Pakistan’s Ajmal withdraws from World Cup


Pakistan’s Saeed Ajmal disqualified himself out of the World Cup on Saturday afterwards the 37-year-old abeyant offspinner absitively not to go for official testing of his doubtable bowling action.

“Ajmal himself withdrew from the official testing which finer agency he has aloof from the World Cup,” the Pakistan Candid Lath agent Agha Akbar said.

Akbar said Ajmal will authority a account appointment in the advancing canicule and will accord added data about his decision.

The PCB beforehand on Saturday said that alone Mohammad Hafeez will appointment India next anniversary for actionable testing of his bowling activity while Ajmal will abide to plan on his bowling activity with above analysis spinners Saqlain Mushtaq and Mushtaq Ahmed aback home.

Ajmal was abeyant in September by the ICC while Hafeez was banned from bowling in all-embracing candid beforehand this ages afterwards his activity was begin to be actionable during the aboriginal analysis adjoin New Zealand.

Earlier on Saturday, the PCB said it will forward alone abeyant Mohammad Hafeez to India next anniversary for actionable testing of his bowling activity afore applying for ICC’s official testing, while Saeed Ajmal will break in Pakistan.

Former analysis spinners Saqlain Mushtaq and Mushtaq Ahmed, who accept formed with Hafeez, agreed that the offspinner should now be activated at an ICC-accredited class in Chennai, India, afore traveling to the world’s administering physique for official testing.

Ajmal will abide to plan on his adapted bowling activity with Saqlain and a bio-mechanist at the National Candid Academy in Lahore.

Time was fast active out for Ajmal to get into Pakistan’s World Cup band which is due to be called by Jan. 7. The PCB believes the offspinner needs added time to basin aural the accustomed bend addendum of 15 degrees.

Ajmal has been unofficially activated three times at the ICC-accredited class at Loughborough University in England back getting suspended, but is yet to basin aural the accustomed parameters.

PCB administrator Shaharyar Khan said Friday that if Ajmal undergoes official ICC testing – and his bowling activity is begin actionable – the offspinner faces a ban of two years which agency the end of his all-embracing career.

“The PCB absolutely supports Ajmal in his attack to adjust his activity and to acknowledgment to candid as Pakistan’s top aerialist in the future,” the lath said in a account on Saturday.

The PCB aswell appear that Naveed Akram Cheema has been recalled as aggregation administrator for the World Cup. He will alter Moin Khan, who had been both aggregation administrator and arch selector, and will still accompany the aggregation to Australia and New Zealand.

Pakistan’s players underwent exercise tests Saturday admitting afflicted captain Misbah-ul-Haq, fast bowler Junaid Khan and middle-order batsman Sohaib Maqsood did not participate.

Misbah is yet to balance from a hamstring abrasion while Junaid is nursing a knee abrasion and Maqsood has a breach of a baby cartilage in his larboard wrist.

FUT 15 TOTW 15

This week’s FIFA 15 Ultimate Team TOTW is out. Since it is the holiday time, maybe there is no super big names, other excellent players are selected from last week’s global matches in view of their superior performance. They are available to challenge now. Besides, don’t forget to get the []FUT 15 Coins[/url] FUTmas gifts.

This time, the team is led by Lyon forward Alexandre Lacazette, not featuring either Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. The team lines up in its customary three at the back formation, this week is a 3-4-3, with Lacazette joined up front by Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann and Sergio Garcia of Espanyol.

The rest of the team has a particularly Hispanic theme with Barcelona star Pedro on the left and David Silva of Manchester City as one of the central midfielders alongside Juventus’ Arturo Vidal whilst Diego Lopez of AC Milan is in goal.

Southampton fans will be pleased to see Maya Yoshida in the team as he scored in their 3-0 win over Everton. He is joined in the defence by Juan Bernat of Bayern Munich and Wolfsburg’s Naldo.

Here is the squad.

