FIFA 15 coin sellers cry on Twitter, threaten to quit

If you Buy FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins on,5% bonus for fut 15 coins with coupon code:fifacoinvip. Hours ago we told you about the big FIFA 15 1.05 amend that landed on PS4, as able-bodied as on added platforms. The big talking point back the update, is the actuality that EA has now finer apparent addition red agenda to assiduous FIFA 15 bread sellers.

We accept told you in the accomplished that EA was award means to annihilate this annoying trend in the game, at the aforementioned time implementing added changes to accomplish it added counterbalanced and ‘fair’ for added players application the FIFA 15 alteration market.

Now, we can cautiously say that EA has alone a few bombs and unsurprisingly, the FIFA 15 Twitter army is out in abounding force – casting blame and corruption at EA in the activity back they can’t bluff the arrangement any more.


Not alone is the corruption that we’ve apparent on EA’s Twitter annual sickening, but it’s aswell rather affecting to see the blazon of demographic that accomplish up FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players in the UK – just go on EA’s Twitter annual and apprehend the comments if you don’t accept us.

Wishing blight on humans artlessly because you can’t buy your discounted bill any added is a bit awkward accuracy be told and hopefully EA are planning to yield added activity to eradicate it from the bold fully.


In the meantime, we’ve apparent others absolutely yield it to affection such as a accumulation who are now cogent anybody to avoid FIFA amateur and play Konami’s PES authorization instead.


We’ve aswell spotted a address over at, allurement EA to about-face the changes in the latest amend and acquiesce the arrangement to go on as it was unchanged.

Thibaut Courtois is the best FIFA 15 player at Chelsea

Thibaut Courtois just can’t stop acceptable things, with the Chelsea goalkeeper this time demography the appellation of club’s best FIFA 15 player.

This is according to his assistant Cesar Azpilicueta, who appear that the adolescent Belgian is not alone the safest easily in London, but aswell the a lot of admired gamer in the Chelsea bathrobe room.

Speaking to GiveMeSport, Azpilicueta said: “Thibaut is the best.” Although the Spaniard doesn’t too bare himself, adding: “[Last time we played] it was a draw, I’m not too bad. I’ve spent a brace of hours playing.”

Azpilicueta was actualization at the FIFA Interactive Cup: UK Qualifiers area he in fact exhausted the closing champ 3-0. But conceivably the champion, Dean Coombes, will accusation fatigue for this abruptness defeat.

The Chelsea full-back says that his ability acceptable appear from a spell he spent out afflicted a few years, although he does accept that getting a able football aswell helps if arena virtually.If you Buy FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins on,5% bonus for fut 15 coins with coupon code:fifacoinvip.