FIFA 15 1.05 Update for Xbox, PC and PSP

The new 1.05 amend of FIFA 15 brings New York City FC and Orlando City teams in “Rest of the World” league. The new application came with some fixes for the issues that afflicted abounding players but has improvements, as well. The developers bigger the functionality amid the Compare Amount and Alteration Bazaar in FIFA Ultimate Team.

The FIFA 15 amend 1.05 has a 200MB on PC, 50MB on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, 250MB on Xbox One and a bit over 328MB on PlayStation 4.

The new amend accustomed in the night of March 9, 2015 and beneath we’re traveling to account some of the things that this application has appear with:

– Added MLS amplification teams New York City FC and Orlando City to the “Rest of the World” league, for Online Matches and Kick off

– Fixed a adherence affair that was begin if requesting a barter in Amateur Career

– Fixed a bug area some players were not able to alleviate some cossack packs for the Virtual Pro

– The names of scouted players in Career Mode reflect added of the country they appear from

– Bigger adherence in Friendly Seasons in Fifa Ultimate Team Seasons

– Bigger the Compare Amount functionality in Fifa Ultimate Team if comparing prices for consumables.

At the aforementioned time EA Sports aswell appear that new appearance will cycle out in Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT) and they will add a amount ambit to the Alteration Bazaar in FUT. This new affection will accredit a Amount Ambit to be abode for the items from FUT which includes: club items and consumables, players, in-form.

The Amount ranges affection accession will aswell appear to PC, Xbox and PlayStation. If an account is listed now on the Alteration Market, the amend will appearance the amount ambit at which the account can be sold. The prices are abiding by FIFA Team based on assay of accomplished Alteration Bazaar prices.

With added words, players will no best be able to accomplish any accessible bid transfer. In adjustment to put an “item” in the Alteration Market, they will charge to set a buy it now amount in the amount range. At the aforementioned time, all the new “in-form” FUT players’ items will accept a amount ambit afterwards the release.

According to EA Sports the abiding allowances of this new change will absolutely accomplish FUT added fair and fun for every player. However, it is acceptable to apperceive that players will not be able to admission alteration bazaar from web or from any accompaniment applications.

Fans affronted about the FUT changes

The new Amount Ranges affection that EA Games brought to FUT fabricated a lot of admirers angry. The cheep is abounding of FUT players who accept bidding their acrimony with #RIPFUT. One of the admirers said that EA Games accept destroyed FIFA for all the admirers and that abounding FUT players will leave the bold afterwards this change. Another one said that EA Games has bootless to stop the bread affairs and now they’ve aswell broke the bold even more.

It seems that EA Games fabricated a lot of FUT admirers affronted and we will acquisition out anon if bringing Amount Ranges was a acceptable affection to be added to this bold or not.The fifa 15 coins buy on fifacoinvip.

FIFA 15 Squad Builder

EA Sports accept appear their latest tutorial video for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins and this one focuses on the art of penalties.

Scoring from the 12 backyard atom sounds simple but as we’ve all apparent both in absolute activity and in the bold that it can generally be far trickier than it seems.

In adjustment to advice you out EA accept appear a abbreviate video talking you through the basics, assorted methods of demography penalties and how to in fact save it yourself.

First things first, you should consistently accomplish abiding you’re acrimonious the best man for the job, which you can analysis by acute RT/R2 afore the amends is taken and accomplish abiding the amateur demography it has a top amends demography attribute.

FIFA 15 Squad Builder – Serie A Pace XI

Then columnist the shoot button anon afore the brand hits the blooming breadth in adjustment to acquiesce for acknowledgment time, aim whilst you’re powering up the attempt and bethink that the airy aiming brand will move faster as your aim gets afterpiece appear the ambition frame.

They advance that the best way to yield a amends is to aim hardly aloft the babysitter and hit the brawl harder although if you anticipate your adversary is traveling to do this to you afresh just columnist up on the appropriate stick.

Penalties can often deny careers for players and they are a crucial skill.
Penalties can generally abjure careers for players and they are a acute skill.

The dribble amends can be advantageous if you are aggravating to anima your adversary out and can be performed by columnist shoot afresh during the countdown of your penalty, but be acquainted the aiming brand will become bigger and will move quicker afterwards accomplishing this so be affable with your aiming.

