Minecraft – September

Xbox 360

Destiny – 9th September

NHL 15 – 9th September US, 12th September UK

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution – 12th September UK, 16th September US

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (Disney Infinity 2.0) – 19th September UK, 23rd September US

FIFA 15 – 23rd September US, 26th September UK

Slender: The Arrival – 23rd September

Forza Horizon 2 – 30th September

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor – 30th September

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments – 30th September 2014

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax – 30th September US

12 Leaked Ratings That Are Already Wrong – Mesut Ozil


If Luke Shaw is underrated, Mesut Ozil is overrated. Here we come to the opposite end of the spectrum as we take a look at the Arsenal midfielder’s somewhat generous points score. Ozil may have been worthy of his reported score of 87 two seasons ago, back when he was playing for Real Madrid, but since joining Arsenal last summer he has flopped.

Ozil excelled for Madrid in 2012-13, providing 13 assists and scoring nine La Liga goals. It was enough to seal a £42.5 million move to Emirates Stadium a year ago, but the German international has found life difficult in England since. The 25-year-old only scored five times during his maiden spell in the Premier League while he set up four fewer goals than he managed at the Bernabeu, while he appears to lack fitness.

The ex-Madrid man only played 14 full Fut Coins games in 2013-14, according to Squawka stats, and appears to have found it difficult adjusting to the physicality of the English game, where he is not afforded the luxury of a winter break he was used to when he played in Germany and Spain. As such, he looks tired, and it really is remarkable that EA have still given him a lofty score of 87 in spite of all this.

FIFA 15 Demo Release: Free Download in September

The FIFA 15 release date is coming soon according to EA, and it looks like it will be a free FIFA 15 demo instead of a limited paid trial stuck behind an EA Access subscription on the Xbox One.

We know that there is a FIFA 15 demo release planned because EA is in the middle of a FIFA 15 closed beta that is only available to users that EA Sports invited to the program. The FIFA 15 beta is only available on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, but we expect wider availability for the FIFA 15 demo.


While not everyone is able to try this FIFA 15 beta, we expect that the FIFA 15 demo release date will bring a free download option to anyone with a PC, Xbox One and PS4.

The FIFA 15 release date is planned for September 23rd in the U.S. and days later in other regions, with a standard edition for $60 and a FIFA 15 Ultimate Edition for $70 with added FIFA Ultimate Team player packs.

We don’t know an official FIFA 15 demo release date yet, but it is very likely that it could land two weeks before the game arrives. If this is the case you’ll be able to find a FIFA 15 demo on September 9th.

EA assures gamers that their turn is coming with a message on the FIFA 15 closed beta page stating,

“Don’t worry, the FIFA 15 demo drops soon! Be sure to stay tuned on EASports.com, Twitter, and Facebook.”

At this time none of these sources include detailed information about the FIFA 15 demo release date, the FIFA 15 game modes you can play and what teams will be in the FIFA 15 demo this fall.

EA also slyly avoids announcing the FIFA 15 demo release date, but two weeks ahead of the full retail release is fairly standard. There is also no news of a Xbox 360 or PS3 FIFA 15 demo at this time. Like the other EA games this fall, many of the new features and modes are designed to shine on the PS4 and Xbox One, and not on older consoles. Still, there is a chance that the older consoles will see a demo at some point. Eurogamer confirms the demo on new consoles and PC.

When the date arrives a free FIFA 15 demo download will be available on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live and Origin — without the need to use EA Sports Season Ticket or EA Access on the Xbox One.

This does not limit the advantage of playing FIFA 15 five days before the full release on Xbox One with an EA Access subscription. For $5 a month or $30 a year Xbox One gamers get 10% off digital purchases and are able to play new EA games up to five days early. We saw a six-hour limit on the Madden 15 trial and it is possible the EA Access FIFA 15 trial will include the same limit. EA only promises up to two hours of play time on these trials.

Unlike a demo that is limited to specific modes and teams an EA Access FIFA 15 trial is a full version of the game and progress carries over to the game after release. This is a great way to learn all the new features and be ready to beat your friends who don’t subscribe. Despite the advantages not all gamers enjoy EA Access and the limitations. There is no EA Access for the PS4 or for last generation consoles.

FIFA 15 PC demo may appear 9 September


FIFA site Fifauteam seem convinced they have the FIFA 15 demo release date and team information. What they’ve posted is difficult to confirm, as while it seems plausible enough, it could also just as easily be constructed from guesswork.

