Soccer Sim Now $40 On Current Systems, $20 On PC And Last Gen

The prices will abide altered on each, but both are cheaper than before. Pro Evo 15 will now be $39.99 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and just $19.99 on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

It’s a big move accustomed that the European football division is in the acute home amplitude appropriate now, and the MLS is just alpha again–this is not an offseason about-face to advertise copies in the lull. On the contrary, it conceivably is searching to capitalize on the acme of footballing excitement, and attenuate battling EA’s FIFA 15 juggernaut.

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The appellation is a acceptable another to FIFA, and in the opinions of some offers a bigger on-field delineation of the activity with added astute play. FIFA is afar advanced in agreement of presentation and licensing though, which makes it difficult for abounding to accomplish the jump, even if the gameplay is arguably beneath astute or added arcadey.

If you’ve capital to try Pro Evo but never could absolve two fully-priced football sims, you can jump in now and feel beneath guilty. It would be nice to see EA do something like this for FIFA, but it has no acumen to abate the amount of the genre-leading title. You’ll accept to delay until the division is continued over for some bargain FIFA activity and FIFA 16 is rolling around, unfortunately.