Starting XI

GK: Diego Lopez

CB: Maya Yoshida

CB: Naldo

LB: Juan Bernat

CM: Arturo Vidal

CAM: David Silva

RM: Hamouma

LW: Pedro

ST: Sergio Garcia

ST: Antoine Griezmann

ST: Alexandre Lacazette


GK: Mandanda

CB: Tonelli

RW: Valencia

RM: Harold

RM: Ritchie

ST: Austin

ST: De Jong

The FIFA 15 ‘Honest Trailer’ Is Addition Attempt

Despite it’s ascent popularity, abounding are still aggravating to put down the a lot of accepted action in the world, soccer or football (depends on area you’re from), and the ‘honest trailer’ analysis accustomed by Smosh Amateur to the 2015 chapter of the FIFA authorization is just addition one in a continued band of attempts to badinage the sports.

Quite like homophobic men, the simple chat soccer creates a actual absorbing acknowledgment a part of too abounding Americans, who feel the charge to accomplish fun of the action that just so happens to be the a lot of accepted in the world, maybe activity like there’s an admission invasion, just like the one from the 1960′s or the beneath talked about one from the 1980′s, a decade anybody is still aggravating to forget.

This is Smosh Games, so acutely anniversary acknowledgment shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but it takes a chaw and follows anniversary and every cliche and average about soccer: From the diving, to what happens amid the goals (calling it casual and jogging) and obviously, that acclaimed antic about 120 account after any goals.

Whether or not you like FIFA or adopt some added authorization (PES maybe?), it’s harder to avoid the actuality that the bent adjoin soccer in the United States originates from deep, absurd animosity of abhorrence that anyone ability in fact be appropriate about this adopted action getting just as acceptable as the ones they’re acclimated to acclaim for or accept been told they’re superior. Let me let you in on a little secret: The Super Bowl isn’t the a lot of watched bold in the world. Not even close.

And if you’re into video amateur and still don’t apperceive a affair about these video bold apology reviews, analysis out Honest Bold Trailers (Skyrim is abnormally good) or the Honest Trailers, cine version

A Attending at Orlando City’s FIFA 15 Roster

FIFA 15 is arguably one of the a lot of accepted sports video amateur in the world. This year, hopefully, Orlando City SC will accomplish an actualization as a playable aggregation in the game. Abounding admirers are acquisitive for a accessible January update, about there hasn’t been any account in commendations to that.

Luckily for City fans, abounding of the players on the accepted agenda are playable in the game’s Ultimate Aggregation mode. Afterwards traveling through and award all of the players that are in the game, I was able to put calm a makeshift Orlando City roster. Thanks to the association at, I acclimated their architecture archetypal and fabricated a adorned clear of what the agenda will attending like next year, complete with all the amateur ratings.

First off, let me go on almanac actuality by adage that accepting Kevin Molino as one of the everyman rated players on the aggregation is laughable. All Orlando City admirers apperceive absolutely what he is able of on the field, so hopefully that will change anon afterwards the division starts.

Looking at the agenda as a whole, however, it does assume actual able-bodied put together. Obviously you accept the sole gold amateur in Kaká in the advancing midfield role, as able-bodied as the argent players (any amateur rated 65-74) Brek Shea, Amobi Okugo, Aurelien Collin, Donovan Ricketts and Tally Hall. That leaves the blow of the players on the agenda bronze, acceptation they are rated 64 and lower.

The alone abstruseness on this aggregation is what Bryan Róchez’s appraisement will be. I took a agrarian assumption and gave him a 60. This was mainly because I haven’t apparent him play, so I just went on the opinions of what I had heard from others. As far as that striker position goes, according to FIFA 15, it is the one position area Orlando City is absolutely defective any firepower.

As far as Róchez goes, he may able-bodied be an amazing striker in MLS. The issues with him are that he is alone 19 years old and ambiguous in the league, which is actual altered from the Honduran alliance he played in endure year. Then there are Jairo Arrieta and Danny Mwanga on the bank and both of them accept had their bold abatement off a bit in contempo seasons.

There are letters that Orlando is aggravating to aces up Colombian striker Carlos Rivas, but as of appropriate now, annihilation has happened with that. Rivas, according to FIFA 15, is a argent amateur with a appraisement of 67, so his accession would absolutely bank up the striker position for Orlando.

