Archeagegold4u Soar The Sky With New Skywhisper Glider

The Enhanced Skywhisper Glider is now available! This special glider can accommodate a custom crest stamp on its wings. We’ve provided the UCC archeage gold template here.

New Marketplace Items

Skywhisper Archeum Supply Crate – Has a rare chance to contain the Enhanced Skywhisper Glider. Available for 490 Credits.
Important: The Enhanced Skywhisper Glider is untradeable.
Important: The Enhanced Skywhisper Glider has already been upgraded once through the glider upgrade system.
Glider Wingmaker Scroll – Reverts a wingclipped glider back to an enhanced glider so it can be upgraded again. Can be crafted and also available for 800 Credits.
Reinforced Tail – Upgrades the tail of your submarine. Can be crafted and also available for 800 Credits.
Mining Drill – Can be placed and used to mine for a significant amount of stone and ore. Can be purchased for vocation badges in-game or from the Marketplace for 300 Credits.

New Award Items

Enhanced Skywhisper Glider – This special glider buy archeage gold can accommodate a custom crest stamp on its wings. Available for 450 Loyalty Tokens.

Items removed from the Marketplace

Soulmare Archeum Supply Crate

Differ Archeage Races And Factions

ArcheAge is home to four major races: religious Nuians and close Elves share the western continent, whereas the unsettled Firran and crafty Harani inhabit lands to the east. Loose ties connect the neighboring races, however allegiances area unit fluid, forever cheap archeage gold sophisticated by the whims of pirate factions sailing, trading, and pillage at can.

Called the Conquerors of the Continent, Nuians possess a deeply religious culture that revolves around Nui, the deity of the Hereafter. They revere the sweetness and harmony of their fallen kingdom and fight intrepidly to keep up the traditions that brought them to power.

Nuians receive additional edges for visiting the Hereafter, doubling the time their stats area unit increased  once being resurrected.

Nuians relish reduced construction time for homes and castles, a bequest of the destruction caused by their rebellions and civil wars.

Elves withdraw themselves deep within the forest, avoiding alternative races the maximum amount as doable. although envied for his or her beauty, their behavior is taken into account incomprehensible: hoping for AN honorable death, they hunt down danger notwithstanding the chances.

Conditioning for the trials and strains of combat has given Elves the flexibility to carry their breath underwater for extended periods.
Spending decades close to Gweonid Lake makes most Elves gifted swimmers with increased  speed.

The restless, unsettled Firran range the wilds, oil-fired by dreams of reclaiming their former glory. They believe each life – notwithstanding however tiny – isn’t solely valuable, however plays a essential role within the nature. All Firran attempt to search out their purpose and play their half.

Firran will use their fast reflexes and powerful bodies to decrease fall injury.Long, non-retractable claws enable Firran to climb trees and ladders quicker.

Harani area unit survivors within the truest sense, capable of utmost and heroic acts serving the interests (and preservation) of their folks. Practical, cunning, and family-minded, it’s no surprise the strength of their new kingdom rivals the strength of the dominion they lost.

The Harani have down the utilization of portals to travel across their far-flung empire, reducing the solid time and cooldown of their Recall ability.

Settling the jungles of Mahadevi instructed archeage gold sale the Harani to be economical laborers, reducing the time they need for work and gathering.

ArcheAge New Summer Swimwear

The Marketplace has been updated and it is time for some fun in the sun!

The new Fun in the Sun Giftbox contains  archeage gold several changes to its contents when compared to the Wavewyrm Treasure Chest that it replaces:

Shatigon’s Sand (5) has replaced Flaming Pinions (10).
Superior Red Regrade Charm has been added to the drop table.
Restoration Alembic has been added to the drop table.
Ship Component Regrade Scroll has been added to the drop table.
Companion Crust (2) has been removed from the drop table.
Weapon Regrade Scroll drop rate has been increased.
Red Regrade Charm drop rate has been increased.
Green Regrade Charm drop rate has been decreased.
Fusion Alembic (5) drop rate has been decreased.

New Marketplace Items

Fun in the Sun Giftbox – Has a rare chance to contain the Beach Racer’s Swimwear or Summer Racer’s Swimwear. Available for 420 Credits.

Important: Beach Racer’s Swimwear and Summer Racer’s Swimwear are untradable.
Important: Beach Racer’s Swimwear and Summer Racer’s Swimwear both have alternative appearances that can be toggled via the using the character display settings icon next to the wardrobe slot in your character info.
Important: The tooltip for this item has an error and currently states that it contains Archeum. This Giftbox does NOT contain Archeum and the tooltip error will be corrected in the future.

