QoL Month Week 1: PvM


  • Removed the question regarding increasing the attack range of the Dragon hunter crossbow.
  • Removed the question regarding the greyed out special attack bar.
  • Added a question proposing a new mini-map orb to display your special attack.
  • Reworded the question regarding certain seed drops to clarify the intention is for herb seeds to appear above less useful ones.
  • Added a question regarding Daganoth bones appearing on top of Daganoth hides.



QoL month has arrived! As we mentioned in our previous news post, we’re spending the entirety of February dedicated to Quality of Life updates. This week we kick things off with your PvM related suggestions!

For those hoping to see improvements elsewhere, fear not, for the following weeks will be dedicated to Skilling, PvP and Minigames/other.

The schedule for PvM Week is as follows:

  • In-game poll live by 31/01
  • In-game poll closes 05/02
  • Week 2 – Skilling Blog live by 05/02
  • Most* PvM Week content ready for 08/02 *(some content may be included in the following weeks)

Make sure you head over to the Old School Content Suggestions forum, or Reddit (/r/2007scape/ and /r/oldschoolrs/), to share your suggestions for Week 2 – Skilling!

Poll Questions

Poll Question
Should a peek option be added to the Lizardman Canyon, allowing you to check if there are any players currently in that area before entering?


Poll Question
Should a peek option be added to the Monkey Madness 2 tunnels, allowing you to check if there are any players currently in that area before entering?


Poll Question
Should a peek option be added to the agility shortcut near the Kalphite Queen lair entrance, allowing you to check if there are any players currently in that area before entering?


Poll Question
Should it be possible to automatically continue attacking your target after trying to use a special attack when you don’t have enough energy to do so?


Poll Question
Should there be a new orb added to the bottom-left of the minimap which displays your special attack energy level? This would be for information only, with no options to interact with it. By default, it will appear for all players, but can be disabled alongside all minimap orbs via the existing “Data orbs” option.


Poll Question
Should the rewards from Champions’ Challenge be improved by offering an XP lamp that provides 10x the standard XP normally received for each Champion slain? Players that have previously completed any of the challenges will be able to redeem the XP lamp by talking to an NPC.


Poll Question
Should herb seeds appear on top of other less useful seeds?


Poll Question
Should Dagannoth bones appear on top of Dagannoth hides?


Poll Question
Should the number of Mallignum root planks required to build storage units within the Chambers of Xeric be reduced? The Small unit would require 2 planks, Medium would require 4 planks and the Large unit would require 6 planks.


Poll Question
Should the name of the player who receives a drop from any of the bosses within the Chambers of Xeric be broadcast to the current raid party?


Poll Question
When forming a party for the Chambers of Xeric, in addition to the current information shown on the interface, should it also display players current Chambers of Xeric kill count?


Poll Question
Should a Bronze axe spawn be added to the Ice demon in the Chambers of Xeric?


Poll Question
Should the number of Rune dragons assigned as a Slayer task be increased from 15-25 to 30-60 when the “RUUUUUNE” extension perk has been unlocked?


Poll Question
Should we add XP drop indicators for those with 200m XP in stats? This will not provide any further experience, but would allow players to see how much experience they would have gained, if they were able to receive more.


Poll Question
Where there is an existing item retrieval service that requires a payment, such as Torfinn, should it be possible for the money be taken directly from your bank if you do not have it in your inventory?


Poll Question
Should Lieve be willing to upgrade your uncharged Tridents of the Seas and Swamp, giving you a new upgraded version that could hold 20k charges in total? She would charge 10 tentacles for this service. The upgraded versions would be tradeable when uncharged.


Poll Question
Should the entrance to the Grotesque Guardians be altered to be more fitting with the environment?


Poll Question
Should a kill timer be added to the Grotesque Guardians? Only future kills would be tracked if this passes.


Poll Question
Should Tokkul and Numulite drops be automatically added to your inventory whilst wearing a Ring of wealth as coins currently do?


Poll Question
Should a counter be added when burning Chewed bones on a pyre ship? This would only track new bones burnt.


Poll Question
Should the Crystal halberd deal full damage against the Corporeal beast? Currently all other halberds deal full damage.


Poll Question
Should a new right-click option be added to the Dwarf multicannon to empty any cannonballs that are currently loaded into it?


Poll Question
In order to improve the Chompy bird hunting experience, should a left-click option be added to Swamp gas bubbles, allowing players to begin filling Ogre bellows, should there be one in their inventory.


Poll Question
In order to improve the Chompy bird hunting experience, should a left-click option be added to Swamp toads, allowing players to fill them with Swamp gas from any filled Ogre bellows in their inventory?


Poll Question
Should it be possible to combine a Saradomin’s light and Staff of the dead to create the Staff of light? This staff would be visually different, but identical in stats and effects to the Staff of the dead, with the added benefit of being considered a Saradomin item. It would not be able to autocast Flames of Zamorak.


Poll Question
If the Staff of light is added to the game, should it be able to autocast Saradomin strike?


Poll Question
Should we add right-click options to the Occult altar for changing spellbooks?


Poll Question
Should the Soulbearer have a left-click option added, which puts all ensouled heads from the inventory into it?


Poll Question
Should the Pet dark core, dropped from the Corporeal beast, have a transmog option added, allowing you to turn it into a miniature version of the Corporeal beast?