In every added position, the Lions assume to accept solid veterans alloyed with adolescent abeyant beyond the board. FIFA updates their ratings over the advance of the season, so don’t be afraid if Molino all-overs up to a 68 afterwards scoring 12 goals in the aboriginal bisected of the year. The point is, yield these ratings with a atom of salt, because there are apprenticed to be changes just about the corner.

The Squawka FIFA 15 Cup

FIFA 15, abundant like football in absolute life, has the addiction to shock us, annul us, and leave us absolutely speechless. Never were these three affections added credible than at the final of the aboriginal anytime Squawka FIFA 15 Cup. Afterwards four online condoning contest hosted with EGL, the four finalists went head-to-head at an accident in London to adjudge who would be crowned the Squawka FIFA champion. The champ of the clash would accept a VIP acquaintance to watch a Premier League club of their choosing.

The four finalists were a admixture of pros and clash novices. From Aggregation Dignatas we saw above apple best Chris Bullard and Gfinity best Tass. Experienced gamer Matthew Cross and clash newcomer Cory Thompson were the added two finalists.

Before the bold Tass and Bullard looked airy and were blessed to babble to Squawka about contest they had been to in the past. They calmly played down suggestions the account could ability bifold abstracts should they play one of us and Tass assured us that we wouldn’t see too abounding aboriginal goals or top scoring games.

The clash was structured application a bifold abolishment architecture acceptation that even if a amateur absent their aperture bold they wouldn’t be out of the tournament. However already a amateur absent two games, that was bold over.

The aperture bold saw Thompson yield on Cross and anon there was a surprise, the newcomer had alleged to use Bayern Munich. All of the players had told us that their adopted teams to use online were Absolute Madrid, afterwards all why wouldn’t you, but actuality Thompson was acutely aggravating to agitate Cross.

It formed anon with Robert Lewandowski giving Bayern the advance aural two minutes. The ambition larboard Cross abashed as able-bodied as alembic Fraser Markham, aswell accepted as Silverback. However Cross rallied and aural the ten minute mark he was level. Afterwards an antecedent setback Cross formed Thompson out and eased into a 3-1 victory.


Next up was the action of the big guns, Silverback’s pre-tournament tips for the final; Tass and Bullard. Already afresh there was addition abruptness with Tass allotment to go with Chelsea rather than Madrid. Yet afresh we saw addition aboriginal ambition although this time it went to Madrid and as one amateur labelled him afterwards Bullard became “the wall” and promptly set up shop. He aching addition ambition on the adverse and admitting Tass traveling to a 4-2-4 accumulation he captivated out.

“He’s just a wall!”

After the bold Tass told explained to us why he had gone with Chelsea over Madrid.

“It’s consistently Absolute Madrid [online] but afresh I’ve acquainted a little bored, I capital a beginning aggregation and that’s why I went with Chelsea but afresh afore the clash I went aback to Absolute Madrid to try and get aback on them but it wasn’t activity as good,

“So I anticipation why should I go with Absolute Madrid if I feel so abundant bigger with Chelsea?

“Obviously it was a appealing acrid lesson!”

at the final and for the loser, elimination. Both players changed to Madrid and instantly Tass showed his class, scoring a amazing ambition with Ronaldo from way alfresco the box with the alfresco of the boot. Thompson could accept access but he captivated out adjoin Tass’ immense burden and eventually managed to force the equaliser.

As the astriction mounted, and Silverback’s annotation became added excited, the bold went into added time but no champ was found. Beneath the rules of the clash a epitomize was anon played but beneath aureate ambition rules. Already afresh Tass had the bigger affairs but the allowance captivated its animation as Thompson managed to hit the post. Then, as Ronaldo access through for Thompson, he was tugged aback in the box and a amends was given. Admitting Tass academic the appropriate way, Thompson denticulate and he was the winner.

Tass alleged this achievement his “worst aback I started traveling to these tournaments” and he added that “from the point of appearance to anyone who prides himself on account the bold it is bent what I’ve done.”

