FIFA 15 Ultimate Team’s ashore amateur transfers getting addressed

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team’s stuck player transfers being addressed
If you’re adverse to accept any ashore or abridged amateur (or item) transfers in your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team lists, you may get some abatement in the next brace of weeks. EA say the botheration will be addressed over the advancing days.

According to EA, they’ve not been able to attending at this affair afore now due to “technical” reasons. Now, however, they say it’ll be accessible to analysis the accounts of the “small amount of FIFA 15 fans” afflicted with ashore alteration syndrome.

The actuality that it’s a baby amount of players doesn’t absolutely accord us the accomplished annual on how abounding humans are afflicted by this, as a “small” admeasurement of FIFA 15 players could calmly be in the thousands.

By way of compensation, EA will be giving out “a ancient amalgamation of untradeable packs” to those who’ve been hit with this bug. They say assorted items will be “unstuck” every day over the next two weeks.

Anybody arena on PC should attending out for an email to their Origin account. Console players should attending to their “EA SPORTS Football Club News Alerts.”

FIFA 15 Squad Builder

EA Sports accept appear their latest tutorial video for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins and this one focuses on the art of penalties.

Scoring from the 12 backyard atom sounds simple but as we’ve all apparent both in absolute activity and in the bold that it can generally be far trickier than it seems.

In adjustment to advice you out EA accept appear a abbreviate video talking you through the basics, assorted methods of demography penalties and how to in fact save it yourself.

First things first, you should consistently accomplish abiding you’re acrimonious the best man for the job, which you can analysis by acute RT/R2 afore the amends is taken and accomplish abiding the amateur demography it has a top amends demography attribute.

FIFA 15 Squad Builder – Serie A Pace XI

Then columnist the shoot button anon afore the brand hits the blooming breadth in adjustment to acquiesce for acknowledgment time, aim whilst you’re powering up the attempt and bethink that the airy aiming brand will move faster as your aim gets afterpiece appear the ambition frame.

They advance that the best way to yield a amends is to aim hardly aloft the babysitter and hit the brawl harder although if you anticipate your adversary is traveling to do this to you afresh just columnist up on the appropriate stick.

Penalties can often deny careers for players and they are a crucial skill.
Penalties can generally abjure careers for players and they are a acute skill.

The dribble amends can be advantageous if you are aggravating to anima your adversary out and can be performed by columnist shoot afresh during the countdown of your penalty, but be acquainted the aiming brand will become bigger and will move quicker afterwards accomplishing this so be affable with your aiming.

The dent can be performed by acute LB/L1 during the countdown and whilst it is useful, should the babysitter dive, it will absolute you to aim in just the average third of the goal.

When you are aggravating to save a amends you should use the appropriate stick to dive and you can either try to assumption which way your adversary is traveling or acknowledge already the brawl has been kicked although this closing adjustment is abundant harder.

There are aswell a array of apperception amateur you can play with your opponents afore they yield the amends by acute assorted buttons.

These cover acute shoot to point to an breadth of the goal, acute canyon to act fluctuant at the knees, columnist through brawl to beachcomber your accoutrements and columnist cantankerous to accomplish a matador affectation and of advance bethink with penalties that convenance makes perfect!

Enjoy St. Patrick to win the jackpot on FUT

La Saint-Patrick vous fait remporter le jackpot sur FUT !
Psyko17 you book an interesting trick to win a staggering $ credits FIFA Ultimate Team on the occasion of St. Patrick. Follow the Youtubeur to multiply your investment tenfold.

As every year, EA Sports will launch a special competition for all FIFA Ultimate Team users to mark St. Patrick, 17 March. A tournament reserved only for teams of players from Ireland, Northern Ireland or the Irish championship, which will include some very interesting prizes for the winners. But even better than the allocations, the competition of St. Patrick is also the opportunity to stock up on credit. Because, inevitably, the prices of the players, cheap today will explode.

So Psyko17 explains how to make a profit staggering through this competition. You will then understand that the goal here is to buy Irish players now while the price is very affordable for resale few days before the competition, or at the beginning of the tournament. Resale will be sure to profit and it is not uncommon to sell players bought for 10,000 credits at nearly ten times the price! So now you are building a team cheapest possible and fill your pockets during the competition.

Psyko17 and offers an Irish team to 19 300 credits. The trick is to buy the Youtubeur all players twice in order to participate in the competition but also enjoy the rising price of the players to approach the competition to increase its investment by 10! You have one month to enjoy the trick after it is too late.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, Dream Team of 11 February

The ideal eleven FIFA 15 Ultimate Team of the Week February 11 features players in La Liga, among them are Michel, Saul or the same Sergio Busquets that complement and much to the team of the day, the bench has to Harry Kane or at the same Salomon Rondon is ex Málaga Club de Fútbol few years ago.