Poll Question
Should it be changed so that the “Spawns” special attack Lizardman shamans use will no longer happen in quick succession?


Poll Question
Should it be changed so that the “Knockback” special attack Callisto uses will no longer happen in quick succession?


Poll Question
Should it be changed so that the “Teleport” special attack the Chaos Elemental uses will no longer happen in quick succession?


Poll Question
Should the cooldown of Vet’ion’s magic attack be increased from 10 seconds to 15?


We’ve seen a lot of interest for further changes to the Chamber of Xeric. Whilst we haven’t been able to include all of them in this week’s QoL blog, we want to make sure you are aware we have seen these requests and intend on dedicating an entire week to further balancing and tweaks just for this. As soon as we can provide more information on when this will be, we will let you know. For now, please continue to send your feedback to us via the usual channels – we are listening.

Revenant Cave Rewards

Wilderness Rejuvenation II Rewards

Now that we have a good idea of how the Wilderness Rejuvenation II poll is fairing, we’d like to address the rewards Revenant caves and gather your feedback based on the information we’ve provided.

Reviewing the results of the poll, the main content is passing favourably but it’s clear we need to revisit the rewards on offer. After reviewing your feedback over the last few days, we are aware some changes need to be made and further clarification given for the rewards we initially offered.

We want to promote a risk vs reward scenario and bring with it the adrenaline rush you get when seeing that rare drop appear on the ground. Without any unique drops, the for Revenants will be filled with supplies and alchables – great for many other NPC’s but not the most exciting of things to get the Wilderness!

We want to be open and honest with you on this one, but ultimately, it’s down to what passes the polls.

The Rewards: Reworked
A lot of people were concerned over the effectiveness of the Amulet of Peril, especially when it came to accounts built specifically for rushing. We also saw a lot of very valid comments regarding the full details of the amulet not being released, which understandably hindered their decision to vote.

The amulet when uncharged would have +5 to all Attack bonus stats and +5 to Melee Strength only. When fully charged, it would have +25 to all Attack bonus stats and +15 to Melee Strength only.


The amulet would charge based on the % of hitpoints the wearer has left, working in increments of 10. A player with 99 HP would have to be at 9 hitpoints or less to gain the maximum stat bonus the amulet.

For the amulet to gain any additional stats, you must be in combat with your primary target for a minimum of 5 game cycles, which is equivalent to 3 seconds. If you attack a new target, this timer will reset.

Currently in most PvP situations, most players tend to sit at maximum HP throughout the entire fight. This means that other than a well-timed, or rather lucky special attack, there can be little opportunity to get a good kill. The purpose of the amulet is to mix up the current meta of sitting at full HP by giving players an incentive to risk being at lower HP.

Loot Key Scroll

Many players have asked why isn’t this in the Bounty Hunter store. Whilst we can see why this would be wanted and it does give more options for PKers to spend their points on, we think them coming as a drop is a more favourable option. You can currently purchase any item of choice the Bounty Hunter store via Emblems (which can be obtained the G.E). The Loot Key Scroll would be tradeable, meaning anyone that doesn’t want to gather or buy Emblems could buy the scroll the G.E (just as you would Emblems).

We want to help diversify the Revenant by adding it as a tradeable drop, whilst also giving everyone a chance to obtain the unlock.

We’ve also seen players request the ability for Loot Keys to have the option for food and supplies to be split the key, so they can restock after each kill. If we did this then the Loot Keys would be far too strong – players are already gaining a huge benefit of not having to carry a full inventory of loot. Any player that intends to PK and gather supplies the defeated whilst doing so should simply toggle off Loot Keys.

Loot Keys are a permanent unlock once the scroll has been used, with players being able to toggle them on or off as many times as they like the Witch in Edgeville at no extra cost.

When killing a player with Loot Keys enabled, the key would be dropped in the way you’d expect normal loot to drop a kill. You will still need to run over and pick it up. Keys would have an “Inspect” option on them, this option is available while they are on the floor or in your inventory. This will tell you the value of the key. You can then decide whether or not it’s worth getting rid of one of your existing keys for one on the floor, etc.

Keys will always be lost on death and we won’t be giving players holding keys any special skulls or indicators.

PvP Armours

The PvP Armours were iconic to the original release of the Revenant caves and brought a large amount of variety to the Wilderness – we’re looking to repoll all of the armours. Although many players that used these before knew how effective they were, some have raised concerns over their strength.

First off, let’s make it clear that we intentionally kept the stats the same as they were when first introduced, as we know what impact they had. We also didn’t want to shy away the fact we offered these as they were before, which is why we didn’t change the armour names their originals.

We want to offer the PvP armours as a more exclusive PvP item but don’t want to change any of the stats. Instead we’d like to propose them as having no offensive bonuses when not attacking a player. This means that in any Player vs NPC (PvM) activity, you would only gain the defensive bonuses of the gear. The items will still degrade as usual.

Many players were concerned about people switching to the PvP armours for a single tick simply to spec or tank, in an attempt to avoid the degradation timer. We have coded the armours in a way that stops players being able to extend the duration of their armours whatsoever. The absolute maximum amount of time the armour will last is 60 minutes.

Each piece of armour lasts for 60 degradation cycles, these occur every 100 game cycles (60 seconds) when in combat. A degrade cycle is also added any time the armours are switched to during combat. Due to this degradation mechanic, the armour is going to last considerably less than 1 hour if the wearer is repeatedly switching between it and something else.

