Cavern of Tainted Memories

Step into Burthorpe this week and enter the Cavern of Tainted Memories, a new cave filled with Tainted Wisps ready for harvesting!

00:00 on the 7th February through to 23:59 on the 12th, you’ll be able to enter the Cavern for two minutes and 30 seconds, gathering as much tainted energy as you can within that time. You get one free go at the Cavern per day, and can win extra goes Treasure Hunter throughout the 5 days.

Inside the Cavern you’ll find tainted wisps ready for harvesting. Gather energy, and make sure you stand inside the moving green multiplier locations for increased rewards. Not looking for divination XP? Chat to Kristlin who can change the XP to mystery rewards instead.

Watch out also for chronicles within the cavern – they hold large amounts of currency and can be activated a few steps away.

Once you’ve finished, use the tainted energy to craft yourself rewards, such as the new purified weaponry.

The new weapons are as follows:

  • Main and off-hand swords
  • 2H sword
  • Main and off-hand Crossbows
  • 2H Crossbow
  • Longbow
  • Staff
  • Wand
  • Orb
  • Halberd

Not gained enough energy in your two-and-a-half minutes? Find extra tainted energy whilst training divination your usual wisps. Or, win the weapon tokens and extra energy on Treasure Hunter directly.

Return each day for more visits to the Cavern and collect all the prizes! Have fun!

QoL Month Week 1: PvM


  • Removed the question regarding increasing the attack range of the Dragon hunter crossbow.
  • Removed the question regarding the greyed out special attack bar.
  • Added a question proposing a new mini-map orb to display your special attack.
  • Reworded the question regarding certain seed drops to clarify the intention is for herb seeds to appear above less useful ones.
  • Added a question regarding Daganoth bones appearing on top of Daganoth hides.



QoL month has arrived! As we mentioned in our previous news post, we’re spending the entirety of February dedicated to Quality of Life updates. This week we kick things off with your PvM related suggestions!

For those hoping to see improvements elsewhere, fear not, for the following weeks will be dedicated to Skilling, PvP and Minigames/other.

The schedule for PvM Week is as follows:

  • In-game poll live by 31/01
  • In-game poll closes 05/02
  • Week 2 – Skilling Blog live by 05/02
  • Most* PvM Week content ready for 08/02 *(some content may be included in the following weeks)

Make sure you head over to the Old School Content Suggestions forum, or Reddit (/r/2007scape/ and /r/oldschoolrs/), to share your suggestions for Week 2 – Skilling!

Poll Questions

Poll Question
Should a peek option be added to the Lizardman Canyon, allowing you to check if there are any players currently in that area before entering?


Poll Question
Should a peek option be added to the Monkey Madness 2 tunnels, allowing you to check if there are any players currently in that area before entering?


Poll Question
Should a peek option be added to the agility shortcut near the Kalphite Queen lair entrance, allowing you to check if there are any players currently in that area before entering?


Poll Question
Should it be possible to automatically continue attacking your target after trying to use a special attack when you don’t have enough energy to do so?


Poll Question
Should there be a new orb added to the bottom-left of the minimap which displays your special attack energy level? This would be for information only, with no options to interact with it. By default, it will appear for all players, but can be disabled alongside all minimap orbs via the existing “Data orbs” option.


Poll Question
Should the rewards from Champions’ Challenge be improved by offering an XP lamp that provides 10x the standard XP normally received for each Champion slain? Players that have previously completed any of the challenges will be able to redeem the XP lamp by talking to an NPC.


Poll Question
Should herb seeds appear on top of other less useful seeds?


Poll Question
Should Dagannoth bones appear on top of Dagannoth hides?


Poll Question
Should the number of Mallignum root planks required to build storage units within the Chambers of Xeric be reduced? The Small unit would require 2 planks, Medium would require 4 planks and the Large unit would require 6 planks.


Poll Question
Should the name of the player who receives a drop from any of the bosses within the Chambers of Xeric be broadcast to the current raid party?


Poll Question
When forming a party for the Chambers of Xeric, in addition to the current information shown on the interface, should it also display players current Chambers of Xeric kill count?


Poll Question
Should a Bronze axe spawn be added to the Ice demon in the Chambers of Xeric?


Poll Question
Should the number of Rune dragons assigned as a Slayer task be increased from 15-25 to 30-60 when the “RUUUUUNE” extension perk has been unlocked?


Poll Question
Should we add XP drop indicators for those with 200m XP in stats? This will not provide any further experience, but would allow players to see how much experience they would have gained, if they were able to receive more.


Poll Question
Where there is an existing item retrieval service that requires a payment, such as Torfinn, should it be possible for the money be taken directly from your bank if you do not have it in your inventory?


Poll Question
Should Lieve be willing to upgrade your uncharged Tridents of the Seas and Swamp, giving you a new upgraded version that could hold 20k charges in total? She would charge 10 tentacles for this service. The upgraded versions would be tradeable when uncharged.


