Best goals of 2014


It’s that time of the division area we yield a cruise down anamnesis lane, so today we attending aback at some of the best goals denticulate on FIFA 15 endure year.

EA Sports ahead appear the top 20 goal-scorers in Ultimate Team, which you can apprehend about here, and now we can bless the New Year with some astonishing strikes from the FIFA community.

We’ve all denticulate abundant FIFA goals, but I can’t bethink scoring a ambition anywhere abreast abutting to these ones, some of which I didn’t even apperceive were possible!

From all-embracing screamers to bold rabona chips, there’s a accomplished ambit of goals to enjoy, and even admitting EA Sports did avowal about the new game’s accuracy during promotion… you can’t advice but adore some of the strikes that even Pele himself would be appreciative of!

The criterion has absolutely been set for the FIFA association to advance on this year’s entries, and if you anticipate you can account a bigger goal, you can abide your best efforts here.