FIFA 15 Ultimate Team’s ashore amateur transfers getting addressed

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team’s stuck player transfers being addressed
If you’re adverse to accept any ashore or abridged amateur (or item) transfers in your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team lists, you may get some abatement in the next brace of weeks. EA say the botheration will be addressed over the advancing days.

According to EA, they’ve not been able to attending at this affair afore now due to “technical” reasons. Now, however, they say it’ll be accessible to analysis the accounts of the “small amount of FIFA 15 fans” afflicted with ashore alteration syndrome.

The actuality that it’s a baby amount of players doesn’t absolutely accord us the accomplished annual on how abounding humans are afflicted by this, as a “small” admeasurement of FIFA 15 players could calmly be in the thousands.

By way of compensation, EA will be giving out “a ancient amalgamation of untradeable packs” to those who’ve been hit with this bug. They say assorted items will be “unstuck” every day over the next two weeks.

Anybody arena on PC should attending out for an email to their Origin account. Console players should attending to their “EA SPORTS Football Club News Alerts.”

Enjoy St. Patrick to win the jackpot on FUT

La Saint-Patrick vous fait remporter le jackpot sur FUT !
Psyko17 you book an interesting trick to win a staggering $ credits FIFA Ultimate Team on the occasion of St. Patrick. Follow the Youtubeur to multiply your investment tenfold.

As every year, EA Sports will launch a special competition for all FIFA Ultimate Team users to mark St. Patrick, 17 March. A tournament reserved only for teams of players from Ireland, Northern Ireland or the Irish championship, which will include some very interesting prizes for the winners. But even better than the allocations, the competition of St. Patrick is also the opportunity to stock up on credit. Because, inevitably, the prices of the players, cheap today will explode.

So Psyko17 explains how to make a profit staggering through this competition. You will then understand that the goal here is to buy Irish players now while the price is very affordable for resale few days before the competition, or at the beginning of the tournament. Resale will be sure to profit and it is not uncommon to sell players bought for 10,000 credits at nearly ten times the price! So now you are building a team cheapest possible and fill your pockets during the competition.

Psyko17 and offers an Irish team to 19 300 credits. The trick is to buy the Youtubeur all players twice in order to participate in the competition but also enjoy the rising price of the players to approach the competition to increase its investment by 10! You have one month to enjoy the trick after it is too late.

Harry Kane appearance connected by EA with FIFA 15 SIF

Tottenham admirers can’t stop talking about Harry Kane at the moment and FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins now we can see that his contempo performances accept admiring the absorption of EA too.

The developer has now apparent their latest Team of the Week band and Harry Kane has fabricated the calendar already again. It agency that back FIFA 15 launched, Kane has accustomed two in-form cards which is not an simple affair to do.

As a result, you can now acquisition a new Harry Kane agenda in FIFA 15 FUT packs with a college appraisement of 74. Let’s not overlook that this is a amateur that originally alien with a 68 card, so there has been some massive advance in his stats and we still accept three months of football left.

To give you an idea of the new stats and how they compare, we’ve included a useful comparison showing the new Harry Kane TOTW 74 card, matched up against the default 68 stats.

The question is, can Harry Kane earn himself a third in-form card before the season ends – has any other FIFA 15 player even achieved this yet?

Let us know your thoughts on the new TOTW and whether you think Kane’s new stats are well deserved.


EA Sports releases threat to FIFA 15 cheats

You’ve probably found players in the mode of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team possessing enviable equipment but how it has taken to form it?

As many have purchased virtual currency for a few dollars on pages that are engaged in this business but for EA Sports, is an illegal way of playing UT.

“Although they are a minority within the community of FIFA, cheaters disrupt the game experience for players of normal FIFA in countless ways. This includes overloaded servers, phishing, compromised accounts and other players share purchase and sale of virtual coins. It is time to draw attention to those cheaters whose attitude has a negative impact on the FIFA experience for millions of online players. ”

That is the beginning of the threat EA Sports spear in his statement.

Make that “buy and sell coins or promote the sale of coins directly violates our Terms of Service and mean the banning of your account FUT (or even your EA Account) immediately or by advance notice and restarting your FUT Club. If you’re part of these activities, you will lose your club FUT FUT your account and access to the online mode of FIFA “.