Leopard Tattoo Swimgear – Leopard print swim trunks on males and a leopard print bikini on females. The tattoo that appears when donning this costume can be customized via a custom crest. Available for 1,500 Credits.

Cow Plushie Pet – A new bovine plushie pet is ready to accompany you on your travels in Erenor. Some say he is a bit stinky, but we think they are just being moo-dy. Available for 1,500 Credits.

Pacifier – A pacifier plushie accessory that can only be worn by plushie pets. Available for 500 Credits.

Cowbell – A cowbell necklace plushie accessory that can only be worn by plushie pets. Available for 500 Credits.

June Labor Bundle – Contains 5 Worker’s Compensation and 5 Bound Worker’s Compensation: 500.
Important: Limited to one per account.

Female Swimwear – An assortment of designs and prints for females only. Available for 800 Credits.
Naval Dots Swimwear
Bubblegum Swimset
Tropical Swimset
Lilypad Swimset
Panther’s Growl Swimset

Male Swimwear – An assortment of designs and prints for males only. Available for 800 Credits.
Leopard’s Roar Swimset
Summer Breeze Ensemble

Crest Sun Lounger – A beach chair for your beachside vacation home. Available for 1,200 Credits.

Crest Reclined Sun Lounger – A beach cheap archeage gold chair for your beachside vacation home. Available for 1,200 Credits.

Removed Marketplace Items

Wavewyrm Treasure Chest
Coral Wavewyrm Costume
May Labor Bundle

ArcheAge Brief Combat Guide

The below step is that the introduction to the key component of the sport – combat. it’s getting to be with you, throughout the bulk of the buy archeage gold sport therefore, it’s best to be told its mechanics beforehand and learn the way to browse the interface’s readings properly.

1 – the ability bar of your character. you’ll be able to decide for yourself, what it ought to appear as if. the choices within the game guarantee a lot of freedom. On the bar, you’ll be able to see the attacks and spells that area unit out there at the instant, or however long you wish to attend, before they’re going to be able to use once more. the talents that area unit highlighted, and within the orange frame, will be employed in a given moment to launch a mixture. a lot of concerning this, during a moment.

2 – aim standing bar. Informs you what your aim, at the instant, is (e.g. healing). You learn here, concerning the name and range of health points and also the quantity of mana, of the chosen ally or enemy.

3 – buff and debuff bar. You learn here that buffs your target is presently exploitation, or what debuffs area unit active on him.

4 – target attack bar. Informs you WHO is your target’s current target.

5 – character standing bar. Displays your nickname, the quantity of health points, mana, active buffs and debuffs.

6 – party standing bar. similar to on top of, however the knowledge issues the members of your party.

7 – system info. you’ll be able to change it the maximum amount as you wish. they will show system messages, chat, non-public messages, international messages, info on harm, buffs, debuffs.

8 – current location map. you’ll be able to see there the members of your party, however additionally necessary places, necessary NPCs or the route towards the search that you simply area unit finishing right away. Right on top of, there’s a clock that displays the present in-game time and also the time of the day.

Proper use of the out there skills is that the key to success, throughout a battle. mixtures area unit further effects caused by the chosen attacks or spells, once they’re employed in a given order. most typically, they boil right down to dealing further harm, or extending buffs and debuffs. a good majority of them occur as a results of relationships, between skills of assorted skillsets, that makes a number of the skillset mixtures obligatory by the sport mechanics. the opposite ones, on the opposite hand, area unit seldom used. every of the initiating skills, or one that starts a mixture, typically has an extra paragraph within the description, that informs you of that. mixtures may additionally  occur as a results of combining 2 characters – as long as they’re assaultive constant target.

More archeage golds:

ArcheAge Healing


Here let’s discuss what it’s likely to decide to try get equalized up and what you need to be concentrating on. My plan finish-game will be a Cleric (Vitalism, Songcraft, Auramancy) for pve content. It provides lots of healing output but it’s fairly mana intensive for the way you listen to it. However really battled to level with this particular build. So I recommend to anybody who would like to level in a fairly decent pace to maybe choose an offensive tree only for progressing, then switch it at 50. I will level like a Hierophant (Vit, Witch, Auramancy) because I’ll be group questing and that i want individuals two trees to become at 50 as quickly as possible in order to obtain the cooldowns they offer. Progressing by having an offensive tree is going to be much much better over time if you wish to maximize rapidly.