Revenant Gloves/Vambraces

We’re not looking to repoll the proposed ranged gloves/vambraces. Although they are at a higher pass percentage than the PvP armours, it was clear with the feedback received that many people feel an item like this should come another piece of content. We’ve taken the feedback on board regarding what changes could be made, but as many of them didn’t fit the theme of the Wilderness or being a drop the Revenant caves, we’ve decided to not repoll them at this moment in time.

Runescape Cheap Gold old Education Fossil Region

Eco-friendly tea’s health benefits runescape cheap gold years includes surpassed ever since the Varrock Museum attempt to take a look at a interesting landmass to your east. Bad journey just after bad journey includes kept a crew just about really people going.

Do you enable these folks as a final point arrive at Fossil Region?

Locating a Region

Curator Haig Halen demands a person’s assist to accomplish a engineering on the burst accommodate to use a Varrock museum crew in an unexplored landmass to your east. Organizations lots of endeavours to attain a region, nonetheless none of them ended up being flourishing.

The following goal has you actually venturing out through Gielinor, helping out a Varrock museum plus building a being successful of your journey the possibility.

If you ever with success enable a Curator plus her crew, you could find you virtually no some so that you can currently have ventured: Fossil Region.

Poll Concern

Will need to Fossil Region as well as Cuboid bone Journey goal often be added onto Good old Education RuneScape?

A Fossils

As being the term proposes, Fossil Region is definitely plagued by a monuments with type which will one time lived on a region.

Finding plus acquiring all these fossils allows you to barter to your website within parts of your region, plus develop a different business expansion to your Varrock Museum.

Together with the uncovering with Fossil Region, your paleontology floors has ended up added onto a Varrock Museum. A person’s assistance with acquiring plus checking fossils a region is load the following innovative vicinity.

Numerous fossils you locate all over Fossil Region might be priceless to your Varrock Museum. Just like you give the theifs to a museum you’re treated by using a small number of practical experience around Writing and also Engineering, depending on measurements of your fossil.

The experience gains to get bringing about a Varrock Museum machine based upon a person’s Crafting/Construction place and are generally one-off gains each man or women fossil.

Underneath the work surface with Fossil Island’s volcano can be found your volatile plus intense my verizon prepaid phone. Engulfed by way of coursing fields with lava, joining the following my verizon prepaid phone is actually a real task. Free up a enzymes mined from your company plus live so that you can acquire a gains.


120 Thank you


A Volcanic My verizon prepaid phone is actually a set skilling hobby which will specializes in a Exploration technique. Just like the Wintertodt, you may develop a being successful of your company by way of doing among the many exercises:

Maintaining a pass with lava.

Extracting stones a outer surface.

Strengthening a floorings.

Exploration plus adding enzymes.

The principle encourage to get involved in a Volcanic My verizon prepaid phone hobby is definitely Exploration practical experience. For an hobby that could degree of advanced level with involvement, it can give practical experience fees such as some of the best already present solutions around recreation.

Exploration LvlMax Xp /hr




In combination with practical experience you are going to collect a small amount with ores plus fossils.

Mark mau solutions is definately not attainable around the Volcanic My verizon prepaid phone.

Poll Concern

If perhaps Fossil Region is definitely added onto Good old Education, will need to them add Volcanic My verizon prepaid phone skilling hobby?

Maximum practical experience amount if involved in a Volcanic My verizon prepaid phone is eighty five, 000 Exploration practical experience each hour during place 99.

Skilling for Fossil Region

All over Fossil Region you will see a variety of programs to train right up plus decide to put a person’s capabilities to your workplace around innovative plus helpful tactics. Only a couple of will be specific listed below.

Wooden Farming

In most spots for Fossil Region the community is probably to aid a advancement with Teak plus Mahogany flowers.

In need of place 40 plus second 55 Farming respectively, Teak plus Mahogany flowers is often cultivated in just some, side-by-side hardwood nicotine patches.

Poll Concern

If perhaps Fossil Region is definitely added onto Good old Education, will need to them involve some Wooden farming nicotine patches Teak plus Mahogany flowers is often cultivated? Teak flowers would probably have to have place 40 Farming to nurture, plus Mahogany flowers would probably have to have place second 55 Farming to nurture.

Administering plus Herblore

All over Fossil Region your roaming, plant-like puppy is often followed. The following creature has a fun thing: if fertilized root seed-stock, it can raise a herbal plants on the backside.

If perhaps you can actually keep track of the following creature all the way down, you may feast them root seed-stock within your deciding upon plus keep track of them just after time frame includes surpassed so that you can reap a herbal plants.

The common Herblore wants plus practical experience as well submit an application if escalating herbal plants because of this puppy.

Poll Concern

If perhaps Fossil Region is definitely added onto Good old Education, will need to them your website roaming, plant-like creature that may be followed plus made use of for a root replacement patch?

Small rodent Dwelling Blocks

When you are your buff with Seeker, and you simply do not for instance wildlife, small rodent dwelling blocks absolutely are a goal come true.

In need of Writing plus Seeker to set-up, small rodent dwelling blocks is often affixed to Fossil Region so that you can bait around plus take wildlife. They give you the experience fees better than almost every other strategy amongst concentrations 5 plus 40 Seeker, next to quite a few manageable Writing practical experience.