FIFA 15 Vs PES 15: Which Title Turns Out To Be Superior?


Konami’s PES and EA Sports’ FIFA accept been abutting rivals to anniversary added back a continued time now. Presently, FIFA 15 excels in abounding key aspects. It’s amazing and abundant presentation stands aloft all. The moment you barrage the bold and hit the menus, you alpha acquainted the acumen and the akin of detail of this apprehensive title.

The card and bold modes are absolutely simple to be abyssal through and at the aforementioned time, the user interface is awfully simple in nature. Konami is now aggravating to alike this affection and acquaint it in their latest titles. The Amateur Screen of PES 2015 is absolutely a footfall in the appropriate direction, with a acceptable touch. It includes the latest tabs arrangement which should be added accepted by avant-garde gamers.

However, if you are talking on a amount presentation standpoint, FIFA 15 artlessly assault abroad beats PES 2015. In the annotation aspect, PES 2015 is abundantly awry while FIFA 15 still suffers from the repetitive attributes of the Taylor & Smith annotation duo. However, it’s decidedly bigger than the advancing Beglin and Champion bifold act who apprehend their ambit after paying a atom of absorption to what’s occurring on the field. In some cases, they even contradicted anniversary other. FIFA 15 aswell triumphs over the dotted band arrangement acclimated for set plays in Konami’s PES 2015. Presently, FIFA 15 aswell looks abundant with a added aesthetic TV-category experience.

In FIFA 15, the amphitheater looks amazing at night during the close-up amateur shots aswell attending amazing. Konami’s PES 2015 is the a lot of furnished appellation produced by the developer so far but FIFA 15 triumphs over it, in all aspects. Konami is gradually improving, but EA is the sole champ for now.

The endure decade hasn’t been affectionate for Pro Evolution Soccer. At one time, it was accepted as the purest acquaintance one could accomplish in avant-garde day basic football. The authorization aswell suffered a lot of setbacks if it was assuredly launched for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. At the aforementioned time, FIFA has been abundantly improving, evolving and acceptable the gamer’s acquaintance over time.

pes 2015

Some critics accept now declared that the slight changes and improvements on the game’s physics engine in FIFA resulted ultimately in a rather poor acquaintance for gamers. Like an adversary cat-and-mouse to pounce, PES rekindled their old abracadabra and launched 2015’s best soccer acquaintance title.

It seems like gamers are appreciably adequate the excellent, brittle and accelerated canyon arrangement featured in PES 2015. The hardcore admirers will like it as the game’s casual mechanics requires a bit-by-bit acquirements curve.

What do you prefer, PES 2015 or FIFA 2015?

FIFA 15 Messi, Ronaldo TOTY price predictions

As we told you hours ago, we are almost at the point where EA will launch the new FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins TOTY Ronaldo and Messi cards. For most players, finding one inside a pack is near-impossible, so your hopes will rely on the transfer market with a straight up purchase for coins.

The daunting prospect of this though, is that both the FIFA 15 TOTY Messi and Ronaldo card prices are going to be through the roof – we’re talking millions and millions of coins that you will have to pay at auction.

Obviously nobody knows the set price that the cards will be, but based on previous years and the current market trends – we should probably expect to pay between 8 and 12 million points for either card.

Ronaldo is expected to be crowned Ballon D’or 2014 winner on Monday and he is likely to have the most expensive price tag once the cards are live on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team on Friday January 16.

All we can say is, we hope you have saved up coins by any means possible as if you intend to get Ronaldo or Messi, be prepared to clear your entire account for it – it’s that special.

On a more positive note, the availability of Ronaldo’s TOTY price in FIFA 15 could in turn make his other rare ST Ronaldo price cheaper after TOTY is live.

Give us your expectations with regards to the FIFA 15 Messi and Ronaldo TOTY price predictions. Whatever the cost is, do you have enough coins to buy or are you hoping to get lucky on packs?

The Squawka FIFA 15 Cup

FIFA 15, abundant like football in absolute life, has the addiction to shock us, annul us, and leave us absolutely speechless. Never were these three affections added credible than at the final of the aboriginal anytime Squawka FIFA 15 Cup. Afterwards four online condoning contest hosted with EGL, the four finalists went head-to-head at an accident in London to adjudge who would be crowned the Squawka FIFA champion. The champ of the clash would accept a VIP acquaintance to watch a Premier League club of their choosing.

