Runescape OldSchool The Poll System

The poll system is, and will always be, an integral part of Old School RuneScape. It has given you the power to truly decide the future of the game since the game has existed.

We’d like to get your thoughts on how we should improve the poll system to better represent everyone in Old School.

Respresenting everyone fairly

The key challenge we have experienced with the poll system is being able to provide updates for smaller sub-sections of the community.

With updates requiring over 75% approval in order to happen, updates targeting smaller communities can struggle to make it in game.

Two examples of this are Pure updates and Ironman updates. While many have passed, there are certainly examples of changes which are highly requested by these communities failing to make it into Old School.

We want to ensure that everyone is fairly represented by the poll system, allowing us to support every part of the community.

There have been many discussions in the past about how to achieve this.

The idea of limiting certain questions to players who interact with the content which is affected has come up many times. For example, only an Ironman would be able to vote on a poll question which exclusively impacts their game mode.

In order for an update to be polled to a specific part of the player base, it would need to truly be exclusively a change to only that community. If it provides an advantage over other players, or an advantage which may be used against other players, it would still require approval the entire community.

Another idea which is occasionally thrown around is reducing the level of support required for something to pass. 75% is a very high requirement, and if content is not targeted at a wide audience there is a good possibility it will not be achieved.

Lowering the pass rate on polls to 70% is something we could look at polling, much like we did in 2015.

But these are just a couple of the ideas we have seen come up over the past few years.

We want the solution we settle on to be one that the community is fully in support of, which is why we wanted the first step to be opening up a discussion.

Further changes to the poll system

There are also some more specific changes to both the poll system and what questions warrant a poll that we would like to discuss with you.

Allowing players to change their vote after they have voted is one possibility. This would help make sure that the final result of a poll represents the community’s most recent feelings on the content being offered.

We could also conceal poll results until the poll has ended. This may prevent players voting based on how close something is to passing, rather than on the merit of the content itself. However, this would not prevent third-party clients estimating poll results based on how their userbase votes.

It is also possible for us to make a slight change to what exactly warrants a poll. Currently, the only content changes which are not polled are those which are temporary and bugfixes.

We could extend this exception to usability tweaks and information displaying features if this is something the community is comfortable with. Buy and Sell Cheap RS3/07 Gold,accounts ‘’5% Off Now!

Runescape Memorial to Guthix

Memorial to Guthix is a Divination Distraction and Diversion that was released on 9 January 2017.

The tutorial can be started by talking to Orla Fairweather, found north-west of the Eagles’ Peak lodestone, in a small cathedral.

Upon completion of the tutorial, the player will be able to catch an unlimited amount of chronicle fragments.

While training Divination outside of Dungeoneering, memory strands can be collected and automatically stored in the currency pouch. These strands can be combined with engrams which can be found all around Gielinor to create echoes. Echoes can be placed in the temple to unlock beneficial buffs, gain Divination experience, and reveal lore about Guthix’ life on Gielinor. 80 memory strands are given once for free during the tutorial.

Completing the first set of echoes once requires 2,280 memory strands and variety of energies as shown in the table below. After each prestige the amount of both strands and energies required for each engram is increased by 40%.

Completing the set of echoes once is a requirement for the completionist cape and the master quest cape. Unlocking the ability to activate four buffs at once is a requirement for the trimmed completionist cape.

After obtaining level 99 in Divination, Orla will reward the player with 2,000 memory strands, but only once. After obtaining a virtual level 120 in Divination, Orla will reward an additional 1,000 memory strands, thus making it a total of 3,000 memory strands if claimed at once. Upon obtaining 200,000,000 Divination experience, Orla will once again reward an additional 1,000 memory shards, thus making it a total of 4,000 memory strands if claimed at once. You may claim this reward at any time.

Benefits and rewards

Upon adding echoes players gain some Divination experience and unlock one of twelve buffs. Initially they’re able to activate one and change it once weekly, upon adding an echo for the first time or upon rising up in prestige. After adding all echoes players can reset their progress, rise up in prestige and start over. By doing this, they can activate progressively more buffs, up to a maximum of four. All the buffs remain unlocked even after the player has reset their progress, any buffs active at the time of prestige will remain active. All engrams must be re-obtained their hiding places, they are not returned to your inventory or bank.

Harmony of Naragun: Guthixian butterflies will spawn instead of chronicles. (This does not affect elder chronicles).

Time-worn Memories: The experience converting memories inside Daemonheim is quadrupled.

Decree of Mortality: Checking Hunting traps has a chance to yield Memory Shards. Memory shards can be transmuted into Divine energy products.

Guardian of Life: Planting seeds has a chance to yield Memory Shards. Memory shards can be transmuted into Divine energy products.

Ethereal Connection: The duration of Divination springs is increased.

Shared Knowledge: Divine locations will grant you 125% experience but yield no items.

Abyssal Transit: Chronicles can now be offered your inventory.

Wisp Herder: Converting memories has a small chance to spawn an additional wisp.

Sempiternal Souvenirs: Pickpocketing now has a chance to yield Memory Shards. Memory shards can be transmuted into Divine energy products.

Fairy Fire: Fire spirits firemaking are upgraded to divine fire spirits, granting Divination experience, divine energy, and divine energy products.

Argento’s Kindness: Divine eggs may appear instead of bird’s nests while woodcutting, granting Divination experience, divine energy, and divine energy products.

Stored Power: The benefits fully completing a Guthixian Cache will be bottled for later use.

Each prestige boosts the rate at which players can acquire memory strands as well as unlocks increasingly ornate butterfly wing overrides. The boost to strands caps at five prestige cycles, as only the first three unlock wing overrides.

After the first prestige, players may redeem extra memory strands to Orla Fairweather in batches of 1,000 for the Divination experience equivalent to a medium experience lamp. Buy and Sell Cheap RS3/07 Gold,accounts ‘’5% Off Now!