Entice TypeCrafting LvlHunter Lvl

Small rodent House55

Pecan Small rodent House1514

Willow Small rodent House2524

Teak Small rodent House3534

Once you have set a person’s small rodent dwelling entice, it is important to pack them by using quite a few seed-stock so that they can bait a wildlife around.

Once you possess set a seed-stock when bait, you may walk at a distance plus make a person’s small rodent dwelling entice passively take wildlife. So that you can lay claim a person’s practical experience, return to your small rodent dwelling entice plus take a look at them.

Poll Concern

If perhaps Fossil Region is definitely added onto Good old Education, will need to them often be attainable that will put Small rodent Dwelling Blocks to the region?

Particularly Compost

A volcanic lung burning ash entirely on Fossil Region features great homes to get easily use in Farming, that will often be blended with Harralander so that they can generate a Compost Concoction. This calls for place seventeen-year-old Herblore.

Compost Potions transfer ordinary compost within supercompost, however are just that you can buy for a encourage with finalization with Backyard garden with Balance design an incentive Nightmare Zone.

If made use of close to your bucket with supercompost, volcanic lung burning ash is going to make ultracompost. Conversely, volcanic lung burning ash work extremely well close to the complete compost container including supercompost so that they can improvement them so that you can ultracompost.

Poll Concern

If perhaps Fossil Region is definitely added onto Good old Education, will need to them often be attainable to set-up Compost Potions by way of preparing Harralander by using Volcanic Lung burning ash on the region?

Poll Concern

If perhaps Fossil Region is definitely added onto Good old Education, will need to Volcanic Lung burning ash on the region often be practical for supercompost, and also compost cardboard boxes retaining supercompost, so that you can improvement them so that you can ultracompost?

Age-old Wyverns

However numerous beings which will one time lived on Fossil Region currently have extensive considering become extinct, Wyverns currently have thrived around caverns determined in the mixed geography.

All of types of Wyvern determined in just Fossil Region would probably have to have place 66 Slayer so that you can obliterate. We can exclusively often be sent to so that you can game enthusiasts who definitely have carried out a Cuboid bone Journey goal.

Poll Concern

If perhaps Fossil Region is definitely added onto Good old Education, will need to them involve several different Age-old Wyverns? All these Wyverns would probably have to have place 66 Slayer so that you can obliterate. We can exclusively often be sent to so that you can game enthusiasts who definitely have carried out a Cuboid bone Journey goal.

Age-old Wyvern Droplets

A Age-old Wyverns entirely on Fossil Region give a variety of exceptional droplets never determined altogether different around Gielinor.

Newl installed Boot footwear

Among the list of innovative, exceptional droplets a Wyverns entirely on Fossil Region is definitely Newl installed Boot footwear. They must be given place 50 Protection plus Muscle so that you can train, presenting muscle added bonus plus preventative betting better than Rune Boot footwear.

Poll Problems

If perhaps Age-old Wyverns will be increased implementingwithin Fossil Region, once they shed Newl installed Boot footwear?

A betting plus appearence with Newl installed Boot footwear can be viewed while in the included photo. [Attached Image]

Newl installed Longsword

In need of place 50 Harm plus Muscle so that you can train, a Newl installed Longsword would probably relax as being the most effective rip firearm to get game enthusiasts by using place 50 so that you can 61 harm.

Poll Problems

If perhaps Age-old Wyverns will be increased implementingwithin Fossil Region, once they shed Newl installed Longswords?

The necessities, betting plus appearence with Newl installed Longsword can be viewed while in the included photo. [Attached Image]

Age-old Wyvern Guard

A Age-old Wyvern Guard is actually a formidable, preventative plus attacking guard to get Special. The grade of preventative betting akin to all those on the costed Dragonfire Guard. It will require place 75 Protection plus place 85 Special so that you can train.

A guard on its own will not be fell by Wyverns. Preferably, an old Wyvern Visage is definitely fell but it needs to be along with a strong Elemental Guard. Attaching a Visage in an Elemental Guard necessitates place 66 Special plus place 66 Smithing.

Just as before, just like the Dragonfire Guard, a Age-old Wyvern Guard will start devoid of betting. Them needs to be costed utilizing fossils to the guard.

If set off, a guard permits outside your Wyvern-like harm and also its particular betting will be put correctly. The following harm contains a possibility that getting stuck whatever target.

Poll Concern

If perhaps Age-old Wyverns will be increased implementingwithin Fossil Region, once they shed Age-old Wyvern Visages? Game enthusiasts by using place 66 Special plus place 66 Smithing can write an old Wyvern Visage which has an Elemental Guard so that they can make an old Wyvern Guard : your guard to get mages who has very similar betting to your Dragonfire Guard. Be aware of the included photo for any 100 % betting and additional points. [Attached Image]

Less than Waters

Studying the following new-found region would not take a look at a coast : you can find a great deal that they are visited less than the top of adjacent ocean. Go on a diving and then determine just what exactly a less than waters spots within Fossil Region have to give you.

Marine Agility & Thieving

A Agility you might face underneath the ocean with Fossil Region is definitely compared with a Agility tutorials determined all over other community.

Rather then remaining for a placed lessons, you may visit ver you wish. You’ll have access to practical experience while in the technique just like you approach your enterprise marine, making use of the diverse techniques widely available.

The experience won might be ambitious, nonetheless will likely not go above and beyond alternative already present exercising solutions. Having said that, you may receive the following practical experience when participating in alternative activities in the work surface.