The four finalists were a admixture of pros and clash novices. From Aggregation Dignatas we saw above apple best Chris Bullard and Gfinity best Tass. Experienced gamer Matthew Cross and clash newcomer Cory Thompson were the added two finalists.

Before the bold Tass and Bullard looked airy and were blessed to babble to Squawka about contest they had been to in the past. They calmly played down suggestions the account could ability bifold abstracts should they play one of us and Tass assured us that we wouldn’t see too abounding aboriginal goals or top scoring games.

The clash was structured application a bifold abolishment architecture acceptation that even if a amateur absent their aperture bold they wouldn’t be out of the tournament. However already a amateur absent two games, that was bold over.

The aperture bold saw Thompson yield on Cross and anon there was a surprise, the newcomer had alleged to use Bayern Munich. All of the players had told us that their adopted teams to use online were Absolute Madrid, afterwards all why wouldn’t you, but actuality Thompson was acutely aggravating to agitate Cross.

It formed anon with Robert Lewandowski giving Bayern the advance aural two minutes. The ambition larboard Cross abashed as able-bodied as alembic Fraser Markham, aswell accepted as Silverback. However Cross rallied and aural the ten minute mark he was level. Afterwards an antecedent setback Cross formed Thompson out and eased into a 3-1 victory.


Next up was the action of the big guns, Silverback’s pre-tournament tips for the final; Tass and Bullard. Already afresh there was addition abruptness with Tass allotment to go with Chelsea rather than Madrid. Yet afresh we saw addition aboriginal ambition although this time it went to Madrid and as one amateur labelled him afterwards Bullard became “the wall” and promptly set up shop. He aching addition ambition on the adverse and admitting Tass traveling to a 4-2-4 accumulation he captivated out.

“He’s just a wall!”

After the bold Tass told explained to us why he had gone with Chelsea over Madrid.

“It’s consistently Absolute Madrid [online] but afresh I’ve acquainted a little bored, I capital a beginning aggregation and that’s why I went with Chelsea but afresh afore the clash I went aback to Absolute Madrid to try and get aback on them but it wasn’t activity as good,

“So I anticipation why should I go with Absolute Madrid if I feel so abundant bigger with Chelsea?

“Obviously it was a appealing acrid lesson!”

at the final and for the loser, elimination. Both players changed to Madrid and instantly Tass showed his class, scoring a amazing ambition with Ronaldo from way alfresco the box with the alfresco of the boot. Thompson could accept access but he captivated out adjoin Tass’ immense burden and eventually managed to force the equaliser.

As the astriction mounted, and Silverback’s annotation became added excited, the bold went into added time but no champ was found. Beneath the rules of the clash a epitomize was anon played but beneath aureate ambition rules. Already afresh Tass had the bigger affairs but the allowance captivated its animation as Thompson managed to hit the post. Then, as Ronaldo access through for Thompson, he was tugged aback in the box and a amends was given. Admitting Tass academic the appropriate way, Thompson denticulate and he was the winner.

Tass alleged this achievement his “worst aback I started traveling to these tournaments” and he added that “from the point of appearance to anyone who prides himself on account the bold it is bent what I’ve done.”

“From the point of appearance to anyone who prides himself on account the bold it is bent what I’ve done.”

After this, and a abbreviate breach to yield on refreshments, the winners’ final got underway with Bullard yet afresh demography an aboriginal lead, this time adjoin Cross.

After the clash we able Tass on the amount of aboriginal goals that we saw, afterwards all it was he who assured us we wouldn’t see any. His acknowledgment appropriate that we had been lucky, although conceivably it was the abracadabra of the Squawka Cup.

“Apparently I don’t apperceive annihilation about FIFA! Either I don’t apperceive annihilation about FIFA or we’ve had a different day because I just went to a clash in Paris not continued ago aforementioned bold aforementioned patch, abounding added amateur than we played today and there were actual rarely aboriginal goals.”

Back to the bold admitting and Cross was abnegation to cycle over and he bound equalised but he spurned a amount of accomplished affairs as the bold went to added time. This time a champ was begin as Cross denticulate his additional with the aid of a deflection.

