Pick Your Best FIFA 15 Players With Traits

Last time, we covered so many factors that will affect your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team’s chemistry, which will influence your players’ performance, like nationality, league, and positions. They are easy to handle for you. Today, there are work rates, skills and weak foot you need to keep an eye on.

Some of the player’s characteristics weren’t measurable, that would be complicated. You should watch out for the five characteristics that define them.

Although it isn’t decisive, you should pay attention to the player’s height, especially if he was a striker or a centre back, although it is also useful for the CDM position. A taller player that has good jumping will win more headers.

On FIFA 15, it started being more important for the player to use his prederred foot. Carefully verify if you are using your players correctly for their position on the field. Sometimes you should change their side in order to favor their preferred foot.

Weak foot is the type of characteristic that should be decisive when choosing one between two players or more. It is more important for the player to have good attributes than more weak foot stars, of course, but that’s still interesting for us. If you’re thinking of buying a finisher, don’t forget to check if he’s got a good weak foot. You will certainly notice the difference on the pitch between a player with low and high weak foot.

Players with more skill moves stars will get past the opponents more easily, and this is more important than ever on FIFA 15. They can also execute more complex technical movements although this might be more of a show off than an actual contribution to the team. Most 3 stars skill moves are as effective as 5 star skill moves. Like it is for the weak foot, the Skill Moves should determine which player you are choosing, unless you are a natural skiller that doesn’t need the means to success.

Unlike others, work rates is a characteristic, with absolutely no doubt, that you should never look away from when choosing a player. Do this at the point where you already have a short list so this works as an effective eliminatory factor. Avoid low/low work rates, or high/high on players of low stamina. Low offensive work rates on attackers or defensive work rates on defenders are usually bad choices. According to your tactic, playing style and the players you already have you should manage work rates in order for one to compensate the other.

In others, the fifa 15 coins buy player price may be one factor you should watch out. Someone you prefer could be someone you can not afford. However, we hope you can find the players perfectly fit your squad. Keep running on the pitch.