Poll Question
Should the entrance to the Grotesque Guardians be altered to be more fitting with the environment?


Poll Question
Should a kill timer be added to the Grotesque Guardians? Only future kills would be tracked if this passes.


Poll Question
Should Tokkul and Numulite drops be automatically added to your inventory whilst wearing a Ring of wealth as coins currently do?


Poll Question
Should a counter be added when burning Chewed bones on a pyre ship? This would only track new bones burnt.


Poll Question
Should the Crystal halberd deal full damage against the Corporeal beast? Currently all other halberds deal full damage.


Poll Question
Should a new right-click option be added to the Dwarf multicannon to empty any cannonballs that are currently loaded into it?


Poll Question
In order to improve the Chompy bird hunting experience, should a left-click option be added to Swamp gas bubbles, allowing players to begin filling Ogre bellows, should there be one in their inventory.


Poll Question
In order to improve the Chompy bird hunting experience, should a left-click option be added to Swamp toads, allowing players to fill them with Swamp gas from any filled Ogre bellows in their inventory?


Poll Question
Should it be possible to combine a Saradomin’s light and Staff of the dead to create the Staff of light? This staff would be visually different, but identical in stats and effects to the Staff of the dead, with the added benefit of being considered a Saradomin item. It would not be able to autocast Flames of Zamorak.


Poll Question
If the Staff of light is added to the game, should it be able to autocast Saradomin strike?


Poll Question
Should we add right-click options to the Occult altar for changing spellbooks?


Poll Question
Should the Soulbearer have a left-click option added, which puts all ensouled heads from the inventory into it?


Poll Question
Should the Pet dark core, dropped from the Corporeal beast, have a transmog option added, allowing you to turn it into a miniature version of the Corporeal beast?


Poll Question
Should it be changed so that the “Spawns” special attack Lizardman shamans use will no longer happen in quick succession?


Poll Question
Should it be changed so that the “Knockback” special attack Callisto uses will no longer happen in quick succession?


Poll Question
Should it be changed so that the “Teleport” special attack the Chaos Elemental uses will no longer happen in quick succession?


Poll Question
Should the cooldown of Vet’ion’s magic attack be increased from 10 seconds to 15?


We’ve seen a lot of interest for further changes to the Chamber of Xeric. Whilst we haven’t been able to include all of them in this week’s QoL blog, we want to make sure you are aware we have seen these requests and intend on dedicating an entire week to further balancing and tweaks just for this. As soon as we can provide more information on when this will be, we will let you know. For now, please continue to send your feedback to us via the usual channels – we are listening.

Easter Miniquest & Guthixian Butterflies cheap rs gold

Take pleasure in several seasons adventuring and also XP benefits this kind of few days. Keep reading!
Easter Miniquest
How to begin

Talk with the particular Easter Bunny inside Burthorpe

Probably none

It’s in which time of the year once more – the particular Easter Bunny’s inside one thing of your situation and also wants assistance from a great enterprising adventurer.

Talk with your pet inside Burthorpe to learn what’s upwards, also to make several lore-some returns.
Guthixian Butterflies

Yet again, the particular air’s abuzz together with everyone’s preferred XP-with-wings. Get around 20 butterflies each day to be able to make XP inside the least expensive talent in which you’re eligible to understand, each and every delivering an individual a single stage closer to XP stability.
Take pleasure in!

Use a really wonderful getaway, ‘Scapers. Notice an individual in-game!

The particular RuneScape Staff
Inside Some other Media

Mod Shauny’s unbelievable Video game Jam venture : the particular much-improved Powerful Pub : is currently stay! Total information come in the particular spot records, in addition to more details of today’s up-date.

The particular highly-anticipated RuneScape documented “15 Decades regarding Adventure” premiered yesterday evening about Twitch, and you may today observe 15 decades regarding RuneScape historical past go on Facebook. Develop you love that : make sure you discuss that about to be able to scapers outdated and also fresh and also abandon us all the comments while using the Twitting hashtag ‘#15YearsofAdventure’!
Stay Avenues this kind of Few days

Weekly we all stay supply Q&As, in-game activities plus more. Observe our own avenues and discover the full buffering plan above about our own Twitch route.

Verify our own Facebook route, also, regarding all of our earlier avenues, which includes almost all our own Spot Records video tutorials, and also Dev Diaries.
PvM together with Mod Lee | Saturday Apr 16th | 20: 00 Video game Moment

Get the each week serving regarding PvM many advantages together with Mod Lee – will not overlook that!

Runescape The April 2017 Ahead

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Dev Blog: Slayer & Dungeons

Dungeons! Dungeons everywhere!

… And some other stuff, too.

