A jet of heated air to weld the plastic

Plastic PVC Welding is a method of fabrication used to fuse plastic parts together. The process works by heating parts of each piece until they soften or liquefy. When the plastics cool, a chemicalbond is formed between them that fuses the pieces together. A thermoplastic welding rod is commonly used to act as glue between the two pieces.

Several methods of plastic welding are employed for different purposes. They vary according to the type of welding equipment and welding supplies used. The base material the plastic component is made of also affects the method used for plastic welding. Thermoplastics are generally preferred because of their ability to be repeatedly melted and re-solidified.

Hot gas welding uses a jet of heated air to weld the plastic. The hot air softens and melts the plastic to allow the pieces to fuse. A heat gun designed for this technique guides the airflow for better precision. Welding rods, usually made of the same material as the two base plastics, fill the gap between the pieces.

An airless welder heats the welding rod through a heating machine or process. This method helps prevent excessive materials from the rod from accumulating and the base materials from warping. Airless welding is particularly useful for welding thermosets. These are plastics that do not easily melt when exposed to high heat.

Plastic Radio Frequency Welding Machine are used to join thermoplastic materials together. The tool brings the plastic material up to its specific weld temperature and then joins the pieces under pressure. In selecting the best plastic welder, it is important to know the different types of plastic welders as each type of plastic requires a different joining method. Some welders are self-contained and easily portable; others require an air or gas source and are stationary units. Types of plastic welders include hand-held “stick” welders, airless welders, extrusion welders, and injection welders. Knowing the application and the material to be joined is the first step to selecting the best plastic welder for the job.