GK: Anthony Lopes, Olympique Lyonnais – 76> 80

CB: Jardel, SL Benfica – 76> 78

CB (CDM): Cheikhou Kouyaté, West Ham United – 71> 73

RB: Michel, UD Almería – 73> 74

LM (CDM): Saul, Atletico Madrid – 74> 74

LM: André Schürrle, VfL Wolfsburg (Chelsea) – 81> 82

CDM: Sergio Busquets, FC Barcelona – 85> 86

LM (CAM): Dries Mertens, Napoli – 82> 83

LW: Memphis Depay, PSV – 78> 80

ST (RM): Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Borussia Dortmund – 79> 81

ST: Morata, Juventus – 77> 79


GK: Gomes, Watford – 74> 74

LB: Sulaimani, Al Nassr (Riyadh) – 64> 64

RM: Iriome, CD Lugo – 62> 64

RW: Mario Rondon, National – 74> 74

ST: Welliton, İdman Mersin Yurdu – 70> 73

ST: Gary Hooper, Norwich City – 74> 74

ST: Harry Kane, Tottenham Hotspur – 68> 74.

Harry Kane appearance connected by EA with FIFA 15 SIF

Tottenham admirers can’t stop talking about Harry Kane at the moment and FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins now we can see that his contempo performances accept admiring the absorption of EA too.

The developer has now apparent their latest Team of the Week band and Harry Kane has fabricated the calendar already again. It agency that back FIFA 15 launched, Kane has accustomed two in-form cards which is not an simple affair to do.

As a result, you can now acquisition a new Harry Kane agenda in FIFA 15 FUT packs with a college appraisement of 74. Let’s not overlook that this is a amateur that originally alien with a 68 card, so there has been some massive advance in his stats and we still accept three months of football left.

To give you an idea of the new stats and how they compare, we’ve included a useful comparison showing the new Harry Kane TOTW 74 card, matched up against the default 68 stats.

The question is, can Harry Kane earn himself a third in-form card before the season ends – has any other FIFA 15 player even achieved this yet?

Let us know your thoughts on the new TOTW and whether you think Kane’s new stats are well deserved.


EA Sports releases threat to FIFA 15 cheats

You’ve probably found players in the mode of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team possessing enviable equipment but how it has taken to form it?

As many have purchased virtual currency for a few dollars on pages that are engaged in this business but for EA Sports, is an illegal way of playing UT.

“Although they are a minority within the community of FIFA, cheaters disrupt the game experience for players of normal FIFA in countless ways. This includes overloaded servers, phishing, compromised accounts and other players share purchase and sale of virtual coins. It is time to draw attention to those cheaters whose attitude has a negative impact on the FIFA experience for millions of online players. ”

That is the beginning of the threat EA Sports spear in his statement.

Make that “buy and sell coins or promote the sale of coins directly violates our Terms of Service and mean the banning of your account FUT (or even your EA Account) immediately or by advance notice and restarting your FUT Club. If you’re part of these activities, you will lose your club FUT FUT your account and access to the online mode of FIFA “.

Barca battles Peabody abhorrence home

Barca battles Peabody horror home
Barcelona will try to get their aboriginal achievement in the new San Mames stadium, abide best in the endure few games.

Barca battles Peabody abhorrence home

Round of the alliance Barcelona Athletic Bilbao will arise on the challenge, there is no agnosticism that this will accept an important appulse baronial standings. Recently Barca accept bland sailing in the alliance and cup, ranked additional in the league, the Cup semifinal bout adjoin Villarreal. During which they denticulate 29 goals and absent alone 5 goals.

Back Shengmameisi

Since the 2010-11 season, 3-1 to win the opponent, Barcelona Athletic Bilbao never win a guest. The aboriginal three visits San Mames stadium, Barcelona fabricated alone two draws and one accident record.

2011-12 division and the 2012-13 division is blame into a 2-2 draw endure season, the aboriginal bedfellow at the new San Mames amphitheater Barcelona, but the aftereffect was black 0-1 accident to rivals. Basque is currently ranked 12th in the standings, but aswell the King’s Cup semi-finals, adjoin the Spaniards.

Weekend of problems with EA and FIFA 15 servers

Over the weekend from Feb 6th to the 9th gamers accept been accepting problems with EA and FIFA 15 servers, complaints accept been advancing in blubbery and fast over on amusing media networks and Down Today.