Let’s focus on the apparatus you will have to be looking for. This really all is dependent on which for you to do in the overall game, and just what type of play you’ve. For raw healing output cloth gear will probably be good for you. If you’d like to become a little tankier for pvp possibly, leather and plate don’t provide the same passive bonuses as cloth, but you’ll cash greater protection. So it’s really your decision, but you’ll get the most from putting on cloth gear. For weapons, again it is dependent around the playstyle, if you wish to be a little tankier, a shield and club is going to be what you would like. However, if you would like raw healing energy, you’ll wish to be utilizing a greatclub. Two-handers possess a 5% bonus to healing, but they’re a lot more hard to obtain. Let’s focus on the stats around the gear, you ought to be striving to obtain spirit>intelligence>stamina. At lower levels, spirit will not be providing you with a considerable bonus to healing energy though. So, I recommend until you are receiving nearer to 300 healing energy, that will mostly originate from your weapon, just turn to get intelligence in your gear. Never be worried should you aren’t getting much spirit in early stages. The mana pool is what you certainly wish to be worried about. I’ll go much more thorough about which specific gear you’ll be crafting at another time after i learn a little more.


This is actually the cleric build I’ll be using for PvE content. I seem like I’ve got a large amount of raw healing potential and efficient heals in addition to cooldowns and cc breaks.


Antithesis- This really is absolutely your bread and butter heal. The cooldown is annoying but fairly short so it’s almost spammable. Quite strong when utilized on a target which has Revival.

Mirror Light- It’s a purge! You are able to remove nasty debuffs out of your buddies or yourself with this particular. Additionally, it offers an awesome healing aficionado for the tank. I would recommend keeping it in your tank whatsoever occasions. Next, it’s a snare for opponents if it ought to be.

Revival- Not really a quite strong HoT alone however it combinations excellent together with your other heals and you may blanket your group to hide common damage.

Mend- Really strong heal, really lengthy cooldown, really costly heal. This can be a mostly inefficient heal to become using, but when you are able to cope with our prime mana cost, it’s very great for healing your group in dungeons when heavy damage appears to become everywhere. Very little AoE heals apart from that one.

Renewal- In the beginning, I hated this heal since it is only an opportunity to proc, also it does not have a healing energy modifier. However I learned to like it for single target healing. I run Renewal, Revival, and Mirror Light around the tank whatsoever occasions also it usually keeps him capped up. Otherwise, just sprinkle some combo’d Antithesis.

Fervent Healing- I figured this heal would play a significantly bigger role within the healing rotation, but it’s really much more of a stress button in order to save a minimal target. Really strong, however it will get costly if all 5 casts are utilized. The cooldown is actually where this skill manages to lose its attract me.

Rhythmic Renewal- Pretty costly for this kind of awful heal. Not buffed by healing energy, however it stays lower for a whole minute.

Ode to Recovery- Really Irrrve never make use of this in combat, it features a inclination to pop your quick recovery passive, so it should be an insect. For the time being avoid utilizing it in combat.


Aranzeb’s Boon- Spirit and Intelligence aficionado, couldn’t be much better.

Hummingbird Ditty- I’d an additional point and also the cast time reduction is really pretty at the top of this skill.

Bulwark Ballad- I think about this a aficionado, but pretty much, you need to funnel this ability. It grants or loans lots of physical and miracle defense for your group. I love utilizing it among healing. Mana intensive.


Alarm Call- It is just like an organization wide purge and immunity for stuns and sleep, really awesome ability

Conversion Shield- Another stress button, it converts miracle damage taken into health that is nice, but additionally removes the cast from Antithesis. Great for convenient healing on the go. I believe you will get two or three instant cast Antithesis off based on for those who have Inspiration to lessen the compact disc.

Meditate- Nearly impossible to find off throughout combat, but may you will need to. It returns a great deal of mana, use it whenever your group is full health insurance and you realize there’s no danger of dying within the next 5-6 seconds.

Protective Wings- Really amazing group cooldown. You need to funnel it which isn’t a large deal, however it enables you to and everybody within 5m Safe from miracle damage. I’ve done lots of healing in Archeage and also the toughest time I have keeping a fish tank up, is thru miracle damage. You’ll love by using this cooldown.


They are mostly self explanatory.