Thieving runs hand-in-hand by using Agility when marine. Rather then over and over again thieving precisely the same NPC and also wait just like you could previously the finish, you’ll end up caught plus looting hold dear boxes quickly.

It is important to keep away from, and also use, a currents determined everywhere. Finding mixed up inside of a present-day is going to motivate you actually at a distance, and also on the way to, you want to often be. A currents can even induce hold dear boxes to be around an array of destinations : hence you’ll want to often be on your golf ball to prevent keep track of.

The experience amount made available from marine Thieving will not be such as the earlier top rated solutions. It can offer for an joining, pleasurable different which will helps you practice either Thieving plus Agility all together.

Seaweed Farming

The ocean floors adjacent a region is definitely beautifully suited for a farming with seaweed. In need of place 5 Farming, gigantic seaweed is often cultivated marine.

Gigantic Seaweed presents not one but two coke lung burning ash if used up.

Marine Offshore fishing

Theres couple various methods so that you can striper while in the marine vicinity: working with flow netting and also following all the way down a person’s food.

Flow netting is often put in place plus kept only so that you can pick up growing striper. Just like you could expect to have, hooking striper in such a design affords you either Seeker plus Offshore fishing practical experience.

Following a person’s food with a harpoon or perhaps trident necessitates you retain right up plus obliterate a person’s food traveling. A person’s Agility can be found in invaluable if following all the way down food, when you might have to move immediately. Techniques will obviously are available invaluable.

The experience fees probable by using marine offshore fishing are usually not such as the top part already present solutions. Having said that, people offer the opportunity to practice a further technique next to Offshore fishing: Seeker and also Agility.

Be aware of the marine vicinity built SURVIVE!

Mod To the west might be building high of a marine ecosystem survive the day after tomorrow to the RuneScape Twitch Siphon!

Definitely often be become a member of by way of Mods Maz plus Bad guy every day, who’ll often be going over an array of Fossil Region problems you have got.

You should definitely tune in the day after tomorrow during 1pm BST! A marine style and design steady flow might be moving forward in the construtor Q&A coming about during 5pm BST, providing you will see the community definitely turn on.

When continually, we could pretty involved to check on just what exactly it’s important to express in regards to this site. When you’ve got reviews, you should definitely tell us!

Easter Miniquest & Guthixian Butterflies cheap rs gold

Take pleasure in several seasons adventuring and also XP benefits this kind of few days. Keep reading!
Easter Miniquest
How to begin

Talk with the particular Easter Bunny inside Burthorpe

Probably none

It’s in which time of the year once more – the particular Easter Bunny’s inside one thing of your situation and also wants assistance from a great enterprising adventurer.

Talk with your pet inside Burthorpe to learn what’s upwards, also to make several lore-some returns.
Guthixian Butterflies

Yet again, the particular air’s abuzz together with everyone’s preferred XP-with-wings. Get around 20 butterflies each day to be able to make XP inside the least expensive talent in which you’re eligible to understand, each and every delivering an individual a single stage closer to XP stability.
Take pleasure in!

Use a really wonderful getaway, ‘Scapers. Notice an individual in-game!

The particular RuneScape Staff
Inside Some other Media

Mod Shauny’s unbelievable Video game Jam venture : the particular much-improved Powerful Pub : is currently stay! Total information come in the particular spot records, in addition to more details of today’s up-date.

The particular highly-anticipated RuneScape documented “15 Decades regarding Adventure” premiered yesterday evening about Twitch, and you may today observe 15 decades regarding RuneScape historical past go on Facebook. Develop you love that : make sure you discuss that about to be able to scapers outdated and also fresh and also abandon us all the comments while using the Twitting hashtag ‘#15YearsofAdventure’!
Stay Avenues this kind of Few days

Weekly we all stay supply Q&As, in-game activities plus more. Observe our own avenues and discover the full buffering plan above about our own Twitch route.

Verify our own Facebook route, also, regarding all of our earlier avenues, which includes almost all our own Spot Records video tutorials, and also Dev Diaries.
PvM together with Mod Lee | Saturday Apr 16th | 20: 00 Video game Moment

Get the each week serving regarding PvM many advantages together with Mod Lee – will not overlook that!

Runescape The Tale Of Muspah

Experienced adventurers are acquainted with the Fremennik ceremony of passage, and therefore the difficulties it presents. It’s very little marvel, then, that Fremennik kids area unit continuously on the lookout for a better path to adulthood, and Erjolf is not any exception.

Join him in his look for a trophy, unravel the puzzling story of a curious stiff, and see dark secrets of 1 of the foremost dire races to ever walk Gielinor.

Speak to Erjolf close to the cave entrance up a covered mountain path northeast of Rellekka (just west of the Kyatt searching ground). He can tell you concerning his adventures inside the cave and not having the ability to seek out something. after you assure him that this may be our secret and supply to travel look within, he can become agitated and give you the prospect to check what he has discovered.

After getting into the cave he can raise you to leap across a stream to achieve him. Jump across by stepping on the flat rock. Once you’ve got jumped over follow him into another cave entrance.

Once within the cave, he can lead you to a block of ice within the middle of the stream. He claims to own noticed some high  armor inside the ice before it fully froze over. supply to assist him pass his Fremmenik Trials and raise him however you must move melting the ice. Erjolf can then justify the traditional methodology of making fires with boats, he can show you ways to craft a raft victimization wood. once his example fails because of the electricity round the stream, he can raise you to dam the four streams to permit the rafts to achieve the block of ice.