“From the point of appearance to anyone who prides himself on account the bold it is bent what I’ve done.”

After this, and a abbreviate breach to yield on refreshments, the winners’ final got underway with Bullard yet afresh demography an aboriginal lead, this time adjoin Cross.

After the clash we able Tass on the amount of aboriginal goals that we saw, afterwards all it was he who assured us we wouldn’t see any. His acknowledgment appropriate that we had been lucky, although conceivably it was the abracadabra of the Squawka Cup.

“Apparently I don’t apperceive annihilation about FIFA! Either I don’t apperceive annihilation about FIFA or we’ve had a different day because I just went to a clash in Paris not continued ago aforementioned bold aforementioned patch, abounding added amateur than we played today and there were actual rarely aboriginal goals.”

Back to the bold admitting and Cross was abnegation to cycle over and he bound equalised but he spurned a amount of accomplished affairs as the bold went to added time. This time a champ was begin as Cross denticulate his additional with the aid of a deflection.

Speaking afterwards the bold Chris accepted that he had befuddled the bold abroad adage “being 1-0 with 5 account to go I’d commonly see that out, I should accept maybe anchored the bus but I fabricated a brainless canyon and got punished for it.”

“I fabricated a brainless canyon and got punished for it.”

That put Cross through to the final with Thompson set to face Bullard, a man about ten years his senior, for a adventitious to go through to the final. Sadly Thompson couldn’t echo his avowal of afore and the adventurous underdog comatose out 3-1.

Nevertheless it was a active achievement from 18 year old Thompson, who was actualization in his aboriginal clash and he was accepted by all of his competitors afterwards.

Speaking to us, Thompson said that he was captivated to accept got his aboriginal clash acquaintance and that arena in this array of ambiance will alone advance him as a player.

“It was appealing amazing to be fair, the acquaintance was absolutely good, I absolutely didn’t apprehend it, I just play at home casually.”

every bold Cross was awarded a 1-0 headstart acceptation he alone had to win one bold in adjustment to triumph. The scoreline was a echo of Bullard’s bold adjoin Thompson but this time he was on the amiss end of the 3-1 scoreline, let down by some abhorrent goalkeeping by Iker Casillas.

Bullard afterwards conceded that “It was [frustrating], but I don’t apperception so abundant because I let Ronaldo shoot from there and he could accept calmly hit it top bend and that would be my accountability but the way he parried it I anticipation is this traveling to be my day.”

This larboard Cross as the adapted champion, a man who had baffled every amateur there but afterwards kept his air-conditioned cogent us “It feels good, there are some top humans actuality and it was a acceptable accident and I’m blessed to accept won it.”

“It was a acceptable accident and I’m blessed to accept won it.”

Looking aback on the day we realised we were advised to a superb affectation of FIFA. There were some aces goals we couldn’t absolutely believe, some ablaze annotation from the admirable Silverback and the underdog adventure of Thompson who we attending advanced to seeing at approaching contest as he develops as a gamer.

We’d like to acclaim all the players who fabricated it to the final and anybody who entered the clash at the online stage. We’d aswell like to acknowledge EGL for their advice during the accident and a huge congratulations to the aboriginal Squawka FIFA 15 Cup winner, Matthew Cross.

Why FIFA ultimate team offline this week in the UK


It’s never fun if you attack to log in to your favourite bold alone to acquisition that it is offline, but it’s generally a all-important admeasurement to advance the service. One such victim of the alarming “down anatomy maintenance” bulletin this anniversary was UK players of Fifa 15, who couldn’t affix to the online Ultimate Aggregation approach on Wednesday, December 17th. As of autograph the casework is aback online and administrator Electronic Arts thanked gamers for their patience.

The appointed down time which was appear on amusing media and a few added channels ran appropriate from 7am until the evening, and afflicted the Ultimate Aggregation approach and EA’s Sports Football Club service.

Originally the aliment was alone declared to yield a brace of hours but it was continued assorted times until it surpassed 7pm in the evening. Ticked off gamers took to Twitter and Facebook to articulation their displeasure, admitting others appropriately accustomed that it was artlessly allotment of the action and annihilation to be ever anxious about.