Just on Down Today abandoned the comments from FIFA 15 gamers were not acceptable at all, but a lot of assume to beleaguer server problems.

Weekend of problems with EA and FIFA 15 servers pic 2
Issues that occurred included one FIFA 15 gamer accepting booted out of the bold if they approved to array their aggregation out, the aforementioned gamer aswell had issues if aggravating to accompany a game.

But it didn’t stop there, arena the bold on an iOS accessory one amateur said they couldn’t play because they either got kicked out or the awning just froze, the anguish came if they questioned the abstracts getting intact.

Weekend of problems with EA and FIFA 15 servers pic 3
Majority of the comments over on Down Today on its ‘FIFA 15 EA servers and web app’ page this weekend were to do with the servers getting either down or accepting slight issues. Gamers are a little afraid about accident all their data, one accurate user said they looked on Twitter and couldn’t see any acknowledgment of EA servers getting down, was this the case for you?

FIFA 15: Tutorial corners

Electronic Arts continues to give us tips to win in FIFA 15 and today offers a useful tutorial corners. With this video learn both score goals more often when we remove from the corner, as we avoid the mark. And is that FIFA 15 offers a lot of possibilities to launch a corner. The football simulator allows us, send your typical center run over the area, to make the ball fly past the front from the second row to surprise our opponents.

But the real grace launches corner of FIFA 15 comes when selecting between set pieces or opt for the big news of the title, to control the receiving player. With this option you can break out of our brand in the area and ask for a pass from the corner when we stay alone to finish easily door. Something that you can be quite helpful if ye have just started on the series.

As for the defense of corners in FIFA 15. It suffices to try to win the striker position our highest defenses and always have a clear idea to clear the ball as far as possible to avert the danger of our goal. I already you will be becoming true professionals of FIFA 15, but if You fail even in some facet of the game, here other tutorials of interest we leave

FIFA 15 February Transfer

We should say that the speed of EA transfer is highly improved. FIFA 15 February transfer is there. Yesterday we seemed to cover the possibility for the transfers of Juan Cuadrado, the big move over to Chelsea. Now you can see in the Transfer Window, there is a completely update to the FUT 15 players.

This is the fifth batch of winter transfer. Colombian star Juan Cuadrado was undoubtedly the biggest transfer of the window and now we await the update of additional FIFA 15 FUT transferred players.

We are highly impressed with EA’s speed in which they are operating with the transfers this year, with FIFA 14, we remember having to wait a considerable amount of time after the transfer window had shut before we saw the players at their new clubs. Now, they have acted almost instantly.

You’ll find Juan Cuadrado inside Gold packs i Chelsea colors, the same can be said for Andre Schurrle who has moved from Chelsea to Wolfsburg. With an 83 rating, those lucky enough to pick out Cuadrado will be getting an awesome player who has 93 for pace and 5 star skill moves.

The full list of big name moves can be seen below.

Players above you packed from their previous clubs will not be upgraded, you will have to obtain the newer version and then you will have the same player twice but for two different clubs. These players can now only be acquired from the new respective clubs that they’ve joined and the old versions are only obtainable through the transfer market now.

How do you feel about this year’s winter transfer? Is it fast enough? Or do you have something annoying to complain? Whatever, hope you can enjoy your FIFA 15 with these new player cards.

FIFA 15 players have made the surprise move

We now accept 24 hours to go until FIFA Coins players acquisition out which big names accept fabricated the abruptness move to a altered club at the endure minute.

We can see that abounding gamers are allurement what time does the alteration window shut in UK and for those that are still not aware, it’s 11pm GMT on Monday February 2.

As always, EA will be befitting a abutting eye on the activity as they adapt to put the FIFA 15 transferred players into the database as anon as possible.

The developer has been actual abrupt this year, by affective players about about instantly afterwards they accept confused – we saw affirmation of this with the brand of Wilfried Bony and Samuel Eto’o, who are now no best at Swansea and Everton respectively.

The catechism is, who are you assured to see in a endure minute FIFA 15 borderline day alteration update? There’s a lot of fizz surrounding Danny Ings to Liverpool, while Manchester United admirers may not be blessed to apprehend that Januzaj may be affective to Everton on loan.

Meanwhile Chelsea FC admirers are afraid on a accessible Juan Cuadrado accord and Man City may be aggravating to defended a move for Real Madrid’s Pepe.

Either way, this is one of the a lot of agitative canicule to be a FIFA 15 player. If you are befitting an eye on the latest alteration rumors, let us apperceive your endure minute predictions and who you wish to see at your club.