Pick up fourteen items of wood from the piles of wood to the west of Erjolf, then flip them into hearth rafts victimization your Knife. Head to the western and jap streams and block them victimization your Spade (click on the ice mounds). Leave the southern stream clear. you’ll skip the streams by victimization the flat rocks.

Head over to the northern facet of the block of ice and launch three hearth rafts towards the northern fringe of the ice, one towards the left, one within the center and one to the proper. This facet of the block of ice can soften. Still on the northern facet, stand one step west of a line of rocks to the east of the block of ice. Now, launch five hearth rafts which can cause the jap fringe of the ice to soften. To soften the western facet, unblock the jap stream and block the southern stream. Head over to the western facet and launch three hearth rafts to soften the ice, one towards the left, one within the center and one to the proper. Unblock the western stream and block the jap stream. Head over to the southeastern patch of land and unleash four hearth rafts to soften the southern facet of ice.

Speak to Erjolf once more to seek out out what’s hidden within the ice. He can recommend that you just keep in mind what the monster inside the ice appears like and to explain its appearance to the Trollweiss Natural student.

Head back through the cave and build your means north to the Trollweiss searching grounds. Ascend the steps to north and speak to the Natural student within the northeastern corner. speak him a few legendary creature and raise him if he may assist you verify what creature you saw. He can raise you to explain the appearance of the monster you’ve got seen.

Make your thanks to the river’s bank to the east of the Desert Mining camp north of Pollnivneach. There, you may encounter a pile of sand. begin excavation the sand to uncover a sculpture. once a brief quantity of excavation Ali the Wise can seem. Speak to him once more and he can teach you a spell which will enable you to soften the ice. This spell needs four Cosmic runes, four Water runes, four Sapphires, and a Knife to bore the Sapphires into the ice.

Head back to the block of ice in Muspah cave. you may notice a bateau bridge resulting in the creature in ice. Cross the bridge and bore the Sapphires into the ice. currently click the block of ice once more to solid the spell to free the creature. Erjolf can come back running across solely to be afraid off by Muspah World Health Organization is alive. Muspah is ready to talk and doesn’t perceive wherever he’s and World Health Organization he’s. once he remembers he speedily transforms into Jhallan and threatens you. supply to assist him out and you may discover the secrets behind the Mahjarrat and their sacrifices. He can raise you to assist him realize an appropriate location for his ritual. On prime of this he also will raise you to assist him return into his hibernation. For this you may got to use an equivalent things you wont to free him. Before you permit, devour the four Sapphires from the bottom.

Unblock all the streams and leave the cave. raise Erjolf concerning a way to reach the ritual website. He can justify that you just would like a canoe which he can meet you at the western a part of the Trollweiss searching grounds, on the border between the plain and therefore the snowy lands. ask him once more and he can tell you to craft a canoe out of the near  fallen log. Use your Hatchet on the log to form a canoe and board it to achieve the ritual website.

Once you’ve got reached the new ritual website, enter the cavern to the east. within the cave, travel south and speak to Jhallan World Health Organization can raise you to seek out his new hibernation spot. build your means through the dungeon to the southwestern corner of the cave and raise him if the place is appropriate. He can then raise you to perform the spell once more. Use the Sapphires on him to start out inserting them around him. Speak to him once more and you may kindle a trophy for Erjolf, since Erjolf can most likely come back longing for him once more till he gets his trophy. Jhallan can provide you with a Muspah tail to allow to Erjolf. After that, you may mechanically enchant the Sapphires to finish the hibernation.

Exit the cave and travel back to Erjolf victimization the canoe. Speak with him to say your reward.

Runescape Spotlighted Minigames To Win More Reward

Runescape minigame spotlight system is available for all of you rs players to make more rewarding. Once you play any of the 14 minigames they listed, you can earn thalers, the spotlight system’s currency. We will tell you how to start the new ones.

You can claim 1 thaler per 5 minutes simply by playing any of the games listed. Playing the spotlighted minigame earns you 1 thaler every minute. You will still receive any currency or other rewards usually awarded by the minigame.

The spotlighted minigame changes every three days, at 00:00UTC. Keep track of this using the in-game clock, which can be activated via the Interface Settings.

Then spend them on selected rewards from any of the games included in the system, as well as limited runs of selected Treasure Hunter items.Every three days, a minigame will be spotlighted, yielding thalers five times faster than it would normally.

Outside each minigame covered by the system is a podium, and on the spotlighted minigame’s podium you’ll find Stanley Limelight-the Spotlight host.

You can find out which minigame is currently under the spotlight and access the thaler reward store from any podium.Opening the store will reveal selected rewards from all minigames included in the Spotlight system, armour sets, skilling outfits and more.

There’ll also be a selection of rewards normally only found on Treasure Hunter. These will be limited in availability, so get them while you can.

Get yourself stuck in the Runescape minigame spotlight system, and win more rewards when you can. Good luck.

Complete Your Bar Crawl In Runescape

You must complete the bar crawl before you’ll end the Scorpion Catcher quest, Horror From The Deep quest, or use the Barbarian Outpost lightness course.