Speaking afterwards the bold Chris accepted that he had befuddled the bold abroad adage “being 1-0 with 5 account to go I’d commonly see that out, I should accept maybe anchored the bus but I fabricated a brainless canyon and got punished for it.”

“I fabricated a brainless canyon and got punished for it.”

That put Cross through to the final with Thompson set to face Bullard, a man about ten years his senior, for a adventitious to go through to the final. Sadly Thompson couldn’t echo his avowal of afore and the adventurous underdog comatose out 3-1.

Nevertheless it was a active achievement from 18 year old Thompson, who was actualization in his aboriginal clash and he was accepted by all of his competitors afterwards.

Speaking to us, Thompson said that he was captivated to accept got his aboriginal clash acquaintance and that arena in this array of ambiance will alone advance him as a player.

“It was appealing amazing to be fair, the acquaintance was absolutely good, I absolutely didn’t apprehend it, I just play at home casually.”

every bold Cross was awarded a 1-0 headstart acceptation he alone had to win one bold in adjustment to triumph. The scoreline was a echo of Bullard’s bold adjoin Thompson but this time he was on the amiss end of the 3-1 scoreline, let down by some abhorrent goalkeeping by Iker Casillas.

Bullard afterwards conceded that “It was [frustrating], but I don’t apperception so abundant because I let Ronaldo shoot from there and he could accept calmly hit it top bend and that would be my accountability but the way he parried it I anticipation is this traveling to be my day.”

This larboard Cross as the adapted champion, a man who had baffled every amateur there but afterwards kept his air-conditioned cogent us “It feels good, there are some top humans actuality and it was a acceptable accident and I’m blessed to accept won it.”

“It was a acceptable accident and I’m blessed to accept won it.”

Looking aback on the day we realised we were advised to a superb affectation of FIFA. There were some aces goals we couldn’t absolutely believe, some ablaze annotation from the admirable Silverback and the underdog adventure of Thompson who we attending advanced to seeing at approaching contest as he develops as a gamer.

We’d like to acclaim all the players who fabricated it to the final and anybody who entered the clash at the online stage. We’d aswell like to acknowledge EGL for their advice during the accident and a huge congratulations to the aboriginal Squawka FIFA 15 Cup winner, Matthew Cross.


Good news that this year’s FIFA 15 Ultimate Team FUTMAS will begin on December 19 and last to January 2. With Christmas coming by, FUTMAS is created to celebrate this Christmas season. During the FUTMAS, there is a new Happy Hour or a new tournament every day. The exciting offers in-game is available for a limited time only. Jump at the chances.

The schedule of FUTMAS is announced only when it happens. To know all the Happy Hours, check out the official FIFA site. Note that FUTMAS and 15 Days of FIFA are not the same thing. The only thing they have in common is that they are released during the Christmas season.

From the experience of previous years, the following packs should be released: Jumbo Rare Players Packs(100k); Mega Packs(35k); Premium Gold Players Packs(20k); Rare Consumables Packs(20k); Jumbo Premium Gold Packs(15k); Premium Gold 13 Packs(7.5k); Gold 13 Packs(5k) and Consumables Packs(3k).

Gold 13 Packs and Premium Gold 13 Packs are only available during FUTMAS. They are just like Gold Packs and Premium Gold Packs, for the same price, but with an extra free card. In the previous years, 100k packs were released on December 26th and January 2.

There is limit on the amount of packs you can buy. The limits are the usual ones. However, on Boxing Day, there isn’t an individual limit. There are global limited quantities which means that whoever comes first is the first to be served. The lighting rounds take place every three hours and the best packs are usually the last ones to be released.

It is very easy to make coins during the FUTMAS. You just need to sell and but at the right tine. Don’t buy packs. Take the chance to build a better squad or to buy low and sell higher. For someone less experienced, the best thing to do is to sell everything as soon as possible and buy the cards during Happy Hours featuring 100k packs. The prices will be higher a few days after the biggest happy hours, even with TOTW coming.

Now it is available. Take the chances. Enjoy your Christmas season on

Three Tottenham players who deserve FIFA 15 upgrades

Ben Davies

Current Overall: 73

Projected Overall: 75

Danny Rose may accept been the aboriginal best Tottenham larboard aback beforehand this season, but summer signing Ben Davies has afresh supplanted him in the aboriginal team.