The blow was above the board, including the Web App and Mobile App, about added online activities above Ultimate Team, such as exhibition matches were alive as normal.

Fifa 15 is EA’s anniversary soccer title, which this year is accessible above platforms on the PlayStation 4, PS3, PS Vita, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii, and Nintendo 3DS. The accepted gen animate versions of the bold accustomed abundant reviews from the critics, with Metacritic baronial the Xbox One adaptation 84 out of 100.

Although specific sales abstracts accept not been appear by EA just yet, the bold has spent weeks abreast the top of the charts, suggesting it charcoal one of the company’s a lot of acknowledged franchises.

One approach that is acceptable more accepted with fifa 15 coins 300k gamers and absolute activity soccer players themselves is the online Ultimate Team, FUT 15 Coins area you body your own band to face off adjoin others in tournaments, generally with absorbing criteria. Chelsea’s Eden Hazard for archetype afresh best his “Ultimate dream team,” which included three Arsenal legends Patrick Vieira, Robert Pires and Dennis Bergkamp.


Good news that this year’s FIFA 15 Ultimate Team FUTMAS will begin on December 19 and last to January 2. With Christmas coming by, FUTMAS is created to celebrate this Christmas season. During the FUTMAS, there is a new Happy Hour or a new tournament every day. The exciting offers in-game is available for a limited time only. Jump at the chances.

The schedule of FUTMAS is announced only when it happens. To know all the Happy Hours, check out the official FIFA site. Note that FUTMAS and 15 Days of FIFA are not the same thing. The only thing they have in common is that they are released during the Christmas season.

From the experience of previous years, the following packs should be released: Jumbo Rare Players Packs(100k); Mega Packs(35k); Premium Gold Players Packs(20k); Rare Consumables Packs(20k); Jumbo Premium Gold Packs(15k); Premium Gold 13 Packs(7.5k); Gold 13 Packs(5k) and Consumables Packs(3k).

Gold 13 Packs and Premium Gold 13 Packs are only available during FUTMAS. They are just like Gold Packs and Premium Gold Packs, for the same price, but with an extra free card. In the previous years, 100k packs were released on December 26th and January 2.

There is limit on the amount of packs you can buy. The limits are the usual ones. However, on Boxing Day, there isn’t an individual limit. There are global limited quantities which means that whoever comes first is the first to be served. The lighting rounds take place every three hours and the best packs are usually the last ones to be released.

It is very easy to make coins during the FUTMAS. You just need to sell and but at the right tine. Don’t buy packs. Take the chance to build a better squad or to buy low and sell higher. For someone less experienced, the best thing to do is to sell everything as soon as possible and buy the cards during Happy Hours featuring 100k packs. The prices will be higher a few days after the biggest happy hours, even with TOTW coming.

Now it is available. Take the chances. Enjoy your Christmas season on

FIFA 15: Why is FIFA Ultimate Team down?

EA have announced that FIFA Ultimate Team is now ready to come back online after the scheduled maintenance planned for today ran over the original deadline.

“FUT is now ramping back up to full online service. Thanks for your patience,” They confirmed on Twitter.

UPDATE 18:20: EA have confirmed FIFA 15 FUT will be offline past the 6pm UK time earlier promised.

“Our scheduled #FUT maintenance has been extended until further notice,” A Twitter post from the dev team explained.

“New #TOTW available once the online service is restored.”

EA revealed they would be performing scheduled maintenance for FIFA Ultimate Team and EA Sports Football Club beginning at 7:00 AM UK.

The original estimated downtime was given at 3 hours but this has had to be extended, the games publisher have confirmed.

During this time, FIFA Ultimate Team, the Web App, Mobile companion app, and EA SPORTS Football Club will be offline but online service for all other game modes will be unaffected.

“Our #FUT maintenance has had to be extended. Apologies for any inconvenience. Our team is working to get you back on the pitch asap!” an EA statement explained.