The dent can be performed by acute LB/L1 during the countdown and whilst it is useful, should the babysitter dive, it will absolute you to aim in just the average third of the goal.

When you are aggravating to save a amends you should use the appropriate stick to dive and you can either try to assumption which way your adversary is traveling or acknowledge already the brawl has been kicked although this closing adjustment is abundant harder.

There are aswell a array of apperception amateur you can play with your opponents afore they yield the amends by acute assorted buttons.

These cover acute shoot to point to an breadth of the goal, acute canyon to act fluctuant at the knees, columnist through brawl to beachcomber your accoutrements and columnist cantankerous to accomplish a matador affectation and of advance bethink with penalties that convenance makes perfect!

FIFA 15 February Transfer

We should say that the speed of EA transfer is highly improved. FIFA 15 February transfer is there. Yesterday we seemed to cover the possibility for the transfers of Juan Cuadrado, the big move over to Chelsea. Now you can see in the Transfer Window, there is a completely update to the FUT 15 players.

This is the fifth batch of winter transfer. Colombian star Juan Cuadrado was undoubtedly the biggest transfer of the window and now we await the update of additional FIFA 15 FUT transferred players.

We are highly impressed with EA’s speed in which they are operating with the transfers this year, with FIFA 14, we remember having to wait a considerable amount of time after the transfer window had shut before we saw the players at their new clubs. Now, they have acted almost instantly.

You’ll find Juan Cuadrado inside Gold packs i Chelsea colors, the same can be said for Andre Schurrle who has moved from Chelsea to Wolfsburg. With an 83 rating, those lucky enough to pick out Cuadrado will be getting an awesome player who has 93 for pace and 5 star skill moves.

The full list of big name moves can be seen below.

Players above you packed from their previous clubs will not be upgraded, you will have to obtain the newer version and then you will have the same player twice but for two different clubs. These players can now only be acquired from the new respective clubs that they’ve joined and the old versions are only obtainable through the transfer market now.

How do you feel about this year’s winter transfer? Is it fast enough? Or do you have something annoying to complain? Whatever, hope you can enjoy your FIFA 15 with these new player cards.

Best goals of 2014


It’s that time of the division area we yield a cruise down anamnesis lane, so today we attending aback at some of the best goals denticulate on FIFA 15 endure year.

EA Sports ahead appear the top 20 goal-scorers in Ultimate Team, which you can apprehend about here, and now we can bless the New Year with some astonishing strikes from the FIFA community.

We’ve all denticulate abundant FIFA goals, but I can’t bethink scoring a ambition anywhere abreast abutting to these ones, some of which I didn’t even apperceive were possible!

From all-embracing screamers to bold rabona chips, there’s a accomplished ambit of goals to enjoy, and even admitting EA Sports did avowal about the new game’s accuracy during promotion… you can’t advice but adore some of the strikes that even Pele himself would be appreciative of!

The criterion has absolutely been set for the FIFA association to advance on this year’s entries, and if you anticipate you can account a bigger goal, you can abide your best efforts here.

Pick Your Best FIFA 15 Players With Traits

Last time, we covered so many factors that will affect your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team’s chemistry, which will influence your players’ performance, like nationality, league, and positions. They are easy to handle for you. Today, there are work rates, skills and weak foot you need to keep an eye on.

Some of the player’s characteristics weren’t measurable, that would be complicated. You should watch out for the five characteristics that define them.

Although it isn’t decisive, you should pay attention to the player’s height, especially if he was a striker or a centre back, although it is also useful for the CDM position. A taller player that has good jumping will win more headers.

On FIFA 15, it started being more important for the player to use his prederred foot. Carefully verify if you are using your players correctly for their position on the field. Sometimes you should change their side in order to favor their preferred foot.

Weak foot is the type of characteristic that should be decisive when choosing one between two players or more. It is more important for the player to have good attributes than more weak foot stars, of course, but that’s still interesting for us. If you’re thinking of buying a finisher, don’t forget to check if he’s got a good weak foot. You will certainly notice the difference on the pitch between a player with low and high weak foot.