According to the details they’ve put up, the PC will receive the FIFA 15 demo on 9 September. They even list a specific time, 9.30am, but no time zone to go along with that. Since the demo for FIFA 14 was release on 10 September last year, it’s fairly likely that this year’s effort will be available at around the same time.

Team-wise, the site seems to think we’ll be getting a go with Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Barcelona, Napoli, Paris Saint-Germain, Boca Juniors and Borussia Dortmund. Many of those teams have featured in prior FIFA demos, so again this is plausible enough. Liverpool and Man City were available to play at Gamescom, so it’d be no surprise to see them among the playable teams.

As usual, the Kick-Off mode will be available for a quick match of three minute halves. Apparently, Anfield will be the venue for the demo this year. The FIFA 15 demo will supposedly let you mess about with Ultimate Team mode a bit, too.

If we receive any official confirmation from EA Sports, you’ll read it here.

Ludicrous Ratings EA Sports Need To Fix: Luke Shaw


When FIFA 14 hit store shelves nearly 12 months ago, Luke Shaw had just begun to emerge as a regular first-team performer at Southampton. And so his rating of a paltry 72 was perhaps justified at the time. However, in the year that has passed, the left-back has gone on to become one of the most promising stars of the game.

Still only 19, Shaw excelled for the Saints in 2013-14 with his performances earning him a place in England manager Roy Hodgson’s 23-man World Cup squad and a £30 million move to Manchester United earlier this summer. And so his rating of 72 no longer looks very reasonable at all.

The teenager is surely due an upgrade in FIFA 15 to recognise his status as one of the country’s brightest young talents and we’d personally recommend an increase to around the 78 margin. It isn’t often EA hand such sharp point increases to players, however, we feel Shaw is worth making an exception for given that he is now playing for one of the world’s biggest football clubs.

The man who wants to make lacrosse a FIFA beater

“Lacrosse is the sickest sport ever.” Carlo Sunseri is being neither cute nor ironic. His enthusiasm is uncomplicated. “It’s down to the finesse of the game,” he says. “The speed, the stick-work, the physicality: lacrosse inspires passion.” Sunseri, who fell in love with lacrosse in high school and played to top college league level, is not merely passionate about the sport: he is evangelical. During his final year at the Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh he founded a video game company with a single purpose: to create lacrosse-based video games that could compete with EA’s flagship sports series in terms of quality and attention to detail.

Since 2009 Sunseri has independently released no fewer than ten lacrosse titles. Most, such as those he made with the endorsement of the National Lacrosse League have been realistic in approach. Others, such as the iOS game Laxy Bro, a lacrosse-themed Flappy Bird clone, are more flippant. But Sunseri’s puppy-esque energy and fervour is not without a business case, even if he has been unable to convince any major video game publisher to help develop the games. Last month his latest project, Lacrosse 15, was funded on Indiegogo for close to $150,000, more than double its goal. There is, it turns out, a paying audience to support his vision.

Lacrosse is older than football (on both sides of the Atlantic). The sport, in which two teams of ten players pass a ball using a lacrosse stick (a pole of varying lengths with a netted pouch fixed to the top end) and attempt to heft it into the opponent’s goal was reputedly originated by Native Americans almost a thousand years ago. By the 17th century lacrosse was widely played across America. For a time the sport featured in the Olympics. And yet it remains a niche interest compared to the younger team games played around the world. Some even poke fun. Perhaps it’s the word itself, both Gallic and feminine in its formation. Or maybe it’s the fact that, on the field, lacrosse appears less physical than American Football, less plainly elegant than soccer, less brutal than hockey (whose unadorned sticks seem somehow more honest), and more complicated than all of the above.

These are, Sunseri insists, prejudices founded on ignorance. “Lacrosse has all the best attributes of other sports games: the hitting of American football, the stick work of hockey, the passing of soccer, and the up and down action of basketball,” he says. “It also translates extremely well to a video game.” So well, in fact, that Sunseri believes that his game could prove instrumental in helping to popularise lacrosse. “Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the US,” he says. “It’s at a tipping point to go mainstream. I believe the video game will help to get lacrosse sticks into more people’s hands. Look at what EA’s FIFA did for the sport of soccer in the U.S. – That’s what I want our video games to do for lacrosse.