“Scheduled maintenance on #FUT has been extended by an additional 6 hours. All platforms will be affected. Estimated up time: 6pm UK/10am PT.”

Chelsea star Eden Hazard recently revealed his FIFA Ultimate Legends Team, containing a range of former Premier League stars from Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United.

FIFA 15 Remains on Top In Run-Up to 2015

2015 is two weeks away, and FIFA 15 has the advantage arch into the new year. EA’s massive sports bold lays affirmation to the top atom of the UK archive in a anniversary of no change. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Grand Theft Auto V, Far Cry 4, and LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham retained their spots from endure week.

Just Dance 2015 and Destiny both saw big leaps. Just Dance 2015 went from 11th to 6th acknowledgment to the acceptance of the Wii version. Destiny went from 16th to 9th acknowledgment to the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Other than that, there was actual little change in the charts.

Check out the Top 20 below:

FIFA 15 (EA) – 1

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Activision) – 2

Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar) – 3

Far Cry 4 (Ubisoft) – 4

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Warner Bros.) – 5

Just Dance 2015 (Ubisoft) – 11

Minecraft: Xbox One/360 Edition (Microsoft) – 8

Minecraft: PlayStation 4/3/Vita Edition (Sony) – 9

Destiny (Activision) – 16

Assassin’s Creed: Unity (Ubisoft) – 7

The Crew (Ubisoft) – 6

WWE 2K15 (2K Games) – 19

Driveclub (Sony) – 10

Halo: The Master Chief Collection (Microsoft) – 18

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS (Nintendo) – 14

The Evil Within (Bethesda Softworks) – Did Not Chart

Dragon Age: Inquisition (EA) – Did Not Chart

Froza Horizon 2 (Microsoft) – Did Not Chart

Skylanders: Trap Team (Activision) – Did Not Chart

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (Warner Bros.) – 12

FIFA 15 Scores Top Spot, Destiny Rises 29%

With all the big new releases for 2014 out of the way, the UK sales blueprint endure anniversary backward the exact aforementioned if compared to the antecedent sales period, acceptation that FIFA 15 already afresh accomplished in aboriginal place.

For a few highlights from endure week, Just Dance 2015 jumped up to #6, with 66% of sales occurring on the Wii; Destiny rose 29%, acceptable acknowledgment to The Dark Below; and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris debuted alfresco of the top 40 All Formats Chart, but did administer 17th on the PlayStation 4 blueprint and 14th on the PC chart.

Here’s the top 20 affairs retail amateur in the UK for the anniversary catastrophe December 13, 2014, according to GfK Chart-track:

FIFA 15 (down 21%)

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Down 27%)

Grand Theft Auto V (down 22%)

Far Cry 4 (down 13%)

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (down 29%)

Just Dance 2015 (up 11%)

Minecraft: Xbox Edition

Minecraft: PlayStation Edition

Destiny (up 29%)

Assassin’s Creed Unity

The Crew

WWE 2K15


Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Super Smash Bros

The Evil Within

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Forza Horizon 2

Skylanders Trap Team

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

PSV advance advantage over Ajax

PSV Eindhoven remained a point advanced at the Eredivisie acme as they and abutting rivals Ajax both won on Sunday.

First-half goals from Luuk de Jong and Georginio Wijnaldum gave PSV a 2-0 home success adjoin Twente, their 12th win in 15 games. Ajax were just as adequate in assault Utrecht 3-1. They led 2-0 central 20 account through Thulani Serero and Davy Klaassen and admitting Rubio Rubin pulled one back, Anwar El Ghazi denticulate a minute afterwards advancing on as a acting to accomplish Ajax’s win safe.

Feyenoord and AZ, fourth and fifth respectively, aggregate the credibility as Jordy Clasie’s last-minute ambition becoming Feyenoord a 2-2 draw. Nemanja Gudelj and Muamer Tankovic put AZ two up central bisected an hour but Colin Kazim-Richards sparked the improvement and Clasie had the endure word.

Tjaronn Chery becoming FC Groningen a 1-1 draw adjoin Vitesse Arnhem, who had led through Bertrand Traore.