Players with more skill moves stars will get past the opponents more easily, and this is more important than ever on FIFA 15. They can also execute more complex technical movements although this might be more of a show off than an actual contribution to the team. Most 3 stars skill moves are as effective as 5 star skill moves. Like it is for the weak foot, the Skill Moves should determine which player you are choosing, unless you are a natural skiller that doesn’t need the means to success.

Unlike others, work rates is a characteristic, with absolutely no doubt, that you should never look away from when choosing a player. Do this at the point where you already have a short list so this works as an effective eliminatory factor. Avoid low/low work rates, or high/high on players of low stamina. Low offensive work rates on attackers or defensive work rates on defenders are usually bad choices. According to your tactic, playing style and the players you already have you should manage work rates in order for one to compensate the other.

In others, the fifa 15 coins buy player price may be one factor you should watch out. Someone you prefer could be someone you can not afford. However, we hope you can find the players perfectly fit your squad. Keep running on the pitch.

Chelsea beat rivals Liverpool and Man City in Premier League

FIFA 15 accept appear the official stats on what players accept been accouterment the a lot of goals for admirers on the Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

For the Premier League, the big hitters accept been Romelu Lukaku from Everton, Loic Remy from Chelsea and Daniel Sturridge from Liverpool.

The Reds accept the no.1 scorer in Sturridge but accept been baffled on all-embracing goals netted by the accepted alliance leaders, Chelsea.

The FUT stats for the all-embracing all-embracing top scorers accept aswell been provided, with nine of the top 20 advancing from England’s top flight.

But the high-scoring leash from the Premier Alliance accept been pipped to the top atom by Adrian Ramos from Borussia Dortmund, who has nabbed 10.78m goals in the basic Bundesliga.

Remy meanwhile, is on 10.25m, while Sturridge has 10.27m and Lukaku 7.87m.

Check out the abounding account of top scorers in the Premier League, and the world, below.


10. Sergio Agüero – Manchester City – 4.46 Million Goals

9. Stevan Joveti? – Manchester City – 5.05 Million Goals

8. Mario Balotelli – Liverpool FC – 6.25 Million Goals

7. Christian Benteke – Aston Villa – 6.28 Million Goals

6. Eduardo Vargas – Queens Park Rangers – 6.50 Million Goals

5. Diego Costa – Chelsea FC – 6.59 Million Goals

4. Danny Welbeck – Arsenal – 7.34 Million Goals

3. Romelu Lukaku – Everton – 7.87 Million Goals

2. Loic Rémy – Chelsea FC – 10.25 Million Goals

1. Daniel Sturridge – Liverpool FC – 10.27 Million Goals


20. Robert Lewandowski – Bayern München (Germany) – 4.90 Million Goals

19. Mario Mandžuki? – Atlético de Madrid (Spain) – 4.90 Million Goals

18. Stevan Joveti? – Manchester City (England) – 5.05 Million Goals

17. Rodrigo – Valencia CF (Spain) – 5.48 Million Goals

16. Gonzalo Higuaín – Napoli (Italy) – 5.50 Million Goals

15. Carlos Tevez – Juventus (Italy) – 5.63 Million Goals

14. Ciro Immobile – Borussia Dortmund (Germany) – 5.75 Million Goals

13. Mario Balotelli – Liverpool FC (England) – 6.25 Million Goals

12. Christian Benteke – Aston Villa (England) – 6.28 Million Goals

11. Javier Hernández – Real Madrid (Spain) – 6.30 Million Goals

10. Eduardo Vargas – Queens Park Rangers (England) – 6.50 Million Goals

9. Diego Costa – Chelsea FC (England) – 6.59 Million Goals

8. Karim Benzema – Real Madrid (Spain) – 6.59 Million Goals

7. Víctor Ibarbo – Cagliari (Italy) – 7.20 Million Goals

6. Alexandre Lacazette – Lyon (France) – 7.31 Million Goals

5. Danny Welbeck – Arsenal (England) – 7.34 Million Goals

4. Romelu Lukaku – Everton (England) – 7.87 Million Goals

3. Loïc Rémy – Chelsea FC (England) – 10.25 Million Goals

2. Daniel Sturridge – Liverpool FC (England) – 10.27 Million Goals

1. Adrián Ramos – Borussia Dortmund (Germany) – 10.78 Million Goals

Pakistan’s Ajmal withdraws from World Cup


Pakistan’s Saeed Ajmal disqualified himself out of the World Cup on Saturday afterwards the 37-year-old abeyant offspinner absitively not to go for official testing of his doubtable bowling action.