Sunseri grew up in Mt. Lebanon, a small suburb of Pittsburgh during the early 1990s. He played America football and lacrosse through high school, but eventually dropped the former in order to more fully focus on lacrosse. Simultaneously he was fostering an interest in computers. “Our family got a desktop computer just when the internet was becoming popular,” he says. “I spent tons of time on it researching video games, lacrosse, and how to start a business.” Suneri’s interests came together naturally. “I’d always dreamed of playing an awesome lacrosse video game that was the quality of Madden Sports,” he says. “Even when we were playing the original PlayStation, I wondered why no one, EA in particular, had ever made a simulation lacrosse video game. It wasn’t until college that I really thought about the possibility of making a video game when Microsoft announced XNA and the Indie Game Channel.”

At college Sunseri studied sports management and, during the second year of his course wrote a business plan and design document and approached a small developer in the UK to see if they might partner with him on a lacrosse game. “I still remember the first web chat I had with the team and thinking this has to be a dream,” he says. “I put together my ideas for an ideal lacrosse video game and every day for months, I would wake up and help design, market, and playtest a game that I had always wanted to play.”

10 Highest-Rated Premier League Players Leaked–Vincent Kompany


Manchester City won the Premier League title last season so it’s only right that they are rumoured to dominate the top 10 Premier League players list with the English champions boasting FOUR players here – according to the leaks, anyway. One of those is Vincent Kompany. Not only is he the best centre-back in England’s topflight, but he’s also the best Premiership centre-back on FIFA 15.

Kompany was part of a City defence that kept the second-best defensive record in the Premier League last season with the Belgian international keeping 14 clean sheets as his side conceded just 37 times. Only Chelsea (27) let in fewer while Kompany captained his side to their second league win in three seasons.

As such, the defender sees a slightly-glacial increase in rating in ’15, moving up one place from last year’s prequel to 87. Again, this is a fairly accurate representation considering Kompany is the best centre-half in the Premier League, and we won’t see any other EPL player in his position outscore him on FIFA 15.

FIFA 15:Licenses Aren’t Everything

Raw gameplay aside, official licensing has been at the heart of the FIFA versus PES debate for years. The plethora of deals held by EA Sports have been central to the series’ popularity; to be exact, FIFA 14 features 33 fully-licensed leagues including virtually every single one of the major competitions around the globe – bar the Konami-owned UEFA Champions League.


Although some were willing to ignore EA Sports’ clunky gameplay on previous-gen consoles in exchange for the bells and whistles offered by a list of glamorous partnerships, others preferred Konami’s product despite its limited authenticity.

But there was a gateway to the best of both worlds. A detailed Edit Mode and fan-made patches provided a sanctuary for those who craved a sophisticated football sim, but couldn’t bear to play a WEFA Championship (Champions League) final between Man Red (Manchester United) and Isar (Bayern Munich).

Edit Mode would suffice for simple touch ups like renaming unlicensed clubs, stadiums, players and competitions and making logos and kits, but hardcore licensing enthusiasts could go a step further using patches on PC. These allowed fans to download kits, player faces and hairstyles, boots, stadiums, scoreboards, trophies and add new leagues, all thanks to a hugely dedicated and talented PES fan base.

FIFA 14 Coins Fans love being able to tailor PC versions of PES to their own personal taste, and this should prompt EA Sports to spread their licensing network even further – or provide a means for console versions of their game to be moulded in a similar fashion.

5 key aspects that will decide the war: Online mode


Konami has introduced a new mode to the already present Master League mode. The Master League has been redesigned and made into MyClub which is similar to that of FIFA’s Ultimate Team. The MyClub is available both in the online and offline game. As per sources, it is said that a new agent will be present to negotiate the transfers and to solve problems within your team. If a new coach is bought, the team goes as per his tactics.

EA has replied to Konami’s feature by enhancing the Ultimate Team on FIFA 15. Some of the features like concept squads allows you to build a very strong squads for the future by letting you plan on whom to buy for the next transfer market, and also testing out the Chemistry combination between the players. Additionaly, a new section called Friendly season which allows you to battle it out with your friends in a fan favourite season format that also lets you check your stats. More number of legends on the Xbox version of the game and the ability to loan big players add to the Ultimate Team features.

Eredivisie Round Two Team of the Week


Goalkeeper: Kristoffer Nordfeldt (Heerenveen)

Heerenveen held Feyenoord to a 1-1 draw on Friday, with Nordfeldt making save after save to keep the Rotterdam side at bay. The pick of the bunch was a diving save from Mitchell Te Vrede’s goal-bound header.