The Welshman is rated at 73 all-embracing on FIFA 15, which is one lower than Rose’s 74 overall, but apprehend that to change in January.

Davies should see upgrades in his speed, backbone and casual ability, which should see him bumped up to about 75 all-embracing in January.

Ryan Mason

Current Overall: 67

Projected Overall: 71

Mason has decidedly fabricated himself a aboriginal aggregation approved beneath Tottenham administrator Mauricio Pochettino, admitting getting farmed out on accommodation a amount of times in contempo years.

In FIFA 15, Mason is still represented as a binding amateur with a 67 all-embracing rating, but his consistently absorbing displays will absolutely accreditation an advancement if the January band amend is released.

Expect to see upgrades fabricated to Mason’s casual ability, dribbling, brawl control, arresting attributes and stamina, all of which should advance Mason up to about 71 all-embracing – a abundant fairer representation of his play this season, as the stats beneath appearance that he’s at atomic as acceptable as the boilerplate Premier League midfielder.

Harry Kane

Current Overall: 73

Project Overall: 75

Whilst Mason’s acceleration has been something of a surprise, the aforementioned can’t absolutely be said of Kane, who has been animadversion on the aperture for a while.

With nine goals in 16 amateur this season, Kane is due for an advancement from his accepted 73 appraisement in FIFA 15, and his absorbing displays will absolutely accomplish EA advance him accordingly.

Improvements to the Tottenham player’s finishing, dribbling, strength, reactions and advance accession are to be expected, which should see him acceleration to at atomic 75 overall, possibly even college in January.

The stats appearance Kane’s advance in a lot of of these areas in allegory to endure season, which is what his accepted FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins attributes are based upon.

Play FIFA World Now

Since FIFA 15 is out, almost all the FIFA video game players rush to it and few of them are still playing the free football game for PC, FIFA World. But last week, EA announced to launch a new gameplay engine to the game. Now it is time to feel the new update of FIFA World. Let’s first cover why you have to play the free game this time.

The new engine introduces a number of gameplay features from previous FIFA franchise titles such as Attacking Intelligence, Complete Dribbling, First Touch Controls and Tactical Free Kicks.

FIFA World Ultimate Team is the closest thing to owning your own football club. Play to earn virtual coins and build your squad from the ground up. You call the shots on who gets to stat and who gets transferred. Choose your favorite club and start you off with one of their players in your starter squad.

Create squads featuring multiple generations as you keep your players while the game advances from season to season. New versions of players are released every year and depending on their performance their ratings may increase, decrease or stay the same. Eden Hazard from Season 2014 or Eden Hazard from Season 2015, you decide which one better fits your squad.

Accomplishments is only available in FIFA World. This feature rewards players for completing tasks based on scenarios from the real world of football. For example, if Leo Messi scores a header on the weekend you may be challenged to do the same in the game and earn great rewards. New Accomplishments are added every week so there is always something new to do.

FIFA World is always getting better. You install the game once and then just download free update. Major releases can contain new modes, new features and in Release9.0, a whole new gameplay engine. You don’t need a high-powered gaming PC to play FIFA World. Play at work, at home, at school. All you need is an average spec desktop or laptop PC and a broadband internet connection.

What are you waiting for? The whole game is free to play. Is it a great news to you? Download the free game, and start to play. You only need to prepare yourself with your passion for FIFA. Come on and join us.

Ronaldo receives Golden Boot


Cristiano Ronaldo said he still has many years of football to come as he picked up his third Golden Boot award on Wednesday for scoring the most FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins goals in Europe’s domestic leagues last season.

Ronaldo shared the award with Luis Suarez, who also scored 31 goals.

At a lavish ceremony in Madrid, Ronaldo said he was surprised so many people got up early for the event after Real Madrid’s 1-0 win over Liverpool in the Champions League the previous night.

Madrid president Florentino Perez highlighted the Portugal forward’s energy and ambition to win as he presented the award.

“I promise to always give the fans the best on the field,” Ronaldo said. “My passion, my goals, my assists, my matches. I still have many years left in Madrid.”

Ronaldo said although his main aim was to be a good team player, he also acknowledged a liking for individual flair.

“A collective effort is important, but so is individual talent, and I work hard to achieve that,” he said.

Suarez picked up his award at a ceremony in Barcelona on Oct. 15.