Talk to the Barbarian Guard at the Barbarian Outpost. He can offer you a politician Alfred the Great Grimhand Bar Crawl card. There ar ten bars you want to visit to finish this half.

The bars – the subsequent order is recommended if you’re walking. See this instructed list if you’ve got all of town Teleports obtainable.

Bar: Blurberry’s Bar
Location: Grand Tree, upstairs and to the East. Talk to Blurberry.
Drink Name: Fire Toad Blast
Price: 10 gp

Bar: Forester’s Arms
Location: Seer’s Village, northwestern corner below coal cart area
Drink Name: Liverbane
Price: 18 gp

Bar: Flying Horse Inn
Location: East Ardougne, northwestern corner in the same building as the start of Temple of Ikov quest
Drink Name: Heart Stopper
Price: 8 gp
Note: This drink hurts you for around 15 hits.

Bar: Dragon Inn
Location: Yanille, southwestern corner
Drink Name: Fire Brandy
Price: 12 gp

Bar: Dead Man’s Chest
Location: Brimhaven, southeastern corner by the Jewelry Merchant
Drink Name: Old Supergrog
Price: 15 gp
Note: 30gp needed for the boat to the island

Bar: Karamja Spirits Bar
Location: Karamja Island, southeast corner – closest to East dock
Drink Name: Ape Bite Liquor
Price: 7 gp

Bar: Rusty Anchor Inn
Location: Port Sarim, in the northeast corner north of the Entrana dock area
Drink Name: Black Skull Ale
Price: 8 gp
Note: 30gp for the boat to Port Sarim

Bar: Jolly Boar Inn
Location: Varrock, in the northeastern corner by the Lumber Mill
Drink Name: Olde Suspiciouse
Price: 10 gp

Bar: Blue Moon Inn
Location: Varrock, in the southern side by the Sword Shop
Drink Name: Uncle Humphrey’s Gutrot
Price: 50 gp

Bar: Rising Sun Inn
Location: Falador, in the west side west of the bank
Drink Name: Hand of Death Cocktail
Price: 70 gp

If you are teleporting, then this path is recommended. Using the Home Teleport lodestones in place of each teleport is also a quick travel option if you have them unlocked.

Varrock Teleport/Lodestone
Blue Moon Inn
Jolly Boar Inn
Falador Teleport/Lodestone
Rising Sun Inn
Port Sarim Lodstone/Explorer’s ring teleport
Rusty Anchor Inn
Karamja Lodestone/Ship Charter to Brimhaven
Dead Man’s Chest
Amulet of Glory teleport/Boat to Karamja (30gp)
Karamja Spirits Bar
Yanille Lodestone/Watchtower Teleport
Dragon Inn
Ardougne Teleport/Ardougne Lodestone
Flying Horse Inn
Blurberry’s Bar (if you have completed Tree Gnome Village quest, use the Gnome Spirit Tree located at the Khazard battlefield).
Seers’ Village Lodestone/Camelot Teleport
Forester’s Arms

Go Into The Chaos Tunnels in Runescape

The Chaos Tunnels really are a large dungeon network situated in low-level Backwoods, north of Edgeville. It’s inside a people-only region. It doesn’t require any quests to become utilized.

Gamers can go into the tunnels by climbing lower any kind of five different rifts and gamers must have caution due to player murders, especially in the rift nearest to Bork. The Chaos Tunnels are extremely harmful and gamers ought to be well-prepared before going in to the dungeon. The tunnels really are a wonderful place for training Summoning with monsters shedding a lot of charms.

The tunnels comprise a huge quantity of tunnels, each that contains a minumum of one kind of monster. You can check out the different chambers by utilizing sites which are in every room. Often a portal goes to another chamber. However, the sites are “stained with dark miracle” by Surok Magis and don’t always work properly.

Dwarf multicannons can’t be used within the tunnels. Attempting to connect to the area with cannon parts inside your inventory results into chatbox message “The cannon is simply too heavy to consider it lower there – you will need to let it rest behind.”

Gamers with level 70 Dungeoneering can go into the Chaos Tunnels resource dungeon in the Black demon collapse the Chaos Tunnels.

Gear and Equipment:

The very best Dragonhie armour available to be able to safeguard against miracle attacks by Zamorak Mages and Infernal Mages.

Prayer armour as greater level gamers will rarely be hurt through the weak monsters that occupy each room.

Antipoison for that Poison Bots you might incountere while passing their chamber or maybe they get illinformed there.

Anti- dragon or Dragonfire shield to safeguard yourself in the Eco-friendly and Bronze dragons.

A Nose and mouth mask, Masked earmuffs, or Slayer helmet is definitely needed to slay Dust demons, simply because they drain all stats Quickly. Dust demons aren’t aggressive so these products aren’t needed if perhaps passing through their chamber.

Teleport spells, products, or lodestones.

Bandos Spirits Rise Across In RS World Event

World Event 2 has ended and Bandos is dead, but he wasn’t the only person to get rid of his existence within the Great Fight. Many Aviansies, Ogres, Orks Goblins and Humans also died. Their spirits have risen and Dying demands the adventurer’s assistance in assisting to gather their souls. The spirits will rise across the old caravan routes in the World Event.

The souls might be collected by combat or non-combat gamers . Combat Oriented gamers may use combat to defeat them in fight. Skillers could use divination to calm them. Upon either beating them or soothing them, they’ll revert to some pile of ectoplasm, that the player either can restore to Dying. Dying provides you with exp inside your cheapest abilities.