“Ajmal himself withdrew from the official testing which finer agency he has aloof from the World Cup,” the Pakistan Candid Lath agent Agha Akbar said.

Akbar said Ajmal will authority a account appointment in the advancing canicule and will accord added data about his decision.

The PCB beforehand on Saturday said that alone Mohammad Hafeez will appointment India next anniversary for actionable testing of his bowling activity while Ajmal will abide to plan on his bowling activity with above analysis spinners Saqlain Mushtaq and Mushtaq Ahmed aback home.

Ajmal was abeyant in September by the ICC while Hafeez was banned from bowling in all-embracing candid beforehand this ages afterwards his activity was begin to be actionable during the aboriginal analysis adjoin New Zealand.

Earlier on Saturday, the PCB said it will forward alone abeyant Mohammad Hafeez to India next anniversary for actionable testing of his bowling activity afore applying for ICC’s official testing, while Saeed Ajmal will break in Pakistan.

Former analysis spinners Saqlain Mushtaq and Mushtaq Ahmed, who accept formed with Hafeez, agreed that the offspinner should now be activated at an ICC-accredited class in Chennai, India, afore traveling to the world’s administering physique for official testing.

Ajmal will abide to plan on his adapted bowling activity with Saqlain and a bio-mechanist at the National Candid Academy in Lahore.

Time was fast active out for Ajmal to get into Pakistan’s World Cup band which is due to be called by Jan. 7. The PCB believes the offspinner needs added time to basin aural the accustomed bend addendum of 15 degrees.

Ajmal has been unofficially activated three times at the ICC-accredited class at Loughborough University in England back getting suspended, but is yet to basin aural the accustomed parameters.

PCB administrator Shaharyar Khan said Friday that if Ajmal undergoes official ICC testing – and his bowling activity is begin actionable – the offspinner faces a ban of two years which agency the end of his all-embracing career.

“The PCB absolutely supports Ajmal in his attack to adjust his activity and to acknowledgment to candid as Pakistan’s top aerialist in the future,” the lath said in a account on Saturday.

The PCB aswell appear that Naveed Akram Cheema has been recalled as aggregation administrator for the World Cup. He will alter Moin Khan, who had been both aggregation administrator and arch selector, and will still accompany the aggregation to Australia and New Zealand.

Pakistan’s players underwent exercise tests Saturday admitting afflicted captain Misbah-ul-Haq, fast bowler Junaid Khan and middle-order batsman Sohaib Maqsood did not participate.

Misbah is yet to balance from a hamstring abrasion while Junaid is nursing a knee abrasion and Maqsood has a breach of a baby cartilage in his larboard wrist.

EA servers down for FIFA 15

At the time of writing, it looks like EA servers are down today and you may not like the acumen why. We accept arrested online and already again, LizardSquad are claiming albatross by boasting that EA servers are offline for the brand of fifa 15 coins 300k, Battlefield 4 and Madden NFL 15.

We accept just arrested our own FIFA 15 bold and can affirm that EA servers for FIFA 15 are not alive on December 10 at the moment. EA has yet to acknowledge to this, but hopefully they will be able to adverse the ‘EA servers hacked’ claims that we are seeing on amusing media at the moment.

After managing to yield down the PSN and Xbox Live recently, it’s difficult to brainstorm if LizardSquad are traveling to be arrested and fabricated to pay for their crimes.

At the moment though, it just keeps accident time and time afresh and it accept to be actual arresting for a lot of you. We haven’t approved Madden ourselves, but letters on Twitter advance that all EA amateur accept been hit, so acutely Madden NFL 15 servers will be down as able-bodied – FIFA 15, Battlefield 4 Madden will be the three a lot of played EA amateur at the moment.

Give us your cachet at the moment, as we attending for added answers. Are the EA servers down on FIFA 15 and Madden NFL 15 for you at the moment, in your area?