Diverse Dungeons

Part of the appeal the Slayer skill is the variety which it offers. You get to avoid the monotony of grinding in the same location, and you can explore the world as you slay.

Once upon a time, you’d find yourself in many different parts of Gielinor for each assignment. More recently, however, you are likely to end up in Nieve’s Stronghold Dungeon for most of your tasks.

We would like to bring back the variety and diversity of where you slay by moving some creatures out of Nieve’s dungeon, into a number of new or extended dungeons throughout Gielinor, which will also let us increase the number of spawns.

The Dungeons

Please note: the monsters in these new areas will replace those found in Nieve’s dungeon and will only be killable on task.

Nieve’s dungeon

If this update passes, Nieve’s dungeon will still have its place in Old School but will be redesigned to fit the number of creatures found there. The following creatures will spawn within Nieve’s dungeon:

Monster Current Spawns Post-Update Spawns

Monster Current Spawns Post-Update Spawns Bloodveld 9 12 Ankou 6 8 Waterfiend 12 15 Aberrant Spectre 12 13 Hellhound 8 13 Fire Giant 11 12 Cave Kraken 20 25

Black Dragons

The Black Dragons and Baby Black Dragons found within Nieve’s cave would be relocated to a new area within the Asgarnian Ice dungeon.

Heading west, away from the icey chambers to the east, the Asgarnian dungeon would be expanded to house a number of Black Dragons and baby Black Dragons.

The area containing Black Dragons and baby Black Dragons would be members only.

This area is easily accesible using the nearby fairy ring.

This dungeon would provide the following increase to monster spawns:

Monster Current Spawns New Area Spawns

Monster Current Spawns New Area Spawns Black Dragon 3 5 Baby Black Dragon 4 7

Chasm of Fire

The Chasm of Fire is a demon infested, three-tier dungeon found at the northern side of the Shayzien encampment. It contains Lesser Demons, Greater Demons and Black Demons.

There are two fairy rings very close to each other just west of the Sinclair Mansion. With the Chasm of Fire, we’d move the western one (DJR) onto Zeah, near the entrance of the dungeon.

When you enter the dungeon you’ll find yourself surrounded by Lesser Demons. Descend further and you’ll encounter Greater Demons, with Black Demons found at the lowest level of the dungeon.

The Chasm of Fire will increase the number of spawns for Greater Demons and Black Demons, with some brand new spawns for Lesser Demons:

Monster Current Spawns New Area Spawns

Monster Current Spawns New Area Spawns Lesser Demon 0 9 Greater Demon 8 17 Black Demon 12 16

Brimhaven Dungeon Expansion & Shortcut

The metal dragons from within Nieve’s dungeon would be relocated to an expanded area of the Brimhaven dungeon.

To accompany this change, we are also offering an additional entrance to the Brimhaven dungeon which will take you directly to the entrance of the existing metal dragon area.

This new expansion to the dungeon will increase the number of available metal dragons:

Monster Current Spawns New Area Spawns

Monster Current Spawns New Area Spawns Bronze Dragon 3 5 Iron Dragon 3 8 Steel Dragon 6 9

Slayer Tower Dungeon

As perhaps the most iconic Slayer location in Old School, we’d like to relocate a number of creatures from Nieve’s dungeon to the Slayer Tower.

Just as you enter the Slayer Tower, an entrance to the Slayer Tower dungeon would be found. This area would contain Bloodveld, Gargoyles, Nechryael and Abyssal Demon.

This new area would provide increased spawns for all of these monsters:

Monster Current Spawns New Area Spawns

Monster Current Spawns New Area Spawns Bloodveld 9 12 Gargoyle 7 12 Nechryael 8 12 Abyssal Demon 9 14

Kalphite Hive Relocated

The Kalphite area from Nieve’s cave would be relocated to the Kharidian desert. The entrance to the new Kalphite hive would be found just East of the Shantay Pass.

This places it close to a number of popular teleports, and just a short walk from the Shantay Pass bank chest.

The relocated Kalphite hive would increase the number of spawns for each type of Kalphite:

Monster Current Spawns New Area Spawns

Monster Current Spawns New Area Spawns Kalphite Worker 12 18 Kalphite Soldier 13 20 Kalphite Guardian 3 5

Smoke devils & Thermonuclear smoke devils

The Thermonuclear smoke devils and smoke devils found within Nieve’s dungeon would be relocated to a dungeon near Eagles’ Peak.

Underneath the pretty green landscape lies the remnants of an active volcano, where the creeping lava and smokey environment allows smoke devils to thrive.

This area is easily accessible via fairy rings, the Western banner teleport, Piscatoris teleport scrolls and the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

The number of spawns available within this dungeon would not change with this update.