Exp either in Combat Abilities or Divination. In addition to a small amount inside your cheapest abilities.

New Divination Clothes based on the clothes from the Armadylean and Bandosian Mind Diviners throughout World Event 2. These clothes will give an added bonus to the amount of Overflowing Reminiscences collected while training divination. The clothes can also be available publish event as rare finds while Divining.

Lore Book detailing Godless, Bandosian, and/or Armadylean lore. Might be by means of reminiscences such as the Tribute to Guthix or perhaps an actual written book.

New Divination Animation associated with event

The wedding is intended to be a recurring event. Therefore the Ghosts will return every Halloween such as the Tribute to Guthix Seeing stars.

Vote in Runelabs if you support him.

RS Players Suggestions For Expanding Use Of Posion

In occasions immemorial (quite simply, a couple of years ago), Runescape weapon poison would be a valued boon given a choose quantity of weapons. Couple of adventurers’ arsenals were complete with no infamous DDS.

Using the discharge of the Evolution of Combat, however, poison was converted into a generic damage-with time effect which performed alongside any kind of attack, including warhammers and occultish flame. While its me is largely exactly the same, as in comparison towards the wild number of today’s capabilities and facing bosses who are nearly always immune anyway, our old p poison is becoming rather lacklustre.

Now, I am not likely to claim that we return to permitting just the stabbier weapons to become poisoned: that will ruin the homogeneity among weaponry that was among the primary enhancements triggered using the EoC. Rather, I’d prefer to propose a larger choice of harmful toxins, which may be selected among to suit the user’s playstyle, and provide a range more similar to modern combat capabilities.

Including three primary kinds of poison, which grow in potency across four tiers. You will find also numerous unique harmful toxins, that are scattered one of the tiers. Furthermore, I’ll be handling the effectiveness of antipoisons with regards to different talents of poisons and making the elements for that greater-levelled harmful toxins more available.

Careful analysis make four tiers of normal poison wasn’t any accident: ps3 slim match our existing four tiers of antipoison products. Presently, the easiest cure of marrentil and unicorn horn can immunise from the most lethal of mixtures, if perhaps for a short period. I plan to fix this.

I would recommend that antipoisons be only fully effective against poisons of equal tier. Thus, a tier 2 superantipoison would only safeguard fully against Easy and Potent harmful toxins, offering partial defense against more powerful brews. In this scenario, the contaminant under consideration could be reduced to the potency of the main difference of tiers: a tier 2 cure would cut back a tier 4 contaminant to the potency of its tier 2 counterpart.

Because the greater tiers of antipoisons will be remotely helpful to keep individuals from dying a sluggish and agonising dying, it might therefore seem sensible to exchange their secondary elements with some thing accessible than high-levelled tree roots.

The Antipoison Totem will behave like a bottomless vial from the greatest cure the consumer could make themselves. Thus, at 79 Herblore, it’ll provide full immunity as presently, but at just the 60 needed to wield it, mere tier 2 protection could be provided. Similarly, the Lunar cure spells and also the Prayer Book would knock-off as numerous tiers as could be removed with a swig of the greatest cure the consumer can brew, per cast or per benediction, with a few quantity of cooldown.

Like felling trees having a spanish mackerel, it can’t be achieved. Maintaining a swirling aura of toxic dying regarding your individual is just as precarious because it sounds: maintaining two is effectively unthinkable. Getting two poisons going concurrently (even when the first is contained on the spear) would almost almost always upset the total amount of both, seriously poisoning the consumer rather than their sufferers.

If a person should desire to switch poisons without awaiting the first one to put on off, however, there’s a Metabolic rate capability to obvious it early. This ability can’t be used at the time of combat, however, as well as with great haste, just one target can’t be stricken with multiple harmful toxins.

Runescape God Wars Dungeon

It has been 8 years since the Runescape God Wars Dungeon  be launched and together with it the Godswords. 8 years since a brand new, higher level, 2h sword was introduced into RS. Now I am not complaining the updates to the arsenals we have had, lovely as they’ve been, however think it’s finally here we are at a more recent, better, 2h Sword or RS Gold.

First I believe you should explain the Very pick/hatchet got something very as soon as it had been launched for the reason that it needed us to possess dragon picks/hatchets to upgrade with, thus maintaining the need for dragon tools. Personally i think using this same approach to the Godswords themselves could maintain as well as improve their value in game, once more refreshing that old weapons.


Let us upgrade the Godswords to level 85 2h swords using are great deal of a stackable item much like Harmonic Dust (let us refer to it as God-dust for insufficient a much better title) which may be dropped in the Godwars Dungeon Hardmode Bosses.

Now there are a few things to consider in this update.

First: what should be tradeable?
Considering that the original Godswords should be maintained as tradeable, this question leads to 3 options I think.

1: The new t85 swords and the dust should be untradeable
2: The new t85 swords should be untreadeable but the dust should be tradeable.
3: Both the new t85 swords and the dust should be tradeable.

All options have negatives and positives.

Second: how much dust?
Personally I think the answer to this question relies on the first consideration. What the exact number should be though I’m not sure.

Third: Should the new t85 weapons maintain their specs?
My opinion is yes.

How about you? like Cheap RS Gold?
Fourth: Should they degrade and how? & if they do, should they be repairable?
This also leads to a few options.