Right Back: Stefano Marzo (Heerenveen)

Marzo hardly put a foot wrong in Heerenveen’s draw with Feyenoord, making six successful tackles (more than any other player on the pitch) to keep the dangerous Jean Paul Boetius at bay.

Left Back: Yoell van Nieff (Groningen)

Van Nieff put the icing on the cake for Groningen in the 3-1 win over Heracles by netting a sublime curling free kick, while the 21-year-old was impressive in both defence, and attack throughout the match.

Centre Back: Ramon Leeuwin (Utrecht)

Leeuwin was hugely impressive in Utrecht’s 2-1 win over Willem II on Sunday, winning 88% of his aerial duels, while also ending the match with a 92% pass accuracy. Willem II striker Bruno Andrade was hardly given a sniff by the centre back as Utrecht claimed their first win of the season.

Centre Back: Mike van der Hoorn (Ajax)

Van der Hoorn came under some scrutiny last season, but the defender put in another solid performance as the champions saw off AZ Alkmaar 3-1. The tall centre back won 100% of his aerial duels, and ended the match with an 85% pass accuracy.

Midfielder: Jens Toornstra (Utrecht)

Toornstra set Utrecht on their way to a 2-1 win over Willem II with a fine opening goal, while he also sent in the cross which saw Leon de Kogel net the decisive second. The midfielder is undoubtedly Utrecht’s star man, and they face a fight to keep a hold of him with Feyenoord reportedly keen on a deal.

Midfielder: Lasse Schone (Ajax)

Schone netted two goals in Ajax’s opening game, and the midfielder was once again on the score-sheet against AZ with a superb solo effort. The Dane also set Davy Klaassen up to net the opener with a perfectly weighted through ball.

Midfielder: Georginio Wijnaldum (PSV Eindhoven)

Wijnaldum was king of the midfield in PSV’s 6-1 win over NAC Breda, controlling the match, and finishing the game with two goals. NAC could hardly get near the number ten, who showed some sublime skill throughout the game.

Forward: Adnane Tighadouini (NAC Breda)

NAC may have been beaten 6-1, but the first half was a close affair, and Tighadouini was causing havoc for PSV right back Santiago Arias, who couldn’t get near the winger. Tighadouini netted a penalty, and came close with two long range efforts before being forced off with an injury.

Forward: Zakaria Labyad (Vitesse)

Vitesse may be struggling at the back, but going forward they have some real talent, with Labyad the pick off the bunch, and the Moroccan netted twice in the 2-2 draw with Cambuur on Saturday. The first was a stunning effort from the edge of the box, while the second was from the penalty spot.

Forward: Memphis Depay (PSV Eindhoven)

When Depay is on form, opposition defences can only look on in envy, and on Sunday the winger was excellent, scoring two sublime free kicks in PSV’s 6-1 win over NAC. There is a real sense of expectation when the winger gets on the ball at the moment, and PSV fans will be praying the club fends off interest from big clubs until the transfer window shuts in two weeks.


The PS4-selling in America for seven months


For the first time in history, Sony has managed to sell more than Xbox PlayStation in America, which is headquartered Microsoft.

According to data from the NPD Group, in July we spent the gamers spent $ 514 million (383 million euros) in games, consoles and peripherals, 16% more than the $ 443 million in 2013 Despite the crisis the games are not significantly affected.

Consoles spent $ 198.9 million, double last year, which makes sense since it had not been released PS4 and Xbox One, and 178.2 million in games, 15% less than last year.

As for the sales of the Top 10 games as follows:

1. The Last of Us (PS4, PS3)

2. Minecraft (360, PS3)

3. FIFA 14 (360, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Vita)

4. Watch Dogs (PS4, 360, PS3, Xbox One, PC)

5. Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)

6. Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, Wii U, PC)

7. Grand Theft Auto V (360, PS3)

8. Sniper Elite III (PS4, Xbox One, 360, PS3)

9. NBA 2K14 (360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

10. Lego Marvel Super Heroes (360, PS3, 3DS, DS, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One, Vita, PC)

The Sony confirmed that the PS4 sold in America more than the Xbox One in July. As for the 10 million sales, Microsoft and Nintendo refuse to give official figures. However, the Wii U has sold 60% more for the first few months of 2014 compared to 2013 In this played an important role in Mario Kart 8.

Read the detailed review of Gamescom 2014, which includes links for press conferences of Sony and Microsoft as he recorded the GameWorld with live update.