The Questions

Question: Should certain monsters from Nieve’s cave be relocated to new and bigger dungeons around the world? This would increase the number of monsters available at any given time. You can see further

RS Broken Home Guide Part II

Go into the door towards the east whenever you show up the steps. An emaciated spirit along with a ghostly waif will walk-through the doorway in the finish from the corridor. In the finish from the corridor there’s a door towards the east, come in and browse Ingram’s research notes. After reading through the study notes you will get a spider key along with a scroll fragment.

Backtrack towards the corridor you showed up at whenever you emerged the steps and feel the door towards the south. Go to free airline and open the doorway using the spider key.

Go into the room towards the south and check the dead servant around the mattress to locate another eye jewel. Next go into the room towards the west and withdraw the curtains to locate a faceless servant. Search her to get the statue key. Return the corridor and open the doorway towards the north-west. Try talk to the emaciated spirit, but he’ll disappear. Open the doorway using the statue key towards the south (the very first door for the reason that corridor).

Within the room using the statue, you will have to add two eye gems into it to spread out the doorway towards the east and get the attention jewel on the ground near the statue. Go into the room towards the west and there’s another statue, add two more eye gems into it and also the door towards the south will unlock. Go into the room towards the south and you will see another statue, add two more eye gems into it and also the door towards the east will unlock. Go into the room towards the east and get the scythe key.

Backtrack to the primary hall and open the locked door around the east side from the stairs. Go into the door towards the south-east. This room is really a safe-room as well as your progress is going to be saved. There’s a chest here that consists of some mystery meat. Investigate shrine to locate a grand piano key and also the skull key. Return to the corridor and you will hear a scream. Try open the doorway towards the west which is blocked with a servants body. Open the doorway towards the north-east. Next open the doorway towards the north-west. Visit the finish from the corridor and open the doorway. Mind lower the steps.

Now on the upper floor, prepare to consider damage within the next corridor. Within the next corridor the home windows will break and also the light will begin to damage you. This light damage will recur in a few rooms from here forward. When you’re ready, feel the last door in the finish from the corridor. When the home windows have damaged, rapidly run south and feel the door in the south-west. This corridor is protected, however be ready to take damage within the next room while you tell you the primary hall. When you are ready, go into the door in the finish from the corridor, run toward free airline wall and feel the southern door in to the safe room. For those who have enough lifepoints, you may decide to go upstairs in the primary hall and slowly move the servant’s body from the door around the east side later on. Bear in mind, you will keep to consider light damage around the bottom floor. If you do not do that now, you’ll have a chance to get it done later.

In the safe room, make use of the door towards the north-west to go in the corridor. Next open the doorway towards the north-east using the Skull key. Next open the very first door on east and browse much more of Ormod’s notes. After reading through the notes you’ll find another scroll fragment. Exit the area and enter room towards the north-east and check out speak with the ghostly waif. However, she’ll not talk back, copy the actions she makes and she or he will begin to smile. Exit the area to return to the corridor and go into the door towards the north.

RS Player Coach Prayer

RuneScape players trying to coach prayer have some choices in old shool RuneScape. Some quests and combat skills square measure needed to complete these ways. This RuneScape guide covers the various ways in which to achieve level ninety nine prayer in old style RuneScape.

RuneScape players ought to bury the bones of stuff that they kill. The expertise is marginal, however it’s free and adds up. If the federal agency drops huge bones or similar, undoubtedly take and bury these bones; if near a bank, the large bones is banked and used later.

RuneScape players will use the ectofuntus, however it’s slow. the sole thanks to use the ectofuntus in old style RuneScape is to truly alight and fill the slime buckets, and to travel upstairs and grind bones fourteen at a time, manually. there’s no automatic bone grinding, no ashes, and no morytania legs that offer 5 daily slime teleports and thirty-nine daily bones for slime pails/bonemeal swaps.

Thus, a gilded altar may be a higher method for RuneScape players to coach prayer; RuneScape players get three.5x the expertise at the gilded altar versus 4x the expertise at the ectofuntus, however it’s abundant quicker. RuneScape players want either level seventy five construction to make their own altar, or a lover UN agency has Associate in Nursing altar in their house.

The following bones square measure common in old style RuneScape: traditional bones, big bones, baby dragon bones, and dragon bones.

Zogre bones offer additional expertise (22.5) than huge bones, firedrake bones offer fifty expertise, and Dagannoth bones offer one hundred twenty five. Zogre ancestral bones, obtained from zogre coffins, offer eighty four expertise for Fayrg bones, ninety six expertise for Raurg bones, and one hundred forty expertise for Ourg bones. in contrast to RuneScape three, there are not any Ourg bones from the God Wars dungeon.

RuneScape players will either gather their own bones or purchase them from alternative players. Dragon bones square measure sometimes simple to get, whereas the Ogre bones square measure less common. Either way, ninety nine prayer are going to be expensive; either in actual value or within the loss of potential financial gain from bones